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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The MJD Experience is BACK!

Somehow it was shut down, I guess the last post got misunderstood somehow, who knows... HOWEVER... I'm just happy that it's back up because you and I have created wonderful kinky history together! My loyals know that I just love to play in all different, yet safe ways and I think it's a good thing for my fans and minions to experience it as well by having some great kinky literature to go by.

However, I am going to address this minor misunderstanding right now...

As I have stated in the last post, I do not have anything against anyone's religion personally I think it's everyone's right to do whatever they want spiritually and carry on however they wish so long it does not hurt anyone else.
This particular "play" was not an idea of mine. Please people, keep in mind that I have and do get a lot of call requests, session requests and such from hobbyists who have their fetishes and fantasies they wish to fulfill with me. If you know me, you know that if I don't feel like doing something or anything at all, I will say "no" or just hang up let alone carry out a phone call/session with someone and it does not meet my requirements of safety or can harm either myself or another. I will not  apologize, however, for the post for the simple fact that I am only taking everyone on a journey to which I am on and I love to share. Although I am pretty creative, I am not this creative where I would make something up like that in order to gain attention controversy or offend anyone... I know there are much more creative Dommes/Fetish Players than I am in that aspect and much respect to them. I enjoy what I do very much and I enjoy those who know how to
 share with me.

 In OTHER news:

I know I don't take calls often these days due to me being at my all-time busiest with my Vanilla Lifestyle, but you will always get updates via Facebook and Twitter whenever I am taking calls on any of my lines and other digital goodies that I provide. I will also try to do more posts here when I am on NF. More assignments will be coming as well... So make sure you all stay tuned to my cute little store on the side, I have some time today and tomorrow so I can fit more assignments and whatnot in there for you subs/slaves and pervs who have been longing for it!

I also noticed that you boys have been going crazy on the late night lines whenever I turn them on... I like that... but you boys need to be much much more creative and know how to entertain me! If I am bored with you, I cannot recipricate and therefore... I just kinda... IGNORE YOU A BIT... Hell, I may even block you then you'll have to make another account to get my attention because you have nothing better to do with your life... and that's fine... but just make sure you make my time worth it! I put in way too much just with NITEFLIRT ALONE for you boys to be so damn boring... okay? You also need to have a cam... I am not taking anymore calls WITH SKYPE if you do not have a cam... it's like you're wasting my time again... I'm not here for your entertainment, you're here for mine. If you do not have a cam and did not pay for my skype.... you WONT get my skype at all.... not for free atleast... if you pay for my skype.... YOU STILL NEED TO HAVE A CAM... Or you'll just have my skype for no apparent reason at all... IT'S MANDATED NOW!!! IT'S AN MJD RULE! YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT... YOU MUST ONLY OBEY IT!

Anyway... that's all for now... I want to thank Blogger Team for re-evaluating the situation and opening my account back up, now we can all move forward and have a great time!

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