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Friday, April 29, 2011

On A Cuckold's Mind

I've been receiving a lot of service from @nj_cuck_robby lately. I am very proud of him. Not only has he been purchasing My Fetish Clips, but he's been checking in with me to let me know that he was thinking about me. I mean, who isn't these days, but I find it very sweet of him to let me know that.
What did we talk about? We talked about him thinking about me, enjoying my pussy worship pics (which you can find a shit load of them on this exact page I know this is where he had to have got them from because they aren't listed anywhere else... GOOD BOY!), how he loves all of My Fetish Clips and how he can not wait to serve me. I believe he used the term "on the edge of my seat waiting for a response from you yesterday" to describe his anticipation of hearing from me so he could worship my feet and do whatever I wanted him to do yesterday... lol. He's such a cute little puppy... I am seriously thinking about making him my new lapdog. Atleast I know that he would obey... lol. All in all, the call was great and I'm not really in the frame of mind to make him bark today, I was actually checking up on some things in the middle of him talking so after a while I kind of tuned out to what he was saying about himself... lol... but em... I'm sure we'll have another chance for me to hear him out later... I mean, after all, he did catch me in the middle of my workout... I mean, I was in mid sit-up when he called in the first place and I was gracious enough to take his calls and answer the phone because normally, if I don't feel like it... I won't... lol...
Anyway... that is all I have on cucky boy right now... so em... back to my workout...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Afternoon Delight - Mid-Day Phone Sex

I just got off the phone with a nice cock jerker. He was so into talking dirty to me. It only took him about a good 3 minutes to get off, but I did provide him with the quality phone sex that he was looking for. I really enjoyed it... I found myself almost touching myself as I went along I almost lost myself within the moment myself... lol. It was a great afternoon delight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Great Humiliating and Therapeutic Experience with Just had a great and entertaining call with @nj_cuck_robby

This boy is very good at what he does as far as being a loyal sub. Not only has he been purchasing my exclusive pics and assignments lately, but he's been picking up that phone and entertaining me in the best way. I mean, I was sleep when he called just but it was so worth waking up to a cuckold-sissy that was so hilarious, obidient and knew just what to do and how to do it. We had a normal run-of-the-mill conversation at first and then out of nowhere, I decided that instead of talking, he should be barking for me and saying silly things and singing songs for me. So that's what we did for a few minutes...
I love the fact that as soon as I told him to bark, he knew to count his Now THAT is what I call, an obedient lap dog. LOL. I even had him tell a male friend of mine that he wanted to be his bitch and that he wanted him to fuck him. I bet he'll never forget the name "Damone" now... lol.
Well, it is time for me to finally lay it down and I am going to admit this... I am pleased with his performance this evening and I look forward to that song assignment and the rest of our conversation... Yea, we're both too tired to stay up to be quite honest so we will finish this either tomorrow or another day... Which ever comes more convient for the both of us...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get The Rhythm of the Hot Dog with @nj_cuck_robby

I was in the middle of chatting and to my surprise what do I get? A nice obedient cuck named, @nj_cuck_robby he's a very good cuckboy! He's been a good boy before this call and this is actually, to my knowledge, his first time calling me. We talked about him having family over so he had to go to the basement to call and spend sometime with me on the phone.

First, I made him sing me a wonderful song, my favorite sissy song, "Let's Get The Rhytm of the Hot Dog". I made him sing that for about a good 2 minutes and then I had him play my favorite game for submissives and that was "Guess A Number Between 1 and a Million"... lol. Of course, he got the number wrong, so I made him bark and count. It was a very fun game for me. He made me laugh at his closet humiliation. It really made my day... lol. He was very good.
He just needs to make his barks stronger and have the funds to keep entertaining me. I'm sure if he was in a more secluded area, we would've done more, but I was mindful and gracious to release him to the rest of his family gathering.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Member 1341441 is a total LOSER!

Yea, this moron didn't last too long. Here are the reasons why:

  1. He called my Pillow Talk Line when he knew he was calling for phone domination. (Yes, it is an "Anything Goes" listing, but when you are a servant of mine, you are not calling anything goes, you are calling the Domination Line, PERIOD there is no discussion or negotiation.
  2. When I picked up, the first thing he says is, "I wanna be your white bitch." (again, something that turns me off as a Domme... I don't care what he wants to be and what difference does it make if he's white or not, why do they keep doing this shit?)
  3. When asked what made him wanted to my "white bitch", the best answer he could come up with (which was an absolute LIE) was "I seen your ad on Eros". I laughed in his face and told him, that this is a bad start. I didn't have to explain further more why it was a bad start because he knew very well that he was lying.
  4. He then asked me if he dialed the wrong number. And my response was , "Yea, if you're looking to cum, yes." You could hear in his voice that he was uncomfortable with his results and didn't expect the vibe that I was giving. It was apparent that he expected something else.
I couldn't take any more of his lame attempt to get over and patronize my role as a Domme so I hung up. I already know he's probably some lame ass hobbyist that either I seen a long time ago or maybe a wacko from one of those hobbyist forums. It's very sad. But... that's the way it goes.

I mean, this loser basically was calling me like a cop that was looking to do a sting on a prostitute and see how far he could get with her to try and entrap her, it's very annoying and sad that my sexuality is on police and/or loser watch. Just enjoy yourselves you fucking idiots. I mean, exactly how much do you think you're going to get with a phonesex line? You think you're going to get me to schedule an appointment on my 800 line?

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Free Five-Minute Bitch

Again, another call from a submissive that wants to not only use up his free five minutes, but prove his worthiness of being my bitch.
When I said "Hello", he introduced himself and when I told him that I was in the mood for some good entertainment and asked how small his cock was, he said in his most bitchiest voice, "Three inches Mistress." and so I decided to reprimand him for having such a clitoris for a cock. When commanded to bark, he was unable to. Instead, he meowed. OMG! I was so disgusted that I just verbally humiliated him and called him every "weak bitch" in the book. He kept begging for me to fuck him in his ass, but I refused him the pleasure of that fantasy and instead, I let him know that I would hire a biggest blackest guy that I could find with the biggest cock to fuck him in his mouth.

"Now how would you like that?" I growled.
"I wouldn't like it at all Mistress." he bitch-whimpered.
"Good! Now continue to play with your pathetic little clit!"
"Yes Mistress."

He continued to play and I continued to humiliate him. Of course, after his minutes were up... He hung up, but I don't care much because I got my phone domination fix for the day. I'm sure when he calls back, he'll know what to do and what not to do.
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