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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Return of "O".

You guys already know that "O" left me and stopped serving a few days ago from my article, "Good-Bye O", well, I never got in total depth of how our conversation went, but today I will because like "O", I've been struggling with a decision myself. When he broke the news to me, I was actually in a great mood and happily ready for him to bark at my every command, but instead, I got a nasty surprise and it does like this...

Well, turns out that a couple of days or so after I wrote my article,"Good-Bye O", he decided to send me a message via Y! Messenger:

"Rethink things"?! Are you fucking serious??? So, basically, not only does he tell me that he's done with serving me, but he also critiques me and pats me on the head to tell me that I "did good" to then only say that he made a mistake and that he reconsiders? It took me some time to think about this, obviously, which is why I did not blog about this particular event. It really disappoints me that he would do such a thing. So when he came back to serving me, he called and basically I felt like he was full of shit. I mean, he must have some type of feelings for me to even come back, but to reconsider? Oh, that's going to take me some time to think about how I should treat his sissy ass.
Are there any slaves out there that would like to help me make my decision in exchange for free minute privileges?

If so... Call me Now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facebook Fagboy

Yesterday after I had received two "Lovely Day" calls, I gotten a call from a sissyboy who has been longing to serve me for a while now from Facebook. Of course, all of my links and things are there as well and I'm always keeping everyone updated with my new events and goings-ons. Well, he would annoy me so much in the past 2 1/2 weeks with this, Mistress-I-wanna-serve-you crap, that finally I told him yesturday that I no longer have time to waste with him and his pathetic cock just trying to get off and that if he wanted to serve, he would have to do it correctly. I guess out of the many times of me telling him this, he finally wisened up and made the correct decission. So, he called. He was calling from the UK, which is actually a turn on being that i fancy British men the most. Not only that, he was a cutey. He was very obeident and willing. Man, it just seems like after O's little tantrum, all the pussyboys are "flocking to me like a peice of bread". Goes to show you that there was a line and I plan on running right through them until I find the most loyal one.

So, when I asked him what he was wearing, before he got on cam, he told me nothing. I asked if he had panties and he confirmed, he said that he had black, but I don't like black panties on a sissy so he found another color. I wanted pink, so he did is damnedest to make sure I was happy and looked for them. I could hear him rummaging through his drawers and and breathing hard from trying to hurry up and serve me with , but obviously his girlfriend/wife doesn't have any. I'll have to make sure he gets a pair soon. He's on facebook pretty often, but now that we've exchanged MSN accounts, I'll just send him a message there as well.

At any rate, his selection was a pair of hot pink thongs that his big sissy balls were hanging out of. I actually find it kind of hot! Most of my pussy boys squeese their little pathetic little pussy balls in along with their clit-like cocks, but not this one.
Of course, he will be doing that on a later date. But it actually turned out to be very hot looking.
When commanded to bend over, his time ran out and he didn't bother to add any more. Of course, he tried to stay on cam and pull out his pussycock, but it didin't work because time is money and I had to be somewhere last night anyways. But, he'll learn. However, I did get this nice shot of him bending over before it all ended. He toots his ass up in the air so well. Wow!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I know that it's going to be a lovely day because I got some really nice calls this morning.
First, "The Aggressive Masterbator" called me and just wanted to watch me and hear me get my pussy of. It felt so good! It took me a while to cum, but that's only because I spent like all night going back and forth jerking my pussy off, but it was just so nice to receive a phone call from someone that just wanted to see me get off and just pleasure myself without jerking his cock. It made me feel really nice!

While I was on the phone with him, I got a pm on Yahoo from one of my pussyboy slaves who wanted to serve me really bad today. He reported that he was wearing a nice black pair of panties and I had so much fun with him. I made him sing me songs, ("Quit lyin Guh, Quit tryin Guh" [a song I made], "I Have A Small Pussy Cock" and "Pat Your Weave Ladies" [a bar from Beyonce's "If You Like It Then You Should've Put A Ring On It"]), we partially played my favorite Number Game, I pop quizzed him upon "The Ms. Joclyn DeVou™ Experience (Phone Sex Blog)" to see how loyal he was and it turns out, he named a few articles and went into minor detail what he remembered about each and I'm seriously considering making him my next "O". "Huh?", you say? well, yea, as of today because he has entertained me and made my day even more brighter by showing his loyalty I'm considering making him my new "O". I mean, even though "O" calls himself "reconsidering" and "rethinking", I don't know if that's a good enough come back for me (Oops... i didn't blog about that yesturday, I'll do that over the weekend, today is too much of a lovely day to go into that bullshit.). So, I came up with an idea for My "Frenchy" to complete "The Beyonce Task". He would be so good at it! I'm giving him until Sunday Evening to report and serve. Speaking of report and serve, "Frenchy" recite his requirements so well!!! Man, he's one good bitch boy, I'll tell ya! And all this ontop of the beautiful weather outside, this lets me know that it's going to be A Lovely Day!

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Like A Nice Hot Cup Of Strap-On In The Morning!!!

Mmm, this phone call actually took away from my "O" Blues! I just got a call from a guy that completely surprised me. He was totally turned on from my tits at first (they are looking mighty good this morning I might add) and was totally moaning and groaning to the site of them. We were playing with my titties for about 3 minutes and then after, he requested to to see my "pussylips", so I let him. He was totally excited once seeing my cute little pussy and the nice shape-up on it. Ijust turned around, grabbed my strap-on and started to fuck myself with it from behind. I guess once he seen the straps, he then told me to put it on. Once I confirmed (the phone on his end was kind of low), I put it on and started stroking.

His adrenoline was pumping miles a minute! He then says to me, "Mmm baby, get me down on my knees." So I reply, "Yea, you wanna suck this cock and these tits at the same time while you're on your knees too, huh?" and he calls out, "Yes". So after a few minutes of me gyrating and rubbing my tits, I found a nice good and comfortable positions for me to get in where he could see my tits hang alittle and the strap-on aim up all at the same and just teased him with it for the rest of the time. While doing this, I started milking at my tits while stroking my strap-on and moaning for him. The way I was milking at my breasts, it really felt good and being that I'm actually horny this morning, all of this came into play. He really enjoyed it and I had fun with him. It was hot and it was great. I could tell that he came alot and his legs were tense as he reached his point because of the moan and call that he gave out once he reached. It's a shame that he didn't have a came because I would've loved to see the cum bust and thrust out of his cock. I know it was a nice sloppy mess.... Mmmm.

He even left me a great rating so I know he came extremely hard!

Good Bye "O"!

Welp! Ladies and gentlemen, ladyboys and gentlegirls, I've just got a PM on Yahoo from My "O" that he is no longer serving me. When asked why, he stated that he lost interest in the whole idea of sending and sending and sending and never getting the satisfaction he was looking for. Me, personally, I think that if he would've just stopped bouncing around from black mistress to black mistress and stop pretending like he wanted to serve and just been like the rest of you guys and just did it the easy way and just got off like a normal man would, he wouldn't have this problem but, if that's his choice, I guess I can't keep him. I enjoyed the times that we shared together and I really enjoyed making him bark and wearing those rediculous little pairs of panties that he would wear for me on cam. Of course, he's not the first to do it... but he was the most faithful out of all the sissyboy slaves that I own. He barks the best, he takes commands like a really good bitch and if he was right here, he'd be sitting at my feet while I'm typing up this blog waiting to be petted like a good doggy boy.

The way he would be so anxious to flont his little sissyboy panties for me was just flattering. I really liked playing with him alot and to be quite honest, "O" actually helped me exercise my Mistressing skills even more. He's very obedient, he follows up with my articles, ads me on sites that I tell him to, tells his pathetic little friends about serving me, I mean, he's a really great sub and if there is a Mistress out there that can actually take care of this pathetic little white sissy bitch of a boy, then you're going to find that you have a nice panty boy on your hands. I mean, my other pantyboys have actually read my articles on "O" and actually try to compete when they call, but I don't give them the satisfaction of being as worthy as "O". Granted, "O" is an extremely pathetic pussyclit boy, but that's what makes him great, because he's good at it. He's so worth the dogging around. He actually requested to report to all of my Ebony Mistress Friends and serve them all. We had a small misunderstanding about that (not because of anything he or I did, but because of one of the lines), but he fixed the problem really quick and I like having a bitch boy like that around me. Someone to take care of the problem before I even have to rant and rave about it.

The thing that I like most about "O" besides his loyalty, feminity and constant obedience is the fact that his pussy of a cock looks so nice in those tight little thong panties that he wears. And in this particular pic, he's standing as if he doesn't know what to do with that pathetic little fat cock of his, it humors me so much! LOL! But I know that his stance is only because he's waiting on my next command. And so funny, he made my day everytime he would call me because I knew he was ready to serve without limits (sometimes, because sometimes he would be so damn cheap, but that's neither here nor there). And this is what gets me off about him. He with alot of other people really enjoyed my article, "My O's New Panties". I really enjoyed publishing that beacuse he made sure that I was the first to see them and that made me happy and actually, that day I was in some kind of a flustered mood because of some dick caller that was acting like a pussy and a dick all at the same time and then he called and let me know that he wore his panties while he was having dinner with his family and how he started wearing panties when he went out to think about me. I mean, it was hot shit and I really enjoyed it!

Another great time we had together was when he begged me to let him cum and I finally just allowed him access to cum and I was giving him the mistress tease of his life. Boy, and did he cum alot too. LOL! Just lusting over his Hot Ebony Goddess Love that little cock in those panties must've been throbbing for days and those balls were big and blue, I bet! LOL! It's a shame he has to go now especially since I've gotten my toys in the mail and everything.

We've already said our good-byes and I wish the best of luck to him and all that he does. He really did make the efforts to meet my needs as much as possible, I guess he just couldn't keep up financially. It gets like that sometimes. Being that it's like that, I don't have time to saulk and pout about "O", I need a NEW "O" and I'm searching deeply for it.

Nevertheless, I wish my "O" the best wishes in life! When he's ready to come back, he will always have a place to come to repent, pay and obey.

This time, my new "O" will be financially set and ready to pay all fees and dues on time as well as physically. He/she will not give me any excuses as to why he/she cannot do this or that. He/she will not hang up in the middle of a traning or lesson. He/she will obey. I don't need to repeat these things for you morons, The Requirements are written all over the page!
Let's get started and see what we come up with!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My First Buttplug Session

Of course, the title speaks for itself. I just got a call this morning @ 9:10pm from a very nice gentlemen that really enjoys my company in the early mornings before he starts his day. It took me a while to get use to his method of pleasure, but now, I'm ready. He was loving it when I was playing with my tits. He likes when I "pinch and pull", he always requests for me to do that. Then, after a few moments of that (which felt extremely delicious), I pulled out my pocket rocket and vibed for him a little bit. The pulsation just drove my pussy so crazy as well as him. Once I was finished with that and let him see me cum so sweet, he calls out, "Get that dildo baby and let me see you fuck that pussy!" so I did just that. I fucked that rubber cock until I came once more. He requested for me to go back to the vibrator and then the butt plug so I bent over and slowly inserted it into my sweet, tight ass. Man, it drove him CRAZY! He asked me why did I like getting fucked in the ass and if it went straight into my pussy when I put it in, I confirmed and continued slowly easing it in. Finally, while the butt plug was in, he asked that I turn around, sit down and put my dildo back into my pussy at the same time. Omg! It felt so good I was so speechless. I did that until it made him cum and when he came, he came so hard and so much he was loving every minute of it screaming, "Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!". I love to make a man cum like that! It's so hot!!!
I guess the reason I'm making a big deal about my first butt plug session is because, 1, I've never used a buttplug before. 2, I love breaking in my new toys. 3, When he called me before I didn't have it and I wanted to surprise him with a new toy and experience.
It all worked out and I'm so satisfied with my result... He left a great rating for me as well! :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ms Joclyn Devou™'s Letter

Dear Lusters, Worshipers and Pussyboys:

I know that I've been gone for about 1 week and a half, two weeks, but I've been so busy lately doing my club tours around the city. If you are following me on Twitter, you would know that. One of the main reasons I made a Twitter page so when you are looking for me, and a lot of you were, you will know where to find me or why I'm not around taking your calls.

I am writing this letter to let you guys know that I am back. My schedule is still the same the only difference is after 12pm, I will not be taking phone calls because I'll be doing my club tours. I will always have updates on my Twitter. Also... If you ever want to read more about what is going on with me at the clubs... You can always check out The Experience Diary and read more about my experiences as a hot Adult Entertainer and more.

Those of you who have been missing me, I miss you too and I await your calls faithfully.

Ms. Joclyn DeVou™

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Yea, You Playin' Games"

Why do I always get the slow ones and the rejects? It's almost as if guys don't want to enjoy themselves or they feel because they are "paying" a girl to see her tits and ass, he automatically has to assume that she has to stand for whatever he dishes out. Money has never made me do that, and why do I feel like I'm a fucking broken record. Alot of times, you guys make it so hard not to hang the fuck up on you.

Now, the whole point to this particular post is to expose (once again) a mistake of the client and his rude behavior. He needed to download Skype because Eyeball Chat is not working for me (I don't know why, but ever since they did their little bullshit upgrade, I'm unable to log in on my messenger, I just keep making accounts, but the shit still won't work) so he said he would call back when he has Skype down loaded. He called back and sent me a video call invite and while I accept and we're waiting, he says, "Yea, you playin games" and then hung up. So I typed him a message saying, "It is not my fault that Skype is taking a long time to start video, I'm over here waiting myself". I mean, let's be real here, it's not my problem or my fault, but I did accept the damn request... wtf?!

Do guys like this jus have no patience or anything or have they've been burnt so bad by other PSO's or in their lives where they have to like make accusations like that? And the sad part about it is, he and I have played before, so why would he have that attitude toward the situation?
Who knows, who gives a fuck. I'm tired of dealing with these jerk-off guys that get angry and frustrated because they want their dicks to nut off... like... wtf?!

Who The Hell Is This Calling Me At 3:36?!

Of course, it's another caller, yes, tonight I have my line on past 12am, something I'm doing lately. Guess I just realized that the freaky talk mainly goes on at late night At any rate, It was a guy that I haven't spoke to in a while but when we play, we play. I really wanted to butt plug for him, but I'm not quite so sure that my anus is ready for that sort of thing @ 3:36am. We talked all of 9-11 minutes or so. I mean, everytime he calls, I get my toys out and I'm ready to break out into a hot, sweaty and steamy orgasm with him. His cock is huge and very nice to look at and he just talks so kinky and freaky and he loves it when I tell him to cum on my face, I think that arouses him more. Well, wait, no. I think it's more of when I bent over and spread my ass so he could see my pussy while telling him that I wanted him to fuck this tight pussy open and claim it as his own. But I know the kicker was when I turned back around, sat down and stuck my tongue out while playing with my vibrator and telling him to shoot that hot jizz into my mouth while he was lusting over my tits because he came so much, it was unbelievably incredible!

Get Pic Here

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Pussyboy at His Best

I know you see me writing alot about My O, He is very loyal and obedient, however he lacks in a log of areas, like paying fees on time. Everyone that knows me, knows that I like fees to be paid in full and on time. Today, "O" didn't want to pay the proper servitude he is required to pay and he wanted to play cheapskate on me, so I just dismissed him. I don't want to be bothered with that.

However, one of my pussyboy servants, Richard, served me in full tonight. He called the correct line, he paid in-full and there were problems, he recited his requirements the way I commanded and everything was great. His barks could've been alot better, but he put alot of effort into it. When asked if he was trying to compete with "O", he admitted with pride. Although he hasn't called in two weeks, he definitely made it up by serving all the way, no questions asked which is more than I can say for "O" these days...

If there are anymore pussyboys out there that think they can be loyal and serve me the way I choose to be served and will please me with my desires... Click Here and let the servitude of a life time begin!
Send your complaints and negative comments to