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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Return of "The Cell Phone Servant"

Well, I just got off the phone with The Cell Phone Servant only this time, he's not as entertaining to me as I would like him to be. The only thing that made this call a little more interesting is the fact that he called my NF line (first he called the Lesbian Line, I hung up). Totally speaking low (like he always does to disguise his voice) , he began to tell me all of the things he's willing to do for me such as being my human ashtray and toilet.

He expressed his dying feeling for receiving golden showers from me and how much he loved my pics, especially the one where I'm laying down near the brickwall (gotta admit, I like that one too, it's to die He also let me know that he wss willing if he could serve me in RT and become a live-in. The only thing about this pathetic little fuck that was actually annoying the hell out of me was the fact that he kept asking whether or not I lived alone or not. LOL! So what is he going to b now? The Niteflirt Killer and commit simular crimes like the CRAIGSLIST KILLER? LOL. He better sit his punk ass down He begged for my Humiliation, but when I told him, "Well, you're going to have to beg more because right now I don't feel like it..." He hung up. I'm pretty sure he'll call back, he always does.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Sissy-Slut: Get's The Rhythm of the Hot Dog!

Well, it's 6:55 am and about about 15 minutes ago, I just finished collecting servitude from a sadist sissy slut. At first we talked about his new found love for serving me and what made him want to serve and where he found me. We also talked about how he would like to become a half-ass tranny for humiliation and degradation. I made him bark (like I always make my slaves do) and sing me cute little songs like, "Let's Get The Rhythm of the Hot Dog" and "I'm a sissy-slut for you Ms. DeVou". I must say, for his first time during this initiation, he did pretty awesome. Of course, he needs to work on his hearing problem (kinda had to repeat myself when telling him to shut up when I didn't want to hear his barking anymore), but all in all, he was actually a good sissy-slut.
He was begging and pleading about being a RT slave (face to face), but my whole philosophy on this is that he is a RT slave as long as he's paying servitude to me in any form and that physical domination would have to be pondered upon for quite some time. Of course, he expressed his longing for serving me.
One time during this call, he ended up hanging up without being directed to do so, so I hit his sissy ass with a $100 penalty fee. Oh, and yes, he paid it! He's not incompetent like the rest of you slaves have been in the past. He was very obedient of the Penalty Fee and and no problem paying it. I made him do an inventory check on his sissy faggotty wardrobe and let him know that if he were to ever to test my patience again that he would end up like my niggerthing only not really licking the tables at Mc Donald's clean, but the floors. I believe he got the rhythm of that hot dog! He thrilled me with laughs and barks and I actually look forward to humiliating him more about his love for getting breast
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