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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophisticated Synics

Wow... the longest convo I've had in a while, yet a very intriguing one. This is not your usual servant, slave, sissy-boy. However, he is a submissive and a very persistent one. I like that.
What I like about him most is the fact that he is a gentlemen and a gentlemen that likes to have fun, he has a great sense of humor and knows how to make me smile... Yes, smile. I laughed through the whole conversation. What makes this one a little special is the fact that he actually challenged my authority as a Mistress and went against the grains, but doing it all with grace. Before he committed such a crime, he made sure that he was working up to kissing my ass by telling me all of the things that I wanted to hear... he was incredible! Of course, he was expecting to see this body, however, saw nothing and that's the way that I kept it the whole time while on cam with him. A boy needs to know that when contacting his Mistress, he can not just request to see parts of his Mistress' body just because he asked. He is to know that he is to see what she wants me to see and hear what she wants him to hear because that's part of serving and servicing her no matter what form of communication they are using.

Flirting is most definitely what we did with each other, I'm not even going to lie, sometimes, I like to flirt with my subs and slaves and even those who are just experimenting and want to flirt with my Dominant presence. It's just as fun as my more catering presence. I love it all...

I mean, we gave it a few minutes because he needed to add more money to his phone and when he called back, he was very serious about me showing him my body, however did not succeed because as a Domme, I am not to cater into his wants and needs but the good things about the both of us is the fact that we both enjoyed speaking with each other and getting to know each other more and more. I learned a lot about him and he apparently already knew a lot about me, so that's always a plus for a gentlemen to know his Mistress before approaching and calling her. It shows the level of respect that he does have for her. I don't have anything wrong with him the only thing is he felt ballzy and dominant enough in his character to try and challenge me and only lost that challenge.

All in all, it was a great phone call and it lasted for a good hour and thirty minutes and I'm satisfied...

This recording will be up soon! So please stay tuned!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Return of an Unsure Servant

Yes, apparently, this boy is willing to learn what it takes in order to serve me and please me and make me happy, however, why should I give him a chance with this? I mean, we just hung up about 2 minutes ago and during the whole eight (8) minute conversation, we basically talked about his day at work and how hard and long it was and how he's been following me and my projects this whole time.
I'm flattered, however, I just gave him an assignment and am awaiting him to finish so we will see how all of that goes. I will say that the only thing that he needs to work on is not only his loyalty, but his etiquette in how to approach me and /or any Mistress. I commanded him to get more time when he could and that his training is to begin as soon as he could do that. So we will see what the outcome is on that.
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