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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Early Morning Inquirer

What a great way to start off the morning!

So, I'm sitting here moisturizing and getting dressed because I just got out of the shower, turned my lines on while doing so when my phone rang and it was a very respectful, mature male caller who wanted to know various questions about how I like to dominate, what turns me on and what type of men that I like. I must say, it has been a long time since I've had a refreshing call like this as well because most of these pervs just have their pathetic cock in their hands and looking to hurry up and get off the phone and get their jollies off. I'm not sure if he was wacking off like the rest of the pervs, but I do know that our conversation was a nice one and very inquisitive on his behalf.

It almost felt like I was being interrogating by a police officer, but I'm sure he just generally wanted to know... lol. He wanted to know various things like if I ever dominated someone famous (information I would never disclose) and if I had indulged in publicly humiliating my subs/slaves and, of course, as we all know I have (lol) and if size mattered to me. I let him know that it depends on the male specimen and the timing and situation. He also wanted to know about my racial preferences and I had to let him know that I am not limited to black or white men because they are both pretty much boring to me anyway because I've had relations with enough of them to fill up the intimate experiences for atleast four other women... lol. I mean, I like Race-Play and all, but I don't just do Race-Play with just white men, I have the ability to make black men feel like a piece of shit because of what they were born as as well and other cultures of men. I told him that I knew that the average Ebony Domina are limited to "white men" but I am not. Everyone belongs beneath my boot and under my power of Erotic Mind Corruption, it's just that simple.

The call was a very good one and I appreciate the fact that he was a respectable sub/fetishist/inquirer/caller who just wanted to spend some time on his morning learning who it is that I am and what exactly it is that I represent as well as introducing himself in an extremely respectable manner. A+ For him.

For the rest of you subs/slaves and curious kinksters, you could learn something from him. But if you think you got what it takes to satisfy me and have a great conversation with me about the BDSM Lifestyle and get to know me and want me to know more about you, then you can always Call Me and we can do it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Late Night Lines and Day Time Schedule

I know a lot of you kinky boys, dirty sluts and submissives have been seeking a more affordable way to contact me and play with me on the phone, well, if you're still awake between the hours of Midnight and 5am, then you can reach me on my new lines. My daytime lines are open based on my availability and during that time will always end at Midnight.

Domination After Dark w/Cam - 12AM-5AM EST

Domination After Dark - 12AM-5AM EST

Pillow Talk

Of course the rules of phone w/cam are the same and especially because the lines are cheaper for you financially challenged boys and those of you who are up late night and want to speak live with me.

I look forward to playing with you boys very soon.

 Also, more assignments and high-powered downloadable products will be available soon so stay tuned! 

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