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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anonymous Perv

I hate it when they catch me in the middle of doing something like eating but I really did enjoy the call.
This guy, from Pittsburgh, let me know that he was into seeing my ass and pussy and wanted to know exactly what I would make him do with it all. So I told him that I would make him lay on the ground and squat my cunt over his face and tell him to sniff it.

The end.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Black Horny Cock Caller makes a Big Black Cock Mistake!

Well, tonight was a very different night. I have never experienced anything like I have tonight, but here it goes...
I was sitting on my couch watching the A Tribe Called Quest documentary when about half-way through the movie I receive a phone call and who was it? A caller wanting to know my skype... again, I've been feeling generous with my messenger id's so I
paused my movie and gave it to him.
Once I logged in, seen he was there, I turned the
cam on and we just got straight into. He was already stroking his cock and boy, was it huge. We had a bit of small talk all while he was stroking his cock and focused so I cut it all short and instantly knew I was going to enjoy this session of phone
with cam sex.
I asked him what he was into and while he was answering and telling me about how he knew I was into being dominant, I showed him my tits and he instantly got excited and asked me how big they were.
"What are those? Tripple D?" he said stroking in ci
rcular motions around the head.
"Yes, Tripple D." I answered with lust in my voice.
"Damn, those are beautiful, I'd love to suck on one of em"
"I'd love for you to shoot your cum all over t
"Mmmm... damn baby."

"You like it?"
"Hell yea... I just wanna fuck em"
"Mmmm baby, I'd let you."

He was excited and asked to see my pussy so I showed him. "You want me to bend over so you can fuck this pussy from the back?" I asked. "Oh yea baby, let me see that pussy from the back." He said stroking faster. The next thing I know, the call stopp
ed and once I turned around, I seen that he was still stroking his coc
k so I cut the cam off instantly. I sent him a message on skype...

So after this silly back and forth, he called back and I ended up helping him get off anyway... and once again... he seen that I DIDNT have a "dick"... smh. Anyway... I still enjoyed the phone convo and I went back to my movie... lol. I know, it's a weird call especially when most men that call me WISH I HAD a dick... lol... but I've never been accused of being born with one let alone TUCKING it in... lol...hahahha... At any rate... he got off and we both lived happily ever after... lol.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Pathetic Return of niggerthing

Well, well, well... look what the cat decided to drag in... A pathetic, hopeless, helpless, useless dog named niggerthing. It's been a while since I've heard from nigger thing... a year to be exact and his only excuse for it was that he was fighting his urge to be under my power. This story is all too familiar... sounds like the same bullshit I went through with "o". And niggerthing and "o" also have in common that they are both so loyal that they always come back and beg for forgiveness.
It's okay... I forgive niggerthing, because what I have in store for him next will be beyond his control.
At any rate, I normally don't take slave requests, but niggerthing asked if I could make a recording for him so that he can play it every night while he sleeps and I agreed. For the next few hours I will be concentrating on the recording because I want to make it special.
We always talk about him being trained to be a dog instead of a man and I know that he takes to me very heavily because I know how to train dogs and retrain dogs and train men to be dogs and train dogs to be men. The special thing about niggerthing over a lot of online subs or phone subs is that we've actually had real time experience before he called my lines so he knows what it's like to serve me. I'm sure that he is using this platform as a way to ease back under my bootheel and I accept it. I will not totally down-play it. I actually enjoyed the hour that we spent on the phone together. Making him bark, hearing him whimper like a puppy locked out side, and knowing his whereabouts and what he's been up to. From my understanding, he let me know that he has searched and tried to have a vanilla lifestyle while trying to run away from my power, but failed at it and now he's back. I am not yet impressed, I'll have to see about a few playdates before I can totally accept him back though. Til then... to help him along and make sure that this is what he truly wants to mentally and physically be under my control, I will start on that recording.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let Me Lick That Ass

Well, it's been a while since I've actually got to do some normal phonesex/webcam play around here, but tonight, I got the chance and boy was I so excited about it. I miss teasing so much. So, I just got off the phone with a calm, serene horny guy from Texas, I recall.
We went back and forth for a while about the ID on skype and then finally I just gave it to him because we were already talking for so long about how he likes to play and where we were from and what we like to do. Yes, he charmed So then we just got straight into it once I turned my cam on. He was so intrigued by my nipples, my body and my ass. He kept saying how much he wanted to lick my ass from the back and when I showed him my pussy, he just went crazy. You could tell he was stroking the whole time because when I asked him, he let me know and in his voice, you could hear that passion of him enjoying every moment of our conversation and my webcam.
We spent quite some time of the phone, but I'm pretty sure he will be calling back again, I had a lot of fun on the phone with him.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pimp Me Out (A Cuckold Confession)

I am kinda of struggling with my voice as of last night and actually forgot that my lines were even on at this point, but... I took this call anyway. From someone I sent out a coupon to. He was very horny and anxious to make his Cuckold Confession.

"I heard you were in New York, I am too, I want to meet you in person, I want you to pimp me out. I'd love to be on your team." He whispered in a perverted phone stalker voice.
"Oh? So you want to be my bitch, huh?" I asked.
"Yes, I'd love to be on your team and do whatever you'd want me to do."
"You know what I'd do to you? I'd make you my bitch. I'd make you get on your knees and line up a bunch of big cocks and make you suck them all one by one while you're looking up at me."

He began to pant and moan, at this point, you could just tell he was turned on and stroking his cock intensely.

"...yea, I'd just have you sitting there and when I am finished fucking a cock, I'd have you as my cuckold to suck that cock up until there was no more left, so are you sure you still want to be my bitch?"
"Yes. I am." He said, panting even heavier.

This call didn't last too long because he was so excited about me pimping him out and sucking all of those cocks that he ended up cumming on himself like a good little slutty whore that needs to be pimped out by an Ebony Goddess like myself... lol.

If you think you'd love to get this experience, then Call Me Now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

May I See Your Nipples Ms. Devou?

Well, apparently this is a long-time caller that has lost contact and had to feed his urge again. I have that effect. LOL. Anyway, I was in my living room pole dancing when I seen a message pop up on skype about accepting calls right now. I told him that I was and he let me know that I blocked him from calling me. I asked him his name and looked in my records and again (lol) decided to entertain this guy. Well... turns out he was so talented in the comedic I mean, he was making me laugh. At first he told me that he never spoke to me before, when my records clearly show that we did, which was okay (let's me know SOMETHING about why I blocked him in the first place, perhaps he was a liar or because again, I wanted to humor the situation. I unblocked him, he called and then we got right into talking. I asked him what he was into and he told me that he was into "being dominated" and "teased" at the same time. Perfect for me being that I was only wearing a sports bra at the time... lol... So we went on about that. Long story short, I let him know that I wasn't buying the fact that he claimed to wanted to be dominated for the simple fact that he wanted to see my breasts. Like, that's no where near submissive at all... lol. I continued to humor the conversation and then I asked him how small his penis was. He told me, (lol... get this...) "A little under 8"... lol. So I busted out laughing. That was one of the funnest things he said to me in the conversation. I let him know that it was normal decent size and continued to laugh... he told me that he was 6'1"... lol. Which is not bad at all to be honest... lol.
Anyway... so long the lines of the time we were on the phone and he added money for more time, I started teasing him and telling him to beg for my tits. I told him, that since he wanted to be teased, he could just stroke his cock to the sight of my cleavage. Apparently that was enough for him because he was so excited. You could hear him panting in ecstasy while he was stroking his cock. I made him beg and beg and beg for these tits. He begged and begged and begged to see my nipples and I teased and teased and teased and told him to keep on begging. I asked him what was in it for me and didn't really give me too many good answers. One of his answers were, "I'll cum for you." and I told him, "That benefits you, that doesn't benefit me." And before I knew it.. our time was up because he had to go to work and ran out of money... lol.
The funny part about it was... I am not so sure how I was feeling at the moment if I would've showed him or not... lol. Nevertheless, it was fun teasing him and making him beg... lol.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Perverted Bra & Panty Hose Sniffer Needs Role Play

Wow... it's not even 10am I just finished having a lovely breakfast, all of two grapefruit and had some things on my mind when the phone rang. I listened to who the call was coming from and it was from my Lesbian Line, a line I haven't heard from since the starving Butch Cock lady.
Well, again, I must be feeling extremely lenient because once I answered the call and heard a man's voice, I took the call. LOL.... Yea, I know, right?

"Can you do a role play with me?" He asked.
"What, are you going to pretend like you're a lesbian?" I said.
"No, I just want you to do a role play with me."
"What's the role?"
"You catch me looking in your underwear drawer and then start to masturbate."
"Okay, fine, let's do it."

This good little pervert had it all worked out what he was going to do and say. So did I. LOL.
He was really into being caught at my underwear drawer. From the way it all went, it was almost as if we were right in front of each other... lol.

Pervert: "What are you doing home?"
Me: "What are you doing in my underwear drawer?"
Pervert: "I was looking for my socks."
Me: "You know that you wont find your socks in my underwear drawer, we don't even share the same dresser. What are you doing in my underwear drawer?"
Pervert: "Okay, I was going through your underwear."
Me: "Why?"
Pervert: "Because I was sniffing your underwear and pantyhose."
Me: "That's a little weird... What do you get out of that?"
Pervert: "Please don't tell anyone."
Me: "Oh, I won't tell anyone but only under one condition."
Pervert: "What is that?"
Me: "You pull your little pathetic cock out and start stroking."

That was the hottest part of this conversation. LOL. A little blackmail goes a long way because once I said that, that's exactly what he did. I told him that he was being a pervert and very naughty and that he needed to pay by stroking his little cock.

"I was looking at your bras too." The pervert called out while intensely stroking.
"Oh yea? And what were you doing with those?" I asked in a sinister manner.
"I like the white one, I was sniffing it." He replied.
"Oh yea? Well then show me how much you enjoyed sniffing it and hold it under your cock while stroking, I want you to cum in my bra while I tease you with these tits you fucking pervert." I commanded.

And that's exactly what he did. This went on and on until he shot his pathetic little load most likely in a napkin... lol. Hey... who knows, maybe HE had on a white bra or actually shot his load inside of it... lol.

It would've been better had he called the proper line, but hey... I'm feeling generous this week.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ass Lover

So, I'm sitting here watching The X Factor and I get a call from a guy who asked for my skype ID... now, we all know that normally I don't do that, but I'm bored and personally, getting bored with blocking and turning away customers, even if they ARE hard-headed. So, I gave it to him.

*He also asked if I was in New York and I told him that I was and then he asked me if it was okay to talk about meeting here (on the phone) and I told him in my most sternest voice possible, "Absolutely Not!" and then we moved on from that...

Well, giving in, I wasn't totally disappointed because he wanted to see my ass... I haven't pulled my pants down during a phone w/cam call in I don't know how long, so I guess it gave me my nude edge back... lol. He requested to see my ass and so I gave it to him. He was loving it.

"So what are you going to do with this ass baby?" I asked.
"Oh, everything, what is there not to do?" He replied.

Then we both giggled. He was panting, so I know he was jerking his cock.

"Is there any way I can see the front of it?" He asked.
"The front of what? My ass?" I said giggling.
"I mean, your kitty kat" He said giggling as well.

I turned around and showed him my pretty flower and he was amazed (as they all always The first thing he said was, " Wow... it's pretty! Looks very tight!" Lol... so afterwards, he asked me what could I do with it and I told him that I would wrap my legs around his head and smother him in my pussy while holding the back of his head. He said that he liked it and he wanted to be smothered by it. LOL.... don't they all? The call lasted for a pretty good while and I got a nice little laugh out of it and I got to tease, so I'm satisfied.

If you are looking to have a session with me via skype... just call me... of course, it's not guaranteed that I'll be in the mood to give you my skype or ANY of my other ids, but to make sure you have DEFINITE access to my skype... buy it now and you will have unlimited access to a phone w/cam session with me.

*For those of you reading this and curious about it, NEVER contact me via Niteflirt about meeting up. It is against policy of me and niteflirt. I have no problem with meeting anyone for a session, however, you MUST contact me properly through My Official Website. Niteflirt is not a platform for setting up personal meetings and I will not participate in it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Role Play? or more Topping From The Bottom?

I just got a phone call from the same voice as the last phone call... lol. I knew it was a regular, instead, this time, I got a request for webcam on skype and sure enough, it was who I thought it was.
He called my Phone w/Cam/Mistresses Line which automatically put me in a dominant mode only for him to tell me how I am "utter perfection" and how he wanted me to fuck him? LOL. I mean, nice that he wanted to serve me in that manner, but em... did he mean fuck him with my pussy or fuck him with my strap-on? It doesn't matter... either way, I hung up. These boys need to learn that they need to call the proper lines for the proper things and if they can't abide by the rules, they get hung up on and that's what I did.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sensuous Phonesex with Jimmy

It's been a while for this one and even this voice because it all sounds all too familiar but I'm just going to go along with it for now. As I'm sitting here updating my Spoil Diary, the phone rings and it's my Fantasy/Anything Goes Line (this line seems to be in full effect lately... lol) and it's a guy with a whispering voice telling me that he wants to treat me to the best and how i deserve the best (which I already know, but I'll listen... lol.). He let me know how he loves each and every one of my lovely curves and he was so memorized by my full breasts. He let me know that he'd love to caress and kiss them and between the way he would describe how he wanted to and the tone and texture of his voice, I actually closed my eyes and imagined it happening. At one point, I stopped him and told him that I like my feet to be rubbed and I would enjoy the endurance of a good foot massage and in he went on telling me how he would slowly "knead" his hands on my feet to make me feel good, that's when I closed my eyes again, but this time, I could almost feel him doing it. I have a major, major, major foot fetish so this turned me on instantaneously.
I have yet to have a caller tell me all the things that they long to do to my feet and it actually soothes and relaxes me to the point where I can close my eyes and imagine. He was amazing and I look forward to hearing from him again.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With Brandon Again

Well, as I'm sitting here editing a kick-ass smoke fetish video, my phone rings and to my surprise, who could it be? Yes, it's the return of Brandon. Bless him, all he wants to do is get off with him. I enjoy it so much. I like his fantasy play because he craves what I haven't had a chance to provide in a long while and that's good ol' fashion freaky phone sex. No "Yes, Ms. DeVou", no "I'll worship you" just plain ol' "bend me over big daddy and fuck this wet pussy" phone sex. I like telling him how much I want to milk his cock into my mouth. The way he moans. LOL. He's the type that is ashamed of his sexuality as in, phone sexing, he doesn't really go all out for his reach, he just takes what I give him and then gets off to it. I really enjoyed making him cum. Must be because I'm in a good mood... lol. But yea, I look forward to him calling once more.

If you want to experience the same, do what Brandon did and call my Fantasy/Anything Goes Line and get what he gets, if not, better.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Phone Sex with Brandon

So I am sitting here watching "Lady Sings the Blues" and what do I get? I nice phone call from a horny boy named Brandon. He seemed a bit nervous about playing with me. He called my Anything Goes line and we had a nice conversation about what he likes to do. I learned that his cock was ten inches and that he would be gracious to put his tongue inside of my pussy while I squirt all over him. I instantaneously got turned on and let him know that I'd love to have his cock in my mouth.

From the sound of it, seems like he was so excited that he could barely respond after that and then in mid-stroke, he asked me if I liked it and confirmed. I even turned my camera on so I could record me playing while on the phone with him. Clearly something that I had never done before. I liked the experience. I had a lot of fun with this caller. He was very straight and to the point and I was able to get off with him. We didnt last long because it was so good, but being that it was so good, I have confidence that he will call back soon...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Closet Butch-Dyke

Well, it's a nice afternoon and I was actually on the other line with a friend and we were talking about life issues and just shooting the breeze when I had to click over and received a called from my Lesbian Line. At first once I allowed the call to come through, I didn't say anything at first, I just let the caller introduce themselves first because if I heard a male voice, I as going to hang up quick but to my satisfying surprise, it was really a woman!

When asked her name, she told me and she let me know her age, 50, and wasted no time with telling me her problems, experiences and what she was looking to get out of the whole thing. I walked her through her comfort zone and I even had some advice to give her. As a woman, I gave her comfort and I made her feel on top of the world. The one thing I know that she has in common with me is the fact that she feels very empowered by wearing her "butch cock". She giggled a little when saying it at first, but rapidly got turned on every time I said the words. She got off from me calling her a "dyke", "bull-dyke" and "fuck me you dyke". These are fetishes that she has. She let me know that she was very into her strap on how it made her feel empowered and how it was a part of her. We had a great phone sex session as well as a therapeutic cleanse for her emotionally and sexually. This conversation lasted for a great 20/30 minutes and I believe we both got off.
I like it when women are not afraid to express themselves in this manner. It is great when women can let their hair down and be who they are and what they are and it feels even better that they can come to me. I had a great time letting her know that I'd love to ride her butch-cock.

Friday, April 29, 2011

On A Cuckold's Mind

I've been receiving a lot of service from @nj_cuck_robby lately. I am very proud of him. Not only has he been purchasing My Fetish Clips, but he's been checking in with me to let me know that he was thinking about me. I mean, who isn't these days, but I find it very sweet of him to let me know that.
What did we talk about? We talked about him thinking about me, enjoying my pussy worship pics (which you can find a shit load of them on this exact page I know this is where he had to have got them from because they aren't listed anywhere else... GOOD BOY!), how he loves all of My Fetish Clips and how he can not wait to serve me. I believe he used the term "on the edge of my seat waiting for a response from you yesterday" to describe his anticipation of hearing from me so he could worship my feet and do whatever I wanted him to do yesterday... lol. He's such a cute little puppy... I am seriously thinking about making him my new lapdog. Atleast I know that he would obey... lol. All in all, the call was great and I'm not really in the frame of mind to make him bark today, I was actually checking up on some things in the middle of him talking so after a while I kind of tuned out to what he was saying about himself... lol... but em... I'm sure we'll have another chance for me to hear him out later... I mean, after all, he did catch me in the middle of my workout... I mean, I was in mid sit-up when he called in the first place and I was gracious enough to take his calls and answer the phone because normally, if I don't feel like it... I won't... lol...
Anyway... that is all I have on cucky boy right now... so em... back to my workout...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Afternoon Delight - Mid-Day Phone Sex

I just got off the phone with a nice cock jerker. He was so into talking dirty to me. It only took him about a good 3 minutes to get off, but I did provide him with the quality phone sex that he was looking for. I really enjoyed it... I found myself almost touching myself as I went along I almost lost myself within the moment myself... lol. It was a great afternoon delight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Great Humiliating and Therapeutic Experience with Just had a great and entertaining call with @nj_cuck_robby

This boy is very good at what he does as far as being a loyal sub. Not only has he been purchasing my exclusive pics and assignments lately, but he's been picking up that phone and entertaining me in the best way. I mean, I was sleep when he called just but it was so worth waking up to a cuckold-sissy that was so hilarious, obidient and knew just what to do and how to do it. We had a normal run-of-the-mill conversation at first and then out of nowhere, I decided that instead of talking, he should be barking for me and saying silly things and singing songs for me. So that's what we did for a few minutes...
I love the fact that as soon as I told him to bark, he knew to count his Now THAT is what I call, an obedient lap dog. LOL. I even had him tell a male friend of mine that he wanted to be his bitch and that he wanted him to fuck him. I bet he'll never forget the name "Damone" now... lol.
Well, it is time for me to finally lay it down and I am going to admit this... I am pleased with his performance this evening and I look forward to that song assignment and the rest of our conversation... Yea, we're both too tired to stay up to be quite honest so we will finish this either tomorrow or another day... Which ever comes more convient for the both of us...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get The Rhythm of the Hot Dog with @nj_cuck_robby

I was in the middle of chatting and to my surprise what do I get? A nice obedient cuck named, @nj_cuck_robby he's a very good cuckboy! He's been a good boy before this call and this is actually, to my knowledge, his first time calling me. We talked about him having family over so he had to go to the basement to call and spend sometime with me on the phone.

First, I made him sing me a wonderful song, my favorite sissy song, "Let's Get The Rhytm of the Hot Dog". I made him sing that for about a good 2 minutes and then I had him play my favorite game for submissives and that was "Guess A Number Between 1 and a Million"... lol. Of course, he got the number wrong, so I made him bark and count. It was a very fun game for me. He made me laugh at his closet humiliation. It really made my day... lol. He was very good.
He just needs to make his barks stronger and have the funds to keep entertaining me. I'm sure if he was in a more secluded area, we would've done more, but I was mindful and gracious to release him to the rest of his family gathering.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Member 1341441 is a total LOSER!

Yea, this moron didn't last too long. Here are the reasons why:

  1. He called my Pillow Talk Line when he knew he was calling for phone domination. (Yes, it is an "Anything Goes" listing, but when you are a servant of mine, you are not calling anything goes, you are calling the Domination Line, PERIOD there is no discussion or negotiation.
  2. When I picked up, the first thing he says is, "I wanna be your white bitch." (again, something that turns me off as a Domme... I don't care what he wants to be and what difference does it make if he's white or not, why do they keep doing this shit?)
  3. When asked what made him wanted to my "white bitch", the best answer he could come up with (which was an absolute LIE) was "I seen your ad on Eros". I laughed in his face and told him, that this is a bad start. I didn't have to explain further more why it was a bad start because he knew very well that he was lying.
  4. He then asked me if he dialed the wrong number. And my response was , "Yea, if you're looking to cum, yes." You could hear in his voice that he was uncomfortable with his results and didn't expect the vibe that I was giving. It was apparent that he expected something else.
I couldn't take any more of his lame attempt to get over and patronize my role as a Domme so I hung up. I already know he's probably some lame ass hobbyist that either I seen a long time ago or maybe a wacko from one of those hobbyist forums. It's very sad. But... that's the way it goes.

I mean, this loser basically was calling me like a cop that was looking to do a sting on a prostitute and see how far he could get with her to try and entrap her, it's very annoying and sad that my sexuality is on police and/or loser watch. Just enjoy yourselves you fucking idiots. I mean, exactly how much do you think you're going to get with a phonesex line? You think you're going to get me to schedule an appointment on my 800 line?

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Free Five-Minute Bitch

Again, another call from a submissive that wants to not only use up his free five minutes, but prove his worthiness of being my bitch.
When I said "Hello", he introduced himself and when I told him that I was in the mood for some good entertainment and asked how small his cock was, he said in his most bitchiest voice, "Three inches Mistress." and so I decided to reprimand him for having such a clitoris for a cock. When commanded to bark, he was unable to. Instead, he meowed. OMG! I was so disgusted that I just verbally humiliated him and called him every "weak bitch" in the book. He kept begging for me to fuck him in his ass, but I refused him the pleasure of that fantasy and instead, I let him know that I would hire a biggest blackest guy that I could find with the biggest cock to fuck him in his mouth.

"Now how would you like that?" I growled.
"I wouldn't like it at all Mistress." he bitch-whimpered.
"Good! Now continue to play with your pathetic little clit!"
"Yes Mistress."

He continued to play and I continued to humiliate him. Of course, after his minutes were up... He hung up, but I don't care much because I got my phone domination fix for the day. I'm sure when he calls back, he'll know what to do and what not to do.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naughty, Fast Cumming, Cum-Eating, Dildo Gagging Loser

Well, I am sitting here at my living room desk and doing some work when my phone rings and look who it is... Another boy taking advantage of his granted privilege to contact me for his free five minutes to tell me how much of a naughty boy he was.

When questioned about his purpose and what was his confession, he let me know that he ejaculated too quickly and that he was unworthy of me and my presence. LOL. So, I let him have it. I let him know how much of a pathetic morsel that he was and it made him whimper like a bitch every time. As punishment, I made him eat his cum and lick it off of his hand. When commanded to suck on his dildo, he replied, "Ms. DeVou, would you like to hear it hit the back of my throat?" and I replied, "Of course bitch, nothing like hearing you gag on a cock!" and then he proceeded to deep-throat on his dildo.... he did it for the remaining 2 minutes of he free phone call and that shows true dedication as a pre-ejaculating looser.

The call didn't last long, because, of course, he must be financially challenged, but he did get the degradation that he was looking for and I got to express myself to a weak, pathetic pre-ejaculating, cum-eating, dildo-gagging naughty loser.

Friday, March 25, 2011

*Special* Delivery - From A Cock-sucking sissy

Well, if you are a customer of mine and know what I like, you'd know that I sent out a bunch of special offers today for 5 minutes. I guess this sissy-cuckold wanted to take the liberty of these free five minutes to tell me what exactly was on his mind. And what was on his mind? Telling me how much he loved to be filmed and how he does photography for a site called Ethnic Kink and how he participated in a scene where there was a "big black guy" and his Mistress forced him to suck the "big black guy's" cock and when asked him how he felt about it, he said he loved it.

He went on and on and on the whole five minutes about how he loved being forced to suck cock and how he'd sessioned with some trannies and how he loved it as well because he likes sucking cock. It was pretty interesting how fast and how much he sounded very excited about telling me. Some boys are just eager to expressing their love for being a cuckold and how much they wan to drink cum and that's what this one wanted to do. The good thing is, he took advantage of the special offer that I sent out and he made himself useful to me on my Friday night where I'm doing nothing... lol.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Role Playing While On My Way To A Session

So, it was not too long ago when I was at the gas station at like fifty-something and eleventh when i received a call from a guy requesting for a little bit of role play. I was actually on my way to a real-time appointment which was to be hosted at a hotel near the Columbus Circle area and the phone rang.

"Hello, may I request a specific role play?" He asked.
"Sure babe, whatever you desire." I replied.
"Well, it goes like this Ms. DeVou... You and I are hanging out at the hotel bar and we finally start conversing with each other and then we get drinks and start talking about our lives and as I mention my wife, you mention how fun it would be if you and I would go up to your room so you can show me around and then you tell me to invite my to the hotel room and then I call my wife up to the hotel room and then we all start playing and making out."
"Sure, no problem."

This fun little role play went on for a little bit and then once we got to the good parts, he came and then hung I think anymore of that and I may've crashed in to a taxi cab... lol... but it's always good to receive a call while I'm out...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late Night Phone Sex with a Naugty, Horny Boy

Yea, so... I was on my way to bed... turned off the tv and all the lights in the house and as soon as I grabbed my netbook that sits a long side of my bed when I go to sleep to help keep me company until I fall asleep, I received a phone call.

This call is a little joy to my spirits being that I haven't had a phonesex fiend call me in so long. You know, I'm use to all of these fetish boys and submissives lately and whatnot... lol. Anyway, being that I'm already in a hot and heavy mood this morning, I figure I would take the call to my Phone W/Cam line.

At first, he called and purchased one of my id's for cam and then we played a little together with that. He refreshed his account, sent a tribute for just cam and so I gave him two minutes with cam only because it's nothing something that I do on Skype. After his two minutes were up, I directed him to call back if he wanted to spend any more time with me and so he did. We had a great time playing Russian. He seemed to be so infatuated with my breasts as I teased, played, showed and told him to "Fuck my tits". It was actually wonderful... Been a while since I've directed someone to do that. It was a great adrenoline rush.

When asked what he was doing, he was very blunt, upfront and hungry for his orgasm when he answered back, "Stroking my dick, M'am." It was the hottest tone of voice. At one point, I told him to get into it and take me anywhere he wanted to go and he let me know that he thinks about me all the time when we are in church and that everytime that he sees me, he just wants to fuck me in the pews. LOL. He fantasizes about me a lot. And I'm all for it.

When he let me know that he was a combination of a submissive and a fetishist, I liked that honest answer out of him because most men that possess either trait often deny the other, but this boy was honest with me and helped my last night/early morning orgasm go extremely well.

Now, I'm off to bed and look forward to play many different phone sex games with him soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late Night Shoe Perv

Lol... Yea, this kinky shoe freak called me while I was out and about last night while doing my live sessions and let me know that he was being a naughty bitch boy. What does that mean??? LOL. Who knows, but according to him, he was trying on some shoes.
"What kind of shoes are they?" I asked.
"I think they are called slides." he replied.
"Well what color are they?"
"Are they heels?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"How many inches?"
"About 5 or 6. They are very hard to walk in though."
"I can imagine. So why are you wearing these shoes and trying them on?"
"Just something for me to do, I want to be naughty. They are actually kind of hard to walk in."

This convo didn't really last that long because we ran out of time, but it was good that he confessed. Because of this call last night, I think i might open up lines for confession all the time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reconnecting w/ My Bitch and His Confession

Well, well, well... it has most definitely been a while since I've connected with my "New Bitch" however, out of the blue, I got a phone call from him tonight and he had a lot to confess to me about our soon-to-be relationship. Yes, soon to be. He expressed how he wanted to meet up with me instead of just nf'n it with me. Which is understandable, however, a little weird to me when his approach for this whole situation. He let me know that he would rather deal with the fact that he would be giving tribute for my time in person than on the phone. Understandable, however...

It's not like I asked him to call me in the first place. I never ask these guys personally to call me. I never ask these guys personally to do anything. If you feel uncomfortable about calling a Phone Sex Operator then why even bother? I mean, I know tonight was BDSM Confessional Night with Ms. Joclyn Devou... However, why actually do something that is just pointless? Well... if you ask me, it may be another case of topping from the bottom and I will not hesitate to show this bitch of mine how much I will not tolerate it.

Don't get me wrong, one part of me feels like he's genuine and looking for that type of guidance and the other half feels he's trying to push a limit to test and see how dominant I really am...
The good thing is... he abides by the rules and calls the Pillow Talk Line at the proper times that are listed... lol.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Topping from the Bottom Gone Wrong and Tsk Tsk my New Bitch

I normally wouldn't juumble the stories of my boys together in one post, but I've been performing tonight, up since five this morning and ready for bed in all actuality...

Honestly, this "Synic" is someone that really wants to know what will make me pissed off rather than someone that claims to want to worship me and tell me how "gorgeous" that I am...

He's talking and talking and talking and quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing him talk and I don't care how much he's willing to pay... he only wants to top from the bottom and see how far he can go... Because I am in a good mood tonight, he called the proper line for "fetish" play, I granted him a tiny bit of access to my breasts and you know what this fucker did? He requests to see my face, so I told him that he was granted a privilege that I never give him and then he wants to turn the shit around... Never again will he be calling me because I'm blocking his fucking ass... The only way he can get through to me is if he makes another account on skype and nitefirt...

As for my new bitch... I am disappointed in him because he was suppose to check in with me twice tonight and failed to do so so I will be expecting a reason for this, however, I'm not surprised... these boys do this incompetent shit all the time when it comes to serving, submitting and topping from the bottom. At the end of the day they are men and really good for nothing at the end of the day if you think about it...

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Check in with my New "Bitch"

Well, if you're following me on Twitter then you would know that I am now taking calls while getting ready to venture off to Paradisio. I just received a phone call from my new found "bitch" and it appears that he has followed his first task in checking in with me today.

He, like myself, is on his way out the door only he's on his way to go hang out with some friends and felt the need to let me know, I assigned him to check back in with me when he gets to his destination and check in as soon as he leaves and only time can tell tonight if he follows his commands the way he did this one...

More later...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Therapy Confessions with My Impressive New "Bitch"

This one is just about as good as "O" was when we first started playing and doing our d/s trainings together 3 years ago (maybe longer, not really sure right now). At first, we started off introducing ourselves and this particular boy was very calm, very sound and not too pervy. He was very patient and very willing to take the road that he needed to take in order to continue our conversation in a proper manner and not like most who have their cocks in their hands and want to be told how worthless they are just so they can cum in their own hands...

Not this one, he was a very good boy and all he wanted to do was confess how much he wanted to serve me and his inner-most deepest darkest secrets about loving strap-on and just overall whatever I wanted him to do. It was basically a great therapy session for me and him I think because not only did I finally (after a long damn time) get to exercise my expertise in actually walking a man through his love for being a submissive instead of the old run of the mill "sub" looking to jerk off and have "worthless phone domination sex".

What I liked about "sub bitch" is the fact that not only did he keep refreshing his time and satisfying his Mistress whenever told to do so... he actually took the time out to do his research and that's how he started the phone call. When asked how he found me and where he got his resources, he was able to run down a whole list of works that I created and I am very impressed. I like the fact that with him expressing his true passion and burning desire to know how I felt about him.

When given the direction to tell me about himself and what intrigues him about serving me he let me know that he wanted to be my bitch. When commanded to repeat "I want to be your bitch Ms. Devou", I decided that I liked the sound of his voice, pulled out my Magic Wand and pleasured myself as he repetitiously let me know how much he wanted to serve as my bitch.

We talked about his dating situation and although he is perusing two lovely Ebony Females (yes, he's white and into dating Ebony Women). That's not really important to me, but as a Mistress, I do need to know these things...

I like the fact that "normally" he wouldn't participate in strap-on play but feels the sudden need to do it if I told him to. As I was typing this post out, he was also quiet and let me know that he didn't want to interrupt me because it sounded like I was typing.... which is something that I adore, he really does know his place I like the fact that he needs my consent on being what I would want him to be with the following question:

Ms. Devou? If i was with you, would you want to see me in stockings?

When commanded to give a full verbal resume as to why I should accept him as my bitch, he did very well, he gave a very color description of himself as well as to why I'd be interested and making him my bitch, I know that he would definitely be useful not just because he's willing and able, but he put emphasis on being a spoiler, everyone that knows me, knows that spoiling me is a definite!

We spent two whole hours on the phone with nothing but him entertaining me with conversation about serving me and us getting to know each other a little more for our exclusive d/s relationship.

By far the best submissive call in a long time!

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