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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"...and they call it Taboo..."

When I first started experiencing the pleasure of being a phone fetish player/companion , it is when I discovered that there were actually a group of men out there that actually got off to the fact of making me their "nigger whore". At the sound of first hearing it, it make me jump, but then, at the same time, something inside of me had to say, "No, don't hang up, let's see where this goes..." and when I did that, I found that I actually liked where it went. That is when I came to the conclusion that it's almost like me putting these "white pussyboys" in check (not quite, but just a little) and getting the enjoyment out of degrading them because they are pussy white boys.

And so funny, I've had this combined on me once by one person, he is the ONLY person, I think I actually enjoyed this from. He starts off by asking me how my day was and what is going on, and then, he tells me to get comfortable and so I do, I get everything I need to get (even if it means going all he way to the kitchen to fix me a sandwich and a glass of and he'd walk me through my decredation. He'd then make sure I'd get off to the bittersweet sound of this voice making me his "nigger whore" and thoughts of ripping the flesh off of some young mexican girl for my pleasure to please him. The blood-play, how it made me feel when he made me unleash my sick and twisted thoughts. How he actually realized how twisted and demented that I could think when it came to me getting off on an orgasm. Out of all the sex conversations I've ever had, this one was Thee best because it was what I was looking for. No longer about "Show me your tits", "Suck my cock"... it was now about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it and being forshamed for wanted to do it. And at that moment, I was able to experience my Vamp Princess once again. It was so hot! And as I was eating and tearing at her flesh, he was calling out to me, "... sick, twisted demented fuck, pain whore, black nigger cunt..." and the sensation got deeper and deeper. The more he'd call me a nigger, the more and more turned on I got and the closer and closer I got to my love flowing down from my cunt and onto my sheets. It was totally hot!

I am aware that the others just want to get off on actually using this word on an Ebony female especially if she is phone playing, but it's no big deal. It is just words. It's all about context.

Just say for instance, a guy that would call me before the guy previously. Now I knew that he was a Hill Billy boy. He has major taboos with Not only did he want to see my "nigger tits" and fuck my "nigger pussy" and want me to tell him that "the white man is my shepard" and all of that mindless crap that we all know that I TRULY disagree with, but he has a thing for letting me know that he had a thing about this black girl that he had over his house and how he made her suck his cock. Which is funny because I actually get off to things like this. It is the reason I love interracial porn. Not because the contrast and blah blah blah and all this bullshit, but because I often get this image of the white girl being the trash bitch and I am the big tree trunked cock of a black man that is force-feeding my monkey dick down her lily white throat causing her to whore out for my big black cock. And when I watch the opposite, I just like the fact of watching a white man struggling to fuck a black girl all at the same time while enjoying it because he's finally got him a piece of nigger pussy. Take this video here, for instance. Once you watch this video, you will see where I am coming from. He's fucking her in the manor of, "Yea, you little nigger whore, this black pussy is so good." It's his strokes and barely seeing his cock that turn me on. It's the way he's moving in those off-beat white man strokes that do it for me.
And when I watch this video, I think about this particular guy and how it would really be if I actually let his Hill Billy ass fuck my precious nigger flower.
He also likes to tell me about another time when he had a guy over his house and when they were young (I made sure he bumped the age up to atleast 16, of course just so you can see where he would go with this, Lord knows I don't need that kind of drama) and how the other guy was jerking his cock and then his mother walked in the room and made him suck him off the rest of the way and how she stood there and watched and watched and made sure he did it right as part of his punishment for her walking in the room on her son and seeing him getting his cock played with. And that actually turned me on a little. I don't know why, but it did.
I mean, we all know REALISTICALLY, that shit is FAR FROM right, but it's a story and it was a fantasy and since I've been doing this, I've been exposed to a lot of great stories. When I find that some guys call and the story/fantasy is way out of hand, of course I will try to sway them on trying to change the subject or just something a little or I refuse to carry out the conversation by letting them know, or hanging up. I refuse to have a conversation about children and all of that crap, that's just taking it too far.
It was actually a caller about 2-3 weeks ago that I had to BLOCK because I didn't agree or was trying to hear where he was going with his conversation.
But like I said, there's nothing wrong with taboos, having certain fantasies and things but that was something I thought I'd never hear as an erotic opener. But that's part of "The Experience", huh? Running into things you never thought you would, taking chances and learning from things. So having said all of this, I've learned that I've added more dirtier, kinkier talk, experienced a few taboos. I've found mine, what is yours. Care to share?

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Shopping Mall Guy

One day I was cleaning up around the house and my phone rang.
"Yes, is this Ms. Joclyn DeVou?"
"Yes, Who am I speaking with?"
"Hey caller! What's going on?"
"Oh, well, yanno... I just wanted to call and talk to you."
"Really? What are you interested in?"
"Well, I don't have any particular interests, I just wanted to call you and tell you about my day at the mall today."
"Yes, I went to the mall with this really hot chick and she had me carrying all of her bags for her. As I was walking with her, I noticed a few other hot chicks as we were walking around the mall and it seems that hot chicks bring their really ugly friends to the mall with them. Do you know why they do that?"
"Well, perhaps, I don't think they ALL do it intentionally, but the ones that do, maybe they know that when there are guys at the mall they are sure to get attention oppose to the other chick."
"I think they do that too, Ms. Joclyn. I actually like watching it though, it kinda makes my dick rise a little seeing a hot chick with an ugly chick. And it seems that the ugly chick is always carrying the hot chick's bags. That is such a turn on, it's making me a little hard right now just thinking about you making one of your little duckling friends carry all of your bags around the shopping mall while you walk around hands free."
"Yes, you are like one of the hottest black chicks that I've ever talked to on the phone and I'd love to carry your bags around the shopping mall for you."
"Mmm, nice."

And this convo went on and on and on for about a good hour and a half more. It was very interesting because he didn't even cum or anything. He had just came home from work (so he said) and he just wanted to express his feeling to someone and that someone was me. Made me flatter talking to him because not only did he spend a good bit of time of the phone with me, but he was worshipping me and not one time did he ask me to get on cam, show a titty or talk freaky to him. I didn't even have to humiliate his "small white cock" or tell him to "take this black cunt" or even "get down on the ground and do such and such". It was an awesome conversation. He called me a few times telling me different stories about his shopping mall experiences, he even had a time where he went to the shopping mall by himself and carried NO BAGS and he seen the same thing over and over and over, I guess once you notice something once, who's to say you cannot not notice it again? Does that make you become a hobbyist of that particular stature? Hmmm...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All The Single Ladies...All The Single Ladies!!!

Mmm, I'm in the mood for a nice single lady. I want a nice chocolate sugar mama to come and talk to me.
It's been a while since I've had an intimate moment with a female. If this is you, hit my "Girl/Girl Line"...anytime. I wanna talk to you.
I'm waiting...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Feel like being dominated by a total dingbat of a valley girl? Ever felt like you could go for Gabriel Union in "Clueless" to dominate you and take your money?
That would like, totally be awesome! Fur shur!
Like I would totally love you to serve me as like your valley girl mistress, like...totally!!!

Passing Submission off for Getting Off

There's nothing wrong with getting off. There's nothing wrong with submitting. There's nothing wrong with not knowing what you want. There's nothing wrong with wanting both at the same time. But to patronize my authorities as a Mistress is another thing. I will accommodate any and everything that you desire, my motto is "Whatever You Desire", however, when you are serving me as your mistress, there are no such things as "accommodations". We can build a relationship and figure out how comfortable we are with each other and that's it! I do not take well to demands while you are serving me. However, I only play this way in slut mode.
Different lines are for different fetishes, you cannot call my slut line and expect to be dominated and vice versa.

I will tell you that, I like to mix the two every now and then though. Should you insist on wanted to mix these two, you can always find me on the Fetish Line . I have no problem showing you my tits, fingering my asshole and telling you to sit there like a good little cock boy and jerk your cock, stroke your balls and lust over me while I fuck myself.

Craving the Craving

The best craving that I crave is with a military guy. When he calls, we talk, we laugh, we joke, and we fuck. Everytime we phone fuck, it's great. We spend time together and when we do, I always find myself exploring something new with him.
I have never in my life watched or seen a guy fuck laundry or pillows and for some reason, that turns me on in a major way. Only because I know that when I talk to him, it drives him so crazy that he wants to get wild with me and do all the things that he wants to do. He craves so bad to have my body, my ass, my sugar walls that because he cannot physically have me, he replicates what it's like to have me, puts on a nice show for me, bends me over and fucks my tight pussy. I love talking to him because I can get so freaky and kinky with him that it makes me crave his calling. I often wish I could get calls like this all the time where I'm on the phone and on cam and bending over and a guy will just want me so bad, quiver at the sound of my voice, taste and smell my sweet pussy and just wild out to the point where this is what I crave.
You make my day, and I want you to call more often.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Favorite Cum Eater

What makes this cum eater my favorite is the fact that he is the only cum eater that I know has a nice big cock and does not need to flip over and squirt his cum in his mouth. He sits in an upright position and jerks his nice big cock for me and gets all the cum in his mouth without dropping a single bit. Then he swallows.
At first, I thought it was kind of gross (which it is), but then I learned to love it and I enjoy him taking all that cum in his mouth like a man. It's so awesome how he can even get his own cock to his mouth. That's how big his cock is. I enjoy watching this cum eater just entertain me with his talent.
It's so hot!

I'm actually looking for more self cum eaters. I've had many requests for a few cum eaters to eat their cum for me. One attempted, but he didn't get it all in his mouth, plus his cock wasn't large enough, but I do appreciate his effort. At least some got in his mouth, but he wasted the rest on his chest.
Back to my cum eater search, if you can shoot your cum in your mouth for me and entertain me with this talent while I humiliate you and force you to swallow that cum, you need to serve me now. That's what I'm looking for.
Slaves, this would be a great opportunity for you to become my new "O".

Your mistress awaits...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Buy My Panties

I have a few little pussyboys and pantyboys running around and they like to model panties for me on cam AND in person... I figure this would be a great opportunity for me to have this item for you!!!

My favorite pussy boy in panties has been crowned my "O", but he hasn't served me in a while, I'm pretty sure he will again, but he wears this nice pink black panties with pink trim and it's so pathetic.

One of my other favorites BEFORE my "O" use to wear a nice tight black pair of panties and show me on cam. He doesn't call me anymore because he claims to have been laid off, my guess would be "recession", or could it be that he's too pathetic to serve me so he's not even worth the time.

Another one of my favorites chats with me on Eyeball, he wears this extremely pathetically tight pair of green panties and he loves being my sissyboy every chance he gets, he is also enjoyable when I'm humiliating his small white cock.

You can be a slave, pussyboy, or just a regular guy with a Ms. Joclyn DeVou panty fetish and just...Buy My Panties

I'll even let you pic which ones you'd like me to wear on cam while I humiliate you or just tease you with my nice perfect ass in them.

Free 10 Minute Call Raffle!!!!


In the next 2 weeks, I will be holding a raffle to see who is the most dedicated caller. I've been receiving a lot of calls and alot of them are random and repeat callers.
Boys, you know I love it when you call, but I wanna see who's the MOST dedicated to calling me, spoiling me and enjoying spending time with me.

If your phone calls last OVER 45 Minutes, you will get a free phone call with me.
Any fetish, any style, any body, whatever you like!!! FREE!!!

Pussyboys MUST ENTER!!!

Let's see how dedicated you are!!!

Fetish Line

Phone With Cam Line

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rip Off Idiots Exposed!!!

You know, time and time again I find myself going through this stupid little situation with these guys that know they are suppose to purchase my ID's straight from the Niteflirt site but they just INSIST on calling me anyways and asking me to give my ID's to them over the phone.
If you do not like the way someone runs their shop, why do you continue to just deliberately call and think that you are going to get over somehow??? Does that make sense?

I've been very professional and nice to all of my clients and gently telling them that they must purchase the names on the site, but they repeatedly keep posting this nasty ass remarks on my ratings making me look bad when I have more good ratings than bad ratings all because they dont want to follow suit. I make everything that is important to know about how to get services from me in BIG BRIGHT FONT and they still insist on going against the grain anyways. I've dealt with this time and time again and quite frankly it's getting on my damn nerves.


Now, yesturdays cheap ass goes by the NF name of masterwhoo. This guy knew damn well that he was suppose to buy the skype name from the NF site, but he insisted on calling me anyways and asking me what my skype name was, I told him to leave me a message and he studdered and said, "I don't have your skype name." I told politely that it was okay and that he just needed to purchase the name off of the site, he said (like they all keep saying), "I didn't see it there". And I said, it's at the top in BIG YELLOW FONT, like I always have to tell them (but not like they don't already know, it's at the damn top) and he said that he couldn't find it. I told him that he could give me his name or call back when he purchases mine, he agress and then... MYSTERIOUSLY he says right before I hang up, :
"OH! Wait, I got my mouse right on the "Buy Now" button, I'm going to purchase it now".

But wait you JACKASS, I thought you couldn't find it and you mean to tell me you found it that fast? That's because you wanted to see how far you could go with me. So then, I say, "Oh, you found it?" and then he says, "Yea.", laughs and then says, "I'll call you back".

I never heard from him again, but when I log on @ 10:32 this morning, I find that he leaves a negative remark on my NF Page as if I ripped him off somehow. I do recall telling him that it was easier to just purchase the name from the site. I get so tired of these guys calling and thinking that they are obligated to get something for free just because it's over the phone. I mean, it's reduiculous. And to show that I'm telling the truth, I always like to show proof.

Here is is negative comment...

Now we were not even on the phone for 5 minutes and I didn't pretend to do anything, the only one pretending was him. Pretending like his dumb ass didn't know he was suppose to pay.
And here is PROOF that we weren't even on the phone for 5 minutes...

Another dumbass of course, had to be black, he just straight out told me that I "should be happy that he's even spending money to call me, so I should just give him the damn ID and stop acting like a dumb bitch". Now, what do you think of that??? LoL.

His NF name, as you see, is datruth17e. He feels that if you have a SERVICE that is required to be PAID FOR you should just give it to him because HE ALREADY CALLED. He lies in the ratings he gives you if you do not give him what he wants!!! He spent 3 minutes on the phone arguing with me for no reason at all when I was very patient and very kind to him! He claims he didn't know he was suppose to pay for it, but he opened the mail before he called and stated "I didn't want to pay, you should be happy I called and just give it to me."

I was trying to be as professional as possible and he just kept going on with this ghetto attitude.
He is very nasty and he feels like something is owed to him because he pics up the phone and calls you.

This shows proof that he was lying about him not knowing... He opened the mail before calling that is the feature that NF provides, knowing who clicks on your pay-to-view mail!!!


And this next MORON, I don't even know what he's talking about because I haven't even spoken to him recently, I must've banned him along time ago, I think he was a guy that called me, we played the whole way through, then he decided to give me a bad rating after cumming anyways, so I think I might've banned him... Let's go in the Joclyn DeVou archives and see....

Here's his comment recently...

I don't even know what the hell he's talking about...LoL!

Anytime I've ever gotten bad rating on my page it's because guys like these didn't want to pay or they were trying to get over somehow. It's sad, rediculous and pathetic!!! I am very nice, fair and reasonable to all of my guys and they enjoy time with me EVERYTIME. There is no reason to argue (unless that's part of playing) or post a negative comment over something that you know damn well you're suppose to follow. It's simple... My

house, my rules and if you don't like it, there's 293874397239 some odd other gir

ls on NF, Talk Talk Sugar, in the news paper and on the damn internet, trust me, talking to me isn't going to hurt you... or is it??? LoL.

And if it's like that and you just HAVE to talk to me or you'll die, then show it and do what it takes to capture my attention.

And everytime this happens.... YOU WILL BE EXPOSED!!!


I really appreicate that you guys keep calling and enjoy spending time with me and leave 5 star ratings. If you have 1 ID and would like to chat with me on another, you MUST pay for that ID. I know that there were a couple of you that ask me on yahoo to use skype or eyeball or vice versa, but all of these ID's are for sell and time and time the prices change, they go lower when I'm having a sale and back to original price when I'm not. If this causes you to not want to enjoy the experience with me anymore, no hard feelings for me, but please remember... My house, My rules.
You guys have been doing a great job with keeping me here and I enjoy playing with each and everyone of you. I know I was suppose to be starting my radio broadcast Monday, but things got alittle backed up and now I have to wait, but I will continue to to keep you guys posted on the lastest events. Please do not forget to donate to My Fund and let's keep enjoying each other's company.

This is an Adult Entertainment Site.... Let's please KEEP IT THAT WAY. PSO's keep up the good work, Customers keep enjoying and everyone have a lovely experience on Niteflirt!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really hope this does not become an issue for anyone else!

Ms. Joclyn DeVou


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phone Sex = Safe Sex!

Moaning, sweating, teasing and incredible orgasms… over the phone! With the right phone sex partner masturbating jumps to a brand new level of satisfaction. You connect with a real live person (vs. porn or mags) and as the client you pretty much know that the topic of conversation will be exactly what you’re in the mood for. There’s no guilt, no commitment and no risk of pregnancy or disease. Perfect, carefree phone sex fun doesn’t always happen right away. If you want a real connection and a phone “relationship” that builds over time then you should do a little research first. Finding a partner that shares your interests is the best way to insure that you aren’t wasting time and money trying girl after girl. An added bonus is that you’ll save additional time because you won’t have to talk about your likes and dislikes over and over. That doesn’t mean that each conversation can’t be about a different fantasy but it does mean that you won’t have to worry that your partner will introduce something that totally turns you off right when things are getting good.
One question that constantly comes up: Is phone sex cheating? There are answers going both ways. I’ve received “dear jane” letters from guys that decided to stop calling because they’d started dating someone great and felt that talking to me was wrong now. I’ve also talked to guys that weren’t getting anything sexual (or intimate at all) from their wives/girlfriends and decided to call because they didn’t want to cheat. To them it wasn’t cheating since there was no physical contact and no real emotional obligation with me. I consider phone sex to be “audio porn”. It’s a kicked up masturbation aid and if you keep it mentally on the same level as your hidden video stash, then it’s no different than jerking over naked women in a Playboy. You never have to worry that the Playboy model or I will ever call with a pregnancy announcement or VD test results. lol
On the other hand… for the unattached, there is GFE (girlfriend experience) phone sex which can be incredible with the right person. As you should know by now, I advertise for this. I do get those “virtual boyfriend” feelings of my own when I’m talking to someone that has so much in common with me (sexually and non). It’s fun and rewarding and emotionally safe (while being exciting) because the phone and distance are between us. I’m a horrible commitment-phobe in real life anyway. lol AND my rent gets paid. Have I mentioned before how much I love my job? ;)

Also a lot actually prefer a LIVE GFE experience and you should also know by now, that is something that I am open to and there are ways to go about that, as long as you fit the criteria and meet all the needs that need to be met, but the safest way to get what you want without violating your relationship or whatever the case may be, phone sex is always the best way to go.

Looking For My "O".

I've met alot of slaves and pussyboys online and in person and I've come to the conclusion that I need to fine my "O". Those of you who have been following me and awaiting to serve me need to wise up and figure out how to properly serve me. If you are looking to serve me faithfully, then that's what you need to do.
I'm not looking for wishy-washy pervs who just want to get off and hang up. I need a faithful phone slave to serve all of my needs. You will find that you will be happy once you do. To please you is to please me and that's the only way that I will have it. So before you call me or attempt to bother me with your pussyboy needs, be sure that's what you really want... to please me.

Requirements To Serve Me:
  1. You Will Address Me In-Full At All Times As "Ms. DeVou".
  2. You Will Stop At NOTHING To Please Me.
  3. You Will Keep Me Rich In Your Mind, Wallet and Soul
  4. You Will Pay All Debts On Time At ALL Times.
  5. You Will Obey All Commands.
  6. You Will Remember and Recite Your Requirements Upon Arriving My Presence.

Mandatory Materials During Servitude:
  1. Your Credit Card ( To refill your account).
  2. A Webcam (Without This, You will NEVER be able to serve me!!!)
  3. A Pair of Panties.
  4. Lots of Lubrication
  5. Strap-on, Dildo or Something Round, Hard and Stiff.
  6. Clothes Pins
Serve Now!
Send your complaints and negative comments to