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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Call Me Daddy

Just got off the phone with "Daddy". A guy that likes to be called "Daddy". Basically, he's into the Daddy/Daughter roleplay and I find that extremely interesting being that one of my favorite personal relationships was with someone that I enjoyed this type of roleplay with. Of course, to make this play come to light, he viewed me on Skype where I was dressed in fishnets with two-pigtails and just my panties and a tank-top. When pouting and telling him that I wanted to play, I asked him what he would like for me to do next and he says in his strong "Daddy" voice, "I want you to play with your toys, ride your toy cock for a bit for me and imagine that I walk in on you and you stop out of embarrassment and then I tell you to keep going because now Daddy wants you to suck his cock while you continue to ride your toy cock".

I proceeded. It actually felt really good to ride my toy cock while visualizing him with his cock in my mouth, pulling on my two pigtails as he fucked my innocent face. Speaking of innocent, when asked the reason for him choosing me, that was his main asset. Because I look innocent. I embrase that very I love Daddy/Daughter. It's been a while since I've actually done this in person, but just fulfilling this fantasy with someone that is into this they way I am just takes me back and it puts that luciously familiar taste in my mouth. He left a great rating and that's even better and makes me eager to play it out again the next time he calls!

Does anyone else share this fantasy out there? If so... let's play it out now!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Made New MP3 today!

That's right pervs! Since I will be spending less time catering to your phone fantasies, I will be sharing everything from previous phone calls, task recordings and just all around highly charged mp3's for you to listen to at work, at home or even on the subway on your way home from work. All of these recordings are Ipod, Iphone and any media player you have friendly!
I thought I would start by providing you with these two...

Make dat ma'fuckin Mayonnaise Girl! MP3

Niggerthing Recording

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