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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gay Pride 2010 NYC - Raffle is on ONCE AGAIN!!!!

As a lot of you may know, I held a raffle to win a date wAdd Imageith me Gay Pride 2008, the winner was announced and had a great time spoiling me and experiencing the gay life during The Pride Celebration. Now, it is 2010 (duh) and I wanna hold another one... I'm looking for a new date for this year's pride, I'm getting an outfit made for this event as I post and I am looking forward to meeting the most stunning and sexy AG/stud that will come my way... so... if you think you've got what it takes to make me satisfied...

Enter the contest today.

Constant Requirements:
  1. Must be a Lesbian (born woman)
  2. Must call this number and this number only
  3. Must live in and/or around and/or planning to travel to New York City
Prize: A date with me to celebrate Gay Pride 2010 NYC for 2 days!

If you think you got what it takes to please me and win that date....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Role Play

I've been getting calls lately from this guy that likes to role play. He likes for me to be his cousin 'DeeDee".
Apparently he looks at pictures of his cousin DeeDee while watching me on cam. I guess we have simularities as far as top-heaviness goes. The scenario goes like this though:

We're doing our homework and then all of the sudden, I am horny and I want to come on to him, so I show him my "snacks" and then pull out my tits. (lol) I look down at his pants and then see that his cock is hard and I ask him "What's that?" and then he tells me, it's hard and then I reach for it.
Once he pulls his cock out, I ask him to touch my tits and then say, "Please don't tell Aunt Toni"...

LOL! Pretty interesting, isn't it? He's been calling me all weekend though and actually getting off to this. He expresses his love for playing this out for me all the time and leaves good ratings. It's actually enjoyable to get him off when this is done right.

Perhaps you have a scene you'd like to play out with me... I'd love to try it out with you...

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