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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Submissive, Sneaky and MARRIED

Well, I'm sitting here right now extremely upset about a personal affair I have going on in my love life. My partner and I decided to "take a break" for a little while until he sorts out his work and life so I've been thinking about that all day up until about an hour ago when I get a call from a Sub Apple. I call him "Sub Apple" because for once I didn't give him an actual slave name and you all know that I don't use real names when blogging my encounters unless they are slave names. So anyway, He told me his name and that he was from New Jersey and that he was married and wanting to try out with a dominatrix on the phone first before he went a step further and tried the physical thing (blah fucking blah... that's what they all fucking say) so, I put him to the test... I got a bit of his story and then when I asked him why he dialed my number he told me some bullshit that he thought I wanted to hear:

"Well Mistress, I saw your pictures and I seen your face and I was very attracted."

Boy, was that the wrong answer to give me right about now cause not only do I actually put my subs to the test, as you all  who have served me know, but I wanted proof. I told him to discribe his favorite picture of me and he lied and said :
"Well the one with your eyes, Mistress."

So I went off on him and not only did I have to keep correcting him about just calling me "Mistress" but the lies so... I made him sit on the phone and think about lying to me while I took a full blown shower, brushed my teeth and do a whole pedicure/manicure and didn't say a word to him. He kept adding money to his account just to sit and listen to me. 

"You wanna hear me pee?" I said to him.
"Yes, Ms. DeVou." he whimpered like a thirsty bitch.

And that's exactly what I did right before I got in the shower. And that was the only time he was allowed to talk throughout the whole time.

 I will say this though... dominating him on the phone for the good hour and a half that I did was a relief and came right on time.The subs will always understand me over the vanillas. I most likely should've stayed on the phone with him and kept dominating him, but I wasn't at my best ability this morning. I honestly think I need to do some real time sessions again so I can release the tension I have.

Atleast this call was a good New Year's Eve present... I just sent him some minutes... I'm feeling generous.
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