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Sunday, April 29, 2012

LOL! A Slut Wants To Entertain Me!

Well, after having negative thoughts in my head about some personal issues... I can most definitely say, this slut entertaining me most definitely made my day... I really got a good laugh from the pics that he sent... lol.
First, he called to let me know he was available via Skype to be my good little bitch and that he had emailed me some pics of him cross-dressing. Unfortunately, my Skype wouldn't come up, so we cut our call short, but I am LOVING these pics! lol.

It's just amazing... I never thought that a cross-dresser would make my day a little brighter. I mean... look how slutty he looks? Look how RIDICULOUS he looks! LOL. His nails are done, he has on a blonde wig and the whole giddy-up of a slut. I just want to make him dance to some type of Britney Spears song and make him do slutty dance moves... lol.

I mean, the whole sissy sha-bang! LOL! OMG! You should see the OTHER pics that he sent me... lol. HAHAHAH. Slut Danni must've known I kind of woke up on the wrong side of the bed today because man oh This is giving me the chuckles! If you want to perv off of Slut Danni's pics that he sent me CLICK HERE. Trust me... you'll be laughing too! LOL!

And if you have any Cross Dressing Confessions you'd like to share or think you can dress up better than Slut Danni... lol.. Call me... Just make sure you're kneeling when you do it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Excited and Hard

Never fails, just when I think it's just a typical caller wanting to get his rocks off and only look at me, I am always shocked and surprised.
So I was sitting here in my robe and going through my daily routine of being sexy and lucious when I get a phone call from a very cooperative and anxious boy who asked me if I had skype. We exchanged names and while I'm spelling out my name for him, I am changing from robe to sexy cam dress and finished applying my lipstick as soon as the skype call comes and I see the crotch of his pants (Great for me cause now I don't have to play alone lol). I instructed him to take his pants down and when he did, I seen exactly how excited he was from the silhouette of his boxers. He was extremely hard and willing to do whatever it was I told him to do just so he could meet his orgasm.
He asked to see my breasts and so I showed him and kept talking dirty to him. I told him how excited and horny I was and how I wanted to gently kiss around the head of his cock and make him grow even more inside of my mouth. He grew more and more excited and his moans got louder, his breathing patterns were very heavy and the more and more I squeezed my cleavage together and showed him exactly how I would kiss and lick around the crown of his penis with my tongue demonstrating with my dildo, he was full of anxiety and the next thing I knew, he was cumming all over the place. It was actually a pleasant site being that lately not too many white guys have been cumming on cam for me unless they are upside down and aiming their cocks into their own mouths and making a big fool out of themselves just to please my sadistic side of sexual pleasure. With this one, I was caught off guard and quite frankly wasn't in the mood to make him do humiliating things for me, I just wanted him to have a regular orgasm and play with me mutually and just enjoy it like a normal man should and that's what he did.

If you think this is an experience that you'd like to have with me and just want to have some good straight, freaky and sexy fun with me... give me call... I can make you explode just like him.

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