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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naughty, Fast Cumming, Cum-Eating, Dildo Gagging Loser

Well, I am sitting here at my living room desk and doing some work when my phone rings and look who it is... Another boy taking advantage of his granted privilege to contact me for his free five minutes to tell me how much of a naughty boy he was.

When questioned about his purpose and what was his confession, he let me know that he ejaculated too quickly and that he was unworthy of me and my presence. LOL. So, I let him have it. I let him know how much of a pathetic morsel that he was and it made him whimper like a bitch every time. As punishment, I made him eat his cum and lick it off of his hand. When commanded to suck on his dildo, he replied, "Ms. DeVou, would you like to hear it hit the back of my throat?" and I replied, "Of course bitch, nothing like hearing you gag on a cock!" and then he proceeded to deep-throat on his dildo.... he did it for the remaining 2 minutes of he free phone call and that shows true dedication as a pre-ejaculating looser.

The call didn't last long, because, of course, he must be financially challenged, but he did get the degradation that he was looking for and I got to express myself to a weak, pathetic pre-ejaculating, cum-eating, dildo-gagging naughty loser.

Friday, March 25, 2011

*Special* Delivery - From A Cock-sucking sissy

Well, if you are a customer of mine and know what I like, you'd know that I sent out a bunch of special offers today for 5 minutes. I guess this sissy-cuckold wanted to take the liberty of these free five minutes to tell me what exactly was on his mind. And what was on his mind? Telling me how much he loved to be filmed and how he does photography for a site called Ethnic Kink and how he participated in a scene where there was a "big black guy" and his Mistress forced him to suck the "big black guy's" cock and when asked him how he felt about it, he said he loved it.

He went on and on and on the whole five minutes about how he loved being forced to suck cock and how he'd sessioned with some trannies and how he loved it as well because he likes sucking cock. It was pretty interesting how fast and how much he sounded very excited about telling me. Some boys are just eager to expressing their love for being a cuckold and how much they wan to drink cum and that's what this one wanted to do. The good thing is, he took advantage of the special offer that I sent out and he made himself useful to me on my Friday night where I'm doing nothing... lol.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Role Playing While On My Way To A Session

So, it was not too long ago when I was at the gas station at like fifty-something and eleventh when i received a call from a guy requesting for a little bit of role play. I was actually on my way to a real-time appointment which was to be hosted at a hotel near the Columbus Circle area and the phone rang.

"Hello, may I request a specific role play?" He asked.
"Sure babe, whatever you desire." I replied.
"Well, it goes like this Ms. DeVou... You and I are hanging out at the hotel bar and we finally start conversing with each other and then we get drinks and start talking about our lives and as I mention my wife, you mention how fun it would be if you and I would go up to your room so you can show me around and then you tell me to invite my to the hotel room and then I call my wife up to the hotel room and then we all start playing and making out."
"Sure, no problem."

This fun little role play went on for a little bit and then once we got to the good parts, he came and then hung I think anymore of that and I may've crashed in to a taxi cab... lol... but it's always good to receive a call while I'm out...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late Night Phone Sex with a Naugty, Horny Boy

Yea, so... I was on my way to bed... turned off the tv and all the lights in the house and as soon as I grabbed my netbook that sits a long side of my bed when I go to sleep to help keep me company until I fall asleep, I received a phone call.

This call is a little joy to my spirits being that I haven't had a phonesex fiend call me in so long. You know, I'm use to all of these fetish boys and submissives lately and whatnot... lol. Anyway, being that I'm already in a hot and heavy mood this morning, I figure I would take the call to my Phone W/Cam line.

At first, he called and purchased one of my id's for cam and then we played a little together with that. He refreshed his account, sent a tribute for just cam and so I gave him two minutes with cam only because it's nothing something that I do on Skype. After his two minutes were up, I directed him to call back if he wanted to spend any more time with me and so he did. We had a great time playing Russian. He seemed to be so infatuated with my breasts as I teased, played, showed and told him to "Fuck my tits". It was actually wonderful... Been a while since I've directed someone to do that. It was a great adrenoline rush.

When asked what he was doing, he was very blunt, upfront and hungry for his orgasm when he answered back, "Stroking my dick, M'am." It was the hottest tone of voice. At one point, I told him to get into it and take me anywhere he wanted to go and he let me know that he thinks about me all the time when we are in church and that everytime that he sees me, he just wants to fuck me in the pews. LOL. He fantasizes about me a lot. And I'm all for it.

When he let me know that he was a combination of a submissive and a fetishist, I liked that honest answer out of him because most men that possess either trait often deny the other, but this boy was honest with me and helped my last night/early morning orgasm go extremely well.

Now, I'm off to bed and look forward to play many different phone sex games with him soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late Night Shoe Perv

Lol... Yea, this kinky shoe freak called me while I was out and about last night while doing my live sessions and let me know that he was being a naughty bitch boy. What does that mean??? LOL. Who knows, but according to him, he was trying on some shoes.
"What kind of shoes are they?" I asked.
"I think they are called slides." he replied.
"Well what color are they?"
"Are they heels?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"How many inches?"
"About 5 or 6. They are very hard to walk in though."
"I can imagine. So why are you wearing these shoes and trying them on?"
"Just something for me to do, I want to be naughty. They are actually kind of hard to walk in."

This convo didn't really last that long because we ran out of time, but it was good that he confessed. Because of this call last night, I think i might open up lines for confession all the time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reconnecting w/ My Bitch and His Confession

Well, well, well... it has most definitely been a while since I've connected with my "New Bitch" however, out of the blue, I got a phone call from him tonight and he had a lot to confess to me about our soon-to-be relationship. Yes, soon to be. He expressed how he wanted to meet up with me instead of just nf'n it with me. Which is understandable, however, a little weird to me when his approach for this whole situation. He let me know that he would rather deal with the fact that he would be giving tribute for my time in person than on the phone. Understandable, however...

It's not like I asked him to call me in the first place. I never ask these guys personally to call me. I never ask these guys personally to do anything. If you feel uncomfortable about calling a Phone Sex Operator then why even bother? I mean, I know tonight was BDSM Confessional Night with Ms. Joclyn Devou... However, why actually do something that is just pointless? Well... if you ask me, it may be another case of topping from the bottom and I will not hesitate to show this bitch of mine how much I will not tolerate it.

Don't get me wrong, one part of me feels like he's genuine and looking for that type of guidance and the other half feels he's trying to push a limit to test and see how dominant I really am...
The good thing is... he abides by the rules and calls the Pillow Talk Line at the proper times that are listed... lol.
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