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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Topping from the Bottom Gone Wrong and Tsk Tsk my New Bitch

I normally wouldn't juumble the stories of my boys together in one post, but I've been performing tonight, up since five this morning and ready for bed in all actuality...

Honestly, this "Synic" is someone that really wants to know what will make me pissed off rather than someone that claims to want to worship me and tell me how "gorgeous" that I am...

He's talking and talking and talking and quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing him talk and I don't care how much he's willing to pay... he only wants to top from the bottom and see how far he can go... Because I am in a good mood tonight, he called the proper line for "fetish" play, I granted him a tiny bit of access to my breasts and you know what this fucker did? He requests to see my face, so I told him that he was granted a privilege that I never give him and then he wants to turn the shit around... Never again will he be calling me because I'm blocking his fucking ass... The only way he can get through to me is if he makes another account on skype and nitefirt...

As for my new bitch... I am disappointed in him because he was suppose to check in with me twice tonight and failed to do so so I will be expecting a reason for this, however, I'm not surprised... these boys do this incompetent shit all the time when it comes to serving, submitting and topping from the bottom. At the end of the day they are men and really good for nothing at the end of the day if you think about it...

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Check in with my New "Bitch"

Well, if you're following me on Twitter then you would know that I am now taking calls while getting ready to venture off to Paradisio. I just received a phone call from my new found "bitch" and it appears that he has followed his first task in checking in with me today.

He, like myself, is on his way out the door only he's on his way to go hang out with some friends and felt the need to let me know, I assigned him to check back in with me when he gets to his destination and check in as soon as he leaves and only time can tell tonight if he follows his commands the way he did this one...

More later...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Therapy Confessions with My Impressive New "Bitch"

This one is just about as good as "O" was when we first started playing and doing our d/s trainings together 3 years ago (maybe longer, not really sure right now). At first, we started off introducing ourselves and this particular boy was very calm, very sound and not too pervy. He was very patient and very willing to take the road that he needed to take in order to continue our conversation in a proper manner and not like most who have their cocks in their hands and want to be told how worthless they are just so they can cum in their own hands...

Not this one, he was a very good boy and all he wanted to do was confess how much he wanted to serve me and his inner-most deepest darkest secrets about loving strap-on and just overall whatever I wanted him to do. It was basically a great therapy session for me and him I think because not only did I finally (after a long damn time) get to exercise my expertise in actually walking a man through his love for being a submissive instead of the old run of the mill "sub" looking to jerk off and have "worthless phone domination sex".

What I liked about "sub bitch" is the fact that not only did he keep refreshing his time and satisfying his Mistress whenever told to do so... he actually took the time out to do his research and that's how he started the phone call. When asked how he found me and where he got his resources, he was able to run down a whole list of works that I created and I am very impressed. I like the fact that with him expressing his true passion and burning desire to know how I felt about him.

When given the direction to tell me about himself and what intrigues him about serving me he let me know that he wanted to be my bitch. When commanded to repeat "I want to be your bitch Ms. Devou", I decided that I liked the sound of his voice, pulled out my Magic Wand and pleasured myself as he repetitiously let me know how much he wanted to serve as my bitch.

We talked about his dating situation and although he is perusing two lovely Ebony Females (yes, he's white and into dating Ebony Women). That's not really important to me, but as a Mistress, I do need to know these things...

I like the fact that "normally" he wouldn't participate in strap-on play but feels the sudden need to do it if I told him to. As I was typing this post out, he was also quiet and let me know that he didn't want to interrupt me because it sounded like I was typing.... which is something that I adore, he really does know his place I like the fact that he needs my consent on being what I would want him to be with the following question:

Ms. Devou? If i was with you, would you want to see me in stockings?

When commanded to give a full verbal resume as to why I should accept him as my bitch, he did very well, he gave a very color description of himself as well as to why I'd be interested and making him my bitch, I know that he would definitely be useful not just because he's willing and able, but he put emphasis on being a spoiler, everyone that knows me, knows that spoiling me is a definite!

We spent two whole hours on the phone with nothing but him entertaining me with conversation about serving me and us getting to know each other a little more for our exclusive d/s relationship.

By far the best submissive call in a long time!

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