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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey subs, slaves and fetish players. I know I've been gone for a while and have't really had time to pay you any attention for about a year now but I have more important things going on than whipping you into shape to serve me. I believe that if you really want it, you will take responsibility to own your place beneath my feet anyway. I get bored quickly with you boys and besides, I have my eyes on something special these days anyway but here are a quick list of new things to expect from your Superior.

New Hotlines

Now, I know you all have been wondering, "Why the new phone lines?" Well, because it just makes sense to give you boys a chance to talk to me while your wives are sleeping, save your precious little money and just get the kinky redemption that you desire. That's why. The good thing about this is, you have to CATCH ME WHEN I'M IN THE MOOD. If I'm not in the mood, then you have to either call the other line at regular price, schedule a late-night appointment or just miss out on your chance to serve me. Here are the new Hotlines to expect:


New Store & Digital Items
I know you boys are also wondering about new digital items like fetish clips, assignments, pics, MP3's and things of that nature. 
Well, I really haven't had the time to get into all of that either, I will be reconstructing this blog/store very soon and I will keep you all updated on whatever it is that I will be having available for you to enjoy spending your time with me when I'm not around. In the meantime, any of your digital items requests will be taken into consideration when you send me an email.

Live Servitude in NYC
If you boys are ever interested in booking a session with me outside of my hotlines, please do not send any emails via Niteflirt. Please send them to my direct email at with a picture of yourself and a phone number. Also in the email, make sure that you tell a little about yourself. I'm not really into promoting live sessions via Niteflirt, but I see that a lot of you boys won't know how to get in contact with me on this matter especially with my official site (by choice) has been taken down. This is all I will say about this, the rest you can figure out or just service me here on Niteflirt.

Enjoy reading back on the stories, and call me so that you can help me create more adventurous fetish play!

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