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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Specials!!!!

Starting Today
Early Morning Rates
$0.99 Per/Min.
Day-Time Rates: 10am-8pm
$1.99 Per/Min.
Late Night Rates: 10pm-12am
$0.99 Per/Min.

Rates for The Worship Line will remain the same.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phone Sex is Whack!

Today, I was having a conversation with my fellow chatters and some said that having phone sex was "whack". Now, with this statement, of course, you know I totally disagree, but I'm going to explain why.
  1. Phone sex is the safest sex you can have, beside solitude masterbation. You never have to worry about catching anything, or your partner not reaching his/her climax/orgasm.
  2. You can use your imagination a little bit more than usual. It's actually very easy to play out your fantasy with someone over the phone, so we've all seen through this particular blog. Therefore, it's extremely mental (of course if you're not mental, or do not mentally connect with the person on the other line it will definitely not work!)
  3. It eliminates all the touchy-feely-mushy-mushy alot of you people out there hate to go through (I, personally, can handle this and like it more, but others will not be as diverse as I).
  4. You might not live in the same city/state/country as the person that you find yourself being attracted to so, hey, why not just phone bone em!
  5. Overall, it's just a great experience to share intimate thoughts with someone and have sex a different way. I, like some people in the world, like the thought of different ways of having sex!
These are just my points of view on it, not everyone will agree or disagree, but I'm pretty sure either way it goes, someone out there will. Just remember, if you ever want a great experience over the phone to just talk, chat, share intimate thoughts or need advice... you can always call me!
I have different lines for different fetishes and I pick up everytime!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tease & Denial

That's right, tonight, after the last caller, I got another call from a client that I usually dominate on Eyeball chat, but instead decides to buy my yahoo ID (Eyeball has been an ass pain lately). He just wanted to serve his lovely Mistress before his bed time. Of course, he's not my O, but he's a worshiper. Being as though, I must take all the worshipers that I can get for my O has not been online since last week. At any rate, I denied tihs pussy boy white pig cock slut 4 times to cum and his balls were so full of cum that they were blue and he was screaming in pain because he really wanted to cum, and finally I made him cum all over himself like a good little white pig with a small cock lusting over a hot Ebony Mistress like myself. That's what he deserves. He's not even worthy of it to be honest...

Take My Number... I Wanna Get To Know You

This guy was so charming, yet so persistent, yet so full of shit. LOL. What does that mean? Well, I'll tell you what it means. It means that, he was very nice to talk to (something I really enjoy), but wanted to do this "mutual" thing. We all know how I get about this crap. He's looking for a "regular" and I'm looking to provide a service. Although we had a great 20minute conversation, the whole time, he was bascially telling me that
  1. He knew my type, I'm that type that don't like men, I only like women (boy was he wrong!).
  2. Usually people like me grow up in a very deprived situation (because that's how he grew up... wrong again!)
  3. That I was a hustler and I needed to come down to earth, take his phone number and basically forget about the fact that he's calling my hotline, we should just keep it friendly (or excuse me "regular".
All of these things would fine, well and dandy except for the fact that he's wrong on all counts and why even bother calling a line just to try and get something you know that you're not going to get.
Now don't get me wrong, the whole time he was a gentlemen, but at the same time, he was making rude remarks all in the same. Good thing I am who I am and know how to handle things like this in an appropriate manor (of course when it's not too out of control, then I'd have to break out the curses and screen, because this actually turned out to be an easy conversation for me and once again, I didn't have to take off one stitch of clothing.
Back to the situation at hand, these rude (actually insecure) remarks consist of
  1. "You don't like men, I know you're type, you like women"
  2. "Usually when you're a sex coneisuer that means you're deprived as a child and grew up in a disfunctional family."
  3. "I know you're just going through the motions, you can be yourself if you want." (Keep in mind, we were talking about the swine flu at this point in
I mean, maybe these things aren't too bad, and some will say that I'm taking it wrong (Please be sure to leave your comments @ the end!), bit I mean, there's a difference between wanting to get to know someone and talking to them like you already now them. I think he was just alittle insecure. He kept mentioning to me "I get pussy in person, it's nothing, but..." or, "I'm just bored, I want someone to talk to, don't get me wrong, I'm cute, I just want to talk to your fine self before I go to bed", or the one that I actually called him on..."I just want a regular someone I can talk to and get off with"... and as soon as I told him that he could always call me back and we could do whatever he liked, he says, "Yea, but I don't wanna do that with you."
I mean, c'mon dude, why else would you want me to talk to you then? LOL. When are these guys going to learn... the words, "mutual" and "friends" and all that aren't going to do anything but mess up the relationship you've accumulated with the provider you meet.
Alot of times men are worst than women when it comes to men only supposing to contact us "sex workers" for entertainment, then the next thing you know, they really try to impose on our lives. Please, don't get me wrong, I'm 100% flattered and I like to fulfill fantasies...but you're going to have to pay to keep that going, it's like an arcade. I'm sorry to put it that way, but, I think alot of guys out there call whether it's PSO's, escorts and what not and try to take it to this so-called "mutual" level and then don't understand when we look at them like they are It's still so funny to me.
I mean, I think the case with this guy is maybe about a smiget as bad as A.C.B.E. The only thing this guy has over that guy, is that fact that he was talking his bullshit over the phone, lol! But yea, like I said, this guy was charming, not charming enough to make me call his cell number, but charming enough for me to be able to handle his call in a down-to-earth, yet professional manor in which I like to do with everyone. Hopefull he calls back because I really did enjoy the experience and I know he enjoyed mine because he stated so. And let the calls keep coming in!
More @ The Ms. Joclyn DeVou...

My Favorite PSO's

With everything that we do, we all always tend to have favorites or whatever it is. I, myself, have a couple of favorite PSO's that I would like for you to try. Yes, I've spoke to them. Yes, we've had a great time. So, sit back and enjoy my personal selection. I assure you will not be disappointed.

Ebony Mistresses
Domina Max
This spicy Domina will make you feel worthless, yet useful all in one while you're serving her in all of her commands. You will never feel like you're wanted in your life again once you serve such a hot sexy ebony goddess like this one. Prepare yourself to do alot of crawling, kneeling and bowing at the stocking-covered feet by this hot ebony mistress!

This stuck-up, bitchy black princess is here for you to bow at her brand new Jimmy Choos and worship the ground that she walks on forever. You must be an obeidient slave and spoiler and willing to give her want she commands. No questions asked. Just do it, and you will still have to suffer the consequences. All financial pay piggies definetly welcome. Worthless slaves need not apply unless you're ready to pay her to suck cock to please her.

This one is my #1 favorite! She is a must-serve! If you do not serve her, then you really and truly are a pig of no purpose. This is one hot Ebony Goth Mistress and it would be nothing less than your pleasure serving her for she is the 100% real deal! Prove to me how worthless you are and serve her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Shy Pussy Boy

He called me today (and it's been a while) and he recited his requirements(with me telling him, of course) and he made a request to view my ass while I humiliate his small white cock. What a way to start the evening for me. Although the call only lasted for a good 6 minutes, which can NEVER be long enough to serve me, it was very hot. He didn't say much, just "Yes, Ms. DeVou", but I like the fact that he wanted to serve today and that's what's most important. Although, in my opinon (which in this case is the only one that counts), he didn't serve very well. I don't think he's a slave though, I think he just wants to get off on looking at my ass. True, this is ass worship, but... this particular event was NOT AT ALL what I am use to. This pathetic little panty boy hung up instead of being dismissed. He has so many strikes against him, but I'll give him another chance because like he said, he was "shy"... LOL. Give me a break!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Kinky Militant

I know, where did he come from? But let me tell you something about this sweetheart of a guy. He's so lucious and his cock is just so amazing! He's been calling me for a while now, and it's funny how I never mentioned him before. He is one of my favorites because he is passionate about spending time with me. We do so many naughty things for each other, it's incredible. One thing that he does that I've never seen in my life is stick his dick in between a pillow and get off that way. I always thought it would actually cause unwanted friction, but apparently, it doesn't. He did this for me one day when he was craving to "stick his dick in something real bad". While I was talking to him about fucking the females around his area (in Korea), he didn't mean that at all. He literally wanted to stick his dick in something, so he grabbed his pillow and started fucking it. Oddly enough, that really turned me on and so I broke out my vibrator and was talking even nastier to him. Before when he called, he had unpacked because he had moved and there was clothing and things all over his bed, he found the urge once more, it was so hot to see him fucking the laundry and he fucked it until he came for me. I loved seeing his ass move in and out while he talked dirty to me.

Today, he called me and he didn't even want to get on cam he just wanted to talk dirty, straight. He was willing to do everything that I wanted him to do. We've had a misunderstanding with him saying this before because he wanted me to dominate him twice before but yet couldn't cope with my methods of servitude so to keep from having that little mishap a third time, I just wanted him to fuck me hard like a slut. I wanted him to pound my pussy and power drive my asshole like he's never before, especially since we haven't spent alot of time together in the past month or so. It was pleasure with him because like always, he always cums 3-5 times back to back. It's so sweet having him cum like that. I don't know any guy that can cum like that and go back to back. It's amazing how high his drive is.

I really wish he would've gotten on cam cause I love seeing his big white cock being stroked and milked into all that cum he squirts out.

My O's New Panties

"O" is such a loyal servant. He just completed servitude for the afternoon and while he was serving me, he left me know that he has a female servant that will serve me ASAP tonight. While having this talk with him, I've come up with some nice little tasks that I would like for "O" and the rest of my worshipers to complete with in the time frames expected.

During O's servitude, he was so anxious to get on cam and show me his brand new panties. We've already discussed how I would love to see him in the most feminine looking panties he could find and things like that, but today, I can really say, that I like seeing these new panties on him.I forgot to demand an answer, but I wonder if he'll be wearing these panties all day... Hmm... I should've told him to...shit! Anyways, they look very pathetic on him and it brings out the bulge in his little sissy white boy cock that I like so much! Because I liked how gay he looked in these panties, I decided to make him cum in these panties and he was extremely greatful for it.

Good Job O!

If any of you out there think that you can compete against my O, then, let me see what you've got. Prove to me how loyal you are by completing tasks, serving, sending gifts and clicking here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check Out Mistress Foxy!!!

She is the one of the hottest Ebony Mistress by far! She is up there with Arcellis! Her breasts are phenomenal and her methods of worship are rediculously pleasing!
Check Out Mistress Foxy now!

If you're not into her, Check out ... The Ebony Kittens and/or Ebony Dommes & Mistresses

You're gonna be so satisfied!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Servitude is Due!!!!

Welp, here we go again, tonight from 6pm-12am is Servitude night. Tonights task will be to purchase something from My Wishlist and then serve me with it. Let's see who will obey tonight...

My "O", of course, had to pay early servitude around 5:30 for he had to go to a dinner with family. During his servitude he had to check out The Ebony Kittens and Call Arcellis (whom was apparently not available, we have to talk about that) and then I made him call Naughty Lil Thang. We talked about my leather corset that came in the mail. We discussed "The Cellphone Servant" after I made him read it aloud and asked him his take on it. He said to me, "Ms. DeVou, it sounds like he really worships you." and I reply, "But not like you, "O". After this dicussion, we talked about how it would be nice for him to wear panties to work tomorrow. I told him to wear panties tomorrow, and he will. I also told him that I'd love to see him enter the men's room and as he walks up to the urinal there would be 2 guys on each side of him with regular men's underwear on and he'd be the only one reaching into his pink polka-dot panties to pull out his pathetic little white cock to relieve himself. LOL! It's still funny to me! And hot too...

Welp, The Cellphone Servant just called back! Man, is he loyal. I'm beginning to like him. He likes to talk about how he loves worshipping me. It's so hot. LOL. He asked me what were the things that I would do to him and this time I let him know that have him gathered around a bunch of big black nigger cocks 10''+ just waiting to ramsack that little tight white asshole he sits on while sitting at my throne, smoking a capri and laughing as he looks into my eyes for approval. You know what he told me? "I've always been dreaming of doing something like that for a woman like you". "Really?", I says. "Yes."
I made him bark a few times. God, his barks were extremely pathetic though, not like my "O" and the first caller in Bed-Time Servitude, but it was a bark. I can also excuse him alittle because he claims that he has a room-mate. I gave him the 20 minutes that he was lucky to have and then I hung up. Before I hung up he requested to ask me a question and so I confirmed. He asked me if he could demonstrate over the phone how he would suckle the big black cock. Once he did, I told him, "It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are? I have to watch the news and me talking to you about how you would suck black cocks would do nothing but distract me."

Well, looks like these are the most loyal out of em all. I've had a lot of fun with this today. I've goten alot of commands fulfilled today and I am pleased. 100% satisfied.

The Return of The Cell Phone Servant

Yes, The Cell Phone Servant. I am actually surprised by it a little myself, but it turns out that this guy apparently got my cell number from one of my ads that I post on one of the boards and now he calls himself "worshiping" me. Kinda freaks you out, doesn't it? Well, I'm not freaked out. Last week he sent a gift card, now this week (as of yesturday) he sent one. Just to talk to me on the phone. I think it's pretty swell. He just wants to hear my voice and tell me how much he admires me and how much he wants to be my slave and how I deserve to have anything that I want, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. The typical jerk-off worship talk. All this guy wants to do is talk about how I'm the greatest and how mild or heavy my servitude is. He wants to know what I make my slaves do and what I would do to him. It's very entertaining though, because he's sending money, and big lump sums to hear these things and to worship me. He's so greatful for worshipping me. Of course, he will never be my "O", but he is definitely a worshipper!

Monday, April 20, 2009

**__{{Ms. Joclyn DeVou™ presents...}}__**

The Best of Both Worlds
Bisexual Listings Group

We are designed for the lovers of Ebony Bisexuals. Interracial is perfectly fine with us, but know that we are ebony bisexuals first!

We consist of MMF, FFM, MFM, FMF, couples, TCouplesFM, FMT, gay, lesbian, ebony, caucasian whatever you desire, we're here for you.
We look forward to playing with you!

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lesbian comments

The Fantasy Never To Be Fulfilled

Dude, are you serious? let me tell you something, time and time again, I have to keep going through this freebie bullshit with these guys, over and over and over. Why is it? You know, I honestly believe that he didn't want any freebies, he just wanted to be proven that the am was going to be good, but I don't think he was focusing his eyes in the cam because it's always bright over here and I'm always giving hot shows! WTF man!

At any rate, he did have a hot fantasy. Just too bad he was being bit of a moron and not playing it out with me. Oh, what's his fantasy, you say?

For me to be in the club, drunk, walk in the bathroom, he walks up behind me, follows me in the bathroom, rips my panties off and while I'm urinating, he is fucking me non-stop while I'm drunk bent over the toilet.

Say whatever you want, but I think that's a little on the creative side. As a matter of fact, might be a little too creative...

Aggressive Masterbator: Chapter 2

The Aggressive Masterbator called me back this morning guys!!! And I'm happy he did because this time, he was a little more laid back and not as aggressive, but yet, still. This time he made me get fully nude. Yea, I know, I don't get fully nude, but for him today, I did. Anything to shut him up. I teased him alittle bit with my lotion show (as you all should know by now and if you don't, I have lotion/babyoil shows in the morning from 10:30-11:30am EST), played with my silver bullet and fucked that strap-on dildo just how he likes all while pinching my nipples. He loved it and it was great. On day, I hope he cums twice. Since he's so aggressive, he should be begging to cum again. LOL. The good thing about this guy is that he's aggressive in a way where he knows what he wants and he's so excited to see me and loves talking to me. He loves it when I tease that big black cock of his. Its so mind blowing the fun that we have already!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed-Time Servitude

Man, my yahoo list is full of more pussy boys than I thought!!!
All I had to do was announce that I want a pussyboy to serve me before I went to bed, and 5 of em served me up like that. It was so hot.
The first caller turned his cam on and had on his pussyboy nipple chain on(the one that attaches to both nipples, yea, that one) and would just say all of these great things about being my #1 servant and pussyboy and hear to serve me for whatever I desire. So funny, because he made me laugh when I told him to show me his little pathetic cock under his big nasty fat stomach and after he lifted up his stomach, it was this little pathetic piece of cock that I like to refer to as a clit. So funny, cause he knows his little pathetic little cock is a clit. My clit is bigger than his cock! And no, not because my clit is actually big (those of you who have seen my pussy know better than that), but because his cock is really like a little button! LOL! I gave him the finger and told him to go fuck himself, made him get down on all fours and bark for me as usual. I love to make my pussy boys bark, it shows exactly how loyal they are willing to be to serve me. It gets me off in many ways that one cannot understand.
I made him pull on his nipple chain til it hurt and I made him discipline himself for not serving me in a long time. Not only that, I made him pay his pussyboy fee and leave me a 5 star rating. He obeyed. I mean, he's almost just as pathetic as my "O" (although noone will be as pathetic as my "O"!).

The Second Caller just wants to play this straight sissy boy everytime he calls. He wants me to tell him how girls are stronger than boys in kick boxing and wrestling (as if I give a fuck) and look up at my pussy like a pathetic little cunt boy while I'm saying all of this. He's pretty boring, but for some reason, I enjoyed his servitude tonight because he's so full of shit with it. If you asked me, he was a waste of space and dead air. As a matter of fact, dead air is exactly what he was equivalent to, if not, deader (is that a word? in his case, yes!)! I guess what annoys me the most about this pussy boy is the fact that he's always telling me what to say, as if I don't remeber that he's the annoying guy that won't just let me humiliate his pathetic little dickless ass by telling him something as stupid as "Girls are stronger than boys" and "Girls beat boys in kick-boxing". Wtf kind of humiliation is that??? I mean, really. LOL! So, I laughed at him, gave him the finger ONCE because he wasn't as worthy of me lifting up my middle finger numerous times like I did the first caller. God, this pussy is boring... ugh!

The 3rd caller was a cum eater and we've already spoke about that before, He basically didn't do anyting spectacular because he wasn't like my original cum eater, so that was also boring. I just humiliated him and bitched him around alittle bit until he just came and cam on his chest because his cock is not long enough to reach and the fact that he's just not talented enough. But I won't knock him too much, because atleast he wants to serve me and make a cumeatting-slut fool out of himself for my pleasure.

The 4th caller was a panty boy. Also very boring.

The 5th wanted me to smoke. I actually enjoyed this alot (although I'm trying to because he was worshipping my role as an Ebony Mistress. He loved my stockings, my soiled panties, my smoke, my classy way of telling him that he was nothing more than a sissy white boy that should be ready to kneel at my feet whenever I give him the opportunity and everything was great. He actually made my hot cunt tingle a little bit.

The 6th caller was a spoiler and sent a nice tribute and we talked about how he feels that I should get whatever I want because I'm a beautiful black princess. I mean, he was a good litle pay piggy for me! I'm going to see how long I can keep him begging me for more because I need that type of enjoyment everynow and again (more like everyday, but yea... everynow and again...LOL).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marital Status

Just got a caller for roleplay!!!
I'm married and live across the street from him with my husband and he has 30 minutes to come over and fuck me before my husband gets home. He's been watching me for a while, he loves the way I'm always bending over when I water the grass, pick up the news paper and open the car door before I get in. He strongly admires the way I sit out in my backyard and suntan topless. I let him in and he just wants to talk. He somehow talks me into coming upstairs and fucking me. While he's fucking me, I tell him about how I really don't want to fuck him, but I'm only fucking him on behalf of my husband not performing cunnilingus the night before. He fucked me until he came. and when he came, he pulled his cock out and came all over my nice big black tits.

The best part about all of this is, he actually embraced and experienced my erotic mind corruption by not even requesting for a cam. That's what this whole thing is missing... mind control.

Good Morning Aggressive Masterbator!!!

He was so cool because he got the memo that I have just received my new toys in the mail and as soon as he got the chance, he had a rapid response. I get a lot of calls from guys that like to see me play, but they are not as persistent to see me play with my toys like this particular caller was. First of all, I was actually sleep when the phone rang. When I pick it up, I turned on the lights and introduced myself. I could tell this guy was country and aggressive by the way he was talking. Not only that, he was black, black guys are often tastelessly aggressive during sex (not all just some). What I liked a lot about him was the fact that he knew what he wanted and he went for it until we both came out of our minds. I mean, he really made me reach my orgasm so good that I reached like 4 times. It was just the way he was talking to me.
The most interesting part was when he says, "I heard you got new toys, what do you have?" I let him know, and he asked me to rub on my pussy first. I did. Then moments later into it, he told me to get a vibrator, i got it. Moments later into that, he told me to get my dildo and fuck my pussy, and I did. I pulled one of my tits and and he told me to pinch it, and so I did. And while I'm doing all of this at once, it was turning him on and working him up and up. It was very hot!

Monday, April 13, 2009

GayPride is Coming Up!!!!

That's right. Gay Pride is coming soon and there's going to be a lot of cool events going on for the preparation, during, after and all around. All around the world people celebrate this great event.
Every yeard (except for last year, shame on me), I make it my business to go and get an outfit made for this particular event and I flaunt my stuff all up and down New York City (mainly, The Village Area) with all the rest of the queens, dykes, fags, bulldaggers, trannies, transexuals, post-ops, pre-ops, lady boys and whatever else there is and I have a BLAST!!! It's the only event that I know you can basically walk down the street naked, smoke weed and drink all out in the open with 50 million cops around and noone doing shit about it! I love it, it's great!
So having said all of this, For the next few months, I will be looking forward to talking to alot of the ladies. I've got nice little cute cheap listings for the ladies to talk to me and see me on cam and we can have a ball doing this.

Special Announcement!!!
Ladies, I am looking for a nice hot sexy female partner to go to the parade and celebrate pride with this year. I will be sending out offers, discounts and raffling for the female winner to go along with me to celebrate pride the whole day and night. (To call, click the "Girls Only Line")
The lady that can be the freakiest on cam for me while I'm freaking her back, of course, will win a chance to take me out of a date to Celebrate gay pride!!!

The Winner
Of course, gets to spend the whole Gay Pride with me + 20 free minutes on the phone.
2nd Place
20 Free Minutes on the phone with me
3rd Place
2 Free pics + 2 Free Minutes

Good Luck Ladies and I look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Passion

It's the beginning of April and spring time is here. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there with a fantasy of some real genuine romance. Day to day I deal with callers from all over that just want to lust and bust, which is fine, but are there any guys/girls out there that long to look for someone that can really cater to their needs as far as companionship and romance? Hmm, I wonder...

But in the mean time, between time. Today is Friday and I am taking the day off to go out and see the world. The phone world has kind of got me a little overwhelmed with frustration. After having to expose a guy the other day for his silly antics and then more idiots coming right behind that, I have just come to the conclusion that I need a day off. However, I am available to take appointments for live meetings, you can always go to my site and learn more about how to meet up with me. If you are unable to meet up with me, don't want to talk or whatever your problem may be... you can always check out the other callers I have listed under the "Experience More" section of this blog. I need a breather and I will return fresh tomorrow.

Love & Peace
Ms. Joclyn DeVou

P.S. Some of you inquired about my Live Broadcast, while I'm gone, I will also be working on this... Everything is already taken care of, there's just one last step I have to take to make this officially happen, that way you can call, listen and join in the activities that I have in store. So please stay tuned to that. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Cheap Bastard Exposed.

See, this is where TS can be better than NF. With TS, the cam is provided only after the call is activated. On NF, you can charge for your messenger ID's and what not. It gives you a chance to make more earnings and entertain on a more personal level. They both have their brilliant differences.

However, NF Services have me frustrated tonight because of some cheap ass idiot jerk that decided to send me a pm on yahoo requesting to have a "consensual webcam show". Now, I am always as professional as possible and patient as I stated before, you guys know this. But I can not keep my cool, patience and my professionalism if a silly cheap bastard that KNOWS he met me on a PAY SITE thinks that I'm suppose to switch up my whole damn game totally and completely just so HE can jerk his cock off? Where are these values coming from? I just don't get it... and I just don't understand it. Is it not enough that my damn lines are cheap and I give quality shows... but now I have to basically do it for nothing?

Exibit A: The Dumb Ass Question.

Exibit B: Trying to turn a Phone H
oe into a Cam Slut.
I mean like, dude really used the word "consensual" as if he was responding to a fucking craigslist ad and was trying to get me to say the magic words to have the damn ATF bust down my god damn door. I mean, come on. Why even put youself through that. So I asked him, what makes guys like him do this? Not to mention... he only called me ONCE!... ONCE!!! ONCE!!! ONCE!!! And that was about 3 months ago!!! And somehow this is grounds for a damn free show ????????????????????????????????????????
Maybe I'm missing something, but I REFUSE to keep custom
ers off of giving away free minutes everytime they go on their little hissyfits or wanna be cheap. That's not how I do things. And this is how I will continue not to do things. If you're looking to change the bitch, find different bitch cause this one is never going to change. I'll be as nice as possible, but never will I change. And besides... it shouldn't never go this deep!!! It's simple... pay and you will get served!!!

Being that this problem seems to be esculating and I had to stop in the middle of this blog to take a call from ANOTHER GUY who didn't want to by the damn ID's... I will be exposing faces this time so the PSO's will kn
ow what he/they looks like so you know what to watch out for. Sorry I have to subject everyone to this, but think of how it makes me feel when I'm busting my ass to fulfill fantasies and in comes along repeated ASSHOLES like the ones I've encountered so far. Do I think he's learned his lesson after me telling him about it? Well... the fact of the matter is... He will now!

Really burns me up inside when I have to be like this toward adults that know better, but still try. This is not a day care, this is a phone sex line. I am not your wife, I can only ACT like her so that means that I really don't even have to cater to your personal malfunctions. Damn!

Well, I'm done with this issue, but I hope the REST OF YOU GUYS out there learn from this shit. It does not make sense to get it for free when you were paying in the first place. This is most likely why alot of these men end up calling me in the first place, because they don't know how to fucking communicate with themselves, let alone a damn woman!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Scat Factor.

Unusual fetish, but an interesting one. He admired my tits and ass while talking about me straining with constipation. I'm not suprised at this because I get this convo all the time, but what made this particular moment a little bit special, was the fact that he put in time to talk of this and get off with ease. Worship and fascination. Genuinely at that. Made me get more into the convo. I must admit though, I did feel alittle out of place when he asked me to demonstrate what I sound like when I'm constipated, but it all worked out very good. He appreciated it very much and left a great rating. The fact is, everybody's got their something (in the words of Nikka Costa). I am flattered that he would feel more than comfortable to come to me to fulfill his fetish and I can expect for him to call back very soon.

If you have a scat fetish, let me know, we can talk about it anytime you'd like.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mommy Fetish

Ever look at your mother's breast and think , "Mmm, those look so good, but I can't touch."?
Sounds kind of twisted and dimented doesn't it? Yea, I know. But try telling that to a caller that wants to look at your tits and lust over them while confessing to you that they look at your breast they reminds you of Mommy's.
This is something like the Daddy-Daughter, only more arousing and overpowering to the trainee.
This is exactly what I long for in a call. Outlandish, yet exciting...Taboo. It's great! I know more of you out there think this way. Not because you actually think this way, but because you want a little kink and spice in your relationship with your co-masturbator or your companion. And as you know, there's almost nothing that I'll stop at to help you make your Experience the best one you've ever had. It turns me on and keeps me on the phone more and more when you come to me, feeling nothing but that ultimate trust to let yourself go and put everything you've got into the hands of a true Goddess like myself. If this is you, and I know it is... you might as well just pay your confessions now and receive the discipline of lusting so deeply and sinfully.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Lowsy Loyal Servants

This is a Ms. Joclyn DeVou Service Announcement
All Slaves, Servants and Pussy boys
Must Read Now!

A lot of you have been falsely claiming your desire to serve me and I've been paying very close attention to this.
I've held a Charity for the whole month of march and you sick pigs haven't donated enough to show your loyalty to me. All of you are on restriction. No pussywhipping, no facesiting, no cuckolding, no forced bi, no nothing. You will be ignored and that's just the way it goes.
To the Spoil Line you go! Now!!!
Send your complaints and negative comments to