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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Topping from the Bottom by the Sophisticated Synic

Everyone that plays with me knows that I like to play, however, when you are testing my patience with my position vs your's that's when it because an awkward and uneasy situation for the both of us...
Of course you all know of The Sophisticated Synic... well... I've enjoyed conversing with him on numerous occasions, however, this boy has it set in his mind that because he is calling that he can just bark orders at me as his Mistress and everytime this happens he finds himself disappointed with the outcome. Good or bad? Well... good because not only does he keep coming back for the challenge, but he has this obviously undying love for tease and denial and so that is what I'm giving to him. He wants to be teased and I deny him.

I let him know that since we've last had our kinky conversation that topping from the bottom does not fly with me and will never.

Now, I love the fact that he can tell me that I'm so beautiful and that he's insanely in love with me and attracted to me. I like how he can tell me that he cannot do without me and that he needs his fix. I'm even flattered at the fact that he told me that he was in a meeting today and a girl in the meeting reminded him of me (something that doesn't really happen too often being that I'm one of a kind), however, I am not pleased with the whole topping from the bottom thing. I am not flatter with questioning why I'm doing something.

Yes, I am here to fulfill fantasies, however, I am not a puppet... no amont of money can make me a puppet especially not $2.99 per/min. I have fun with what I am doing and if noone can understand that, well then, they're always going to have a hard time dealing with the fact that its what I say that goes...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Obedient Cuckold

I was halfway dosing off and in the middle of communicating with someone much more worthy of my leisure time when I recieved a mention from a cuckolding servant that wishes to serve me on Twitter. When instructed to call me, he did. When questioned about how exactly he completed the assignment, he did go into depth detail about it, which I'm proud of, however, I'm not all that satisfied totally in his completion of the assignment because a lot of the assignments that I give out also require the proof of a video as well... This boy is a good boy because not only did he make himself useful and get some assignments to complete, but he also purchased some clips as well. He is a very good boy and I look forward to further training him.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Scared Lesbian?

This post is going to be extremely QUICK!

Basically, what happened just now I just recieved a phone call on my WLW line and while engaging in an introduction I guess whoever the "Lesbian" was got scared and hung

I just want to let you know that you do not have to be scared when calling me. If you have anything that you'd like to talk about (and it doesn't have to just be about physically pleasuring each other) Lesbianism, you can always feel free to call me and talk to me about advice or anything. I can really help you with your feelings as far as a woman liking/loving another woman. So, to the caller who just called me, I will allow you to call back because I know that you were afraid and a bit shy and you can always call on me to fulfill your dreams of being open to your new-found sexuality.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Cheap Young Submissive

Welp, just got off the phone with another cheap young boy who does not know his full place of a submissive...
He's submissive, but wants to get his 24 year old cock off in a way that I'm not willing. First he lied about not having a cam and so I basically tricked him to call me after calling me the first time and hanging up. He claimed to have had to go to work, yet he wasted 30 minutes trying to see how he could "pay" He told me that his boy "Kevin" referred him to me and was just beating around the bush with all types of info. I told him to do his research and then he claimed he did but was "not into the whole bdsm thing". Of course, I took offense to that because it's obvious that he wanted me to do what he wanted me to do with no regard to his place and mine.

I turned my cam on and teased him with my tits. When he asked me to put them out... I said, "No, I don't like the way you are talking to me" and hung up in his face...
it was a cute little mini phone session... however... i'm sure he'll be calling back being that he's so addicted in such a short amount of time... lol.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sophisticated Synic or a Dom trying to top a Domme?

Well, obviously the Sophisticated Synic called back tonight and well, our phone calls were a bit shorter than usual. Yes, shocking (not really) but true...
I realized that this caller was not just a synic, but this guy was a Dom trying to break down a Domme.
He was still trying to get me up out of that robe. And while doing it, he was talking to me as if I was to be brainwashed by his voice and manipulative tone. It was quite amusing, yet annoying... He used trying to "getting me to come up out of my shell" as a phrase to break down my dominance. It was the lamest form I had ever seen in my life... seriously. I guess he thought that me being a "Mistress" was just an act and then when confronted, he came up with something even more lame,

"I didn't know that you were really into it".
I felt really insult because he treated me as if I'm only putting on an act. He also said to me that he "wasn't into the whole domination, submission thing" and when asked to further explain, he said that he had seen a beautiful lady that he thought that he could talk to and could get to come up out of her shell and talk to and have fun with and see her body a little

Was that lame or what? Anyway, you see where I'm going with this so, of course, I was too strong in my character and stood up to what I believe in and he hung up and I cannot do anything about that because although, yes I'm a phonesex opperator, but each scenerio must be respected and played out the way they are intended. I am true to every role that I claim and it is more than just a "role" for me so when someone calls me and tells me to go outside of the origin of my lifestyles... they often get disappointed... smh! Shame on this one

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fake Sub Looking To Get His Rocks Off

Welp, just received a phone call from another loser hoping to get his rocks off through D/s and it didn't work.
This guy claims to be from New Jersey, has no etiquette (which is so expected) AND does not know how to approach a Mistress at all! I guess he thought that I was going to explain to him my body type and how big my tits were and how big my ass was and fulfill his stupid little cumwad fantasies, but I didn't... lol...
When he asked me, "Can you discribe yourself?" I simply said... "Well, I'mma bitch!" ... LOL...
And he froze up like a little scared bitch-boy... lol I had him studdering... i guess he didin't see that coming, huh? lol!

When I told him to bark, he hung up on me... lol... he was a fake submissive and he only wanted to cum while talking about "rough sex"...

When will these fucks realize that I will not talk about rough sex as a Mistress? My version of rough sex is your dick in a bowl of sharp nails and glass moving it all around....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophisticated Synics

Wow... the longest convo I've had in a while, yet a very intriguing one. This is not your usual servant, slave, sissy-boy. However, he is a submissive and a very persistent one. I like that.
What I like about him most is the fact that he is a gentlemen and a gentlemen that likes to have fun, he has a great sense of humor and knows how to make me smile... Yes, smile. I laughed through the whole conversation. What makes this one a little special is the fact that he actually challenged my authority as a Mistress and went against the grains, but doing it all with grace. Before he committed such a crime, he made sure that he was working up to kissing my ass by telling me all of the things that I wanted to hear... he was incredible! Of course, he was expecting to see this body, however, saw nothing and that's the way that I kept it the whole time while on cam with him. A boy needs to know that when contacting his Mistress, he can not just request to see parts of his Mistress' body just because he asked. He is to know that he is to see what she wants me to see and hear what she wants him to hear because that's part of serving and servicing her no matter what form of communication they are using.

Flirting is most definitely what we did with each other, I'm not even going to lie, sometimes, I like to flirt with my subs and slaves and even those who are just experimenting and want to flirt with my Dominant presence. It's just as fun as my more catering presence. I love it all...

I mean, we gave it a few minutes because he needed to add more money to his phone and when he called back, he was very serious about me showing him my body, however did not succeed because as a Domme, I am not to cater into his wants and needs but the good things about the both of us is the fact that we both enjoyed speaking with each other and getting to know each other more and more. I learned a lot about him and he apparently already knew a lot about me, so that's always a plus for a gentlemen to know his Mistress before approaching and calling her. It shows the level of respect that he does have for her. I don't have anything wrong with him the only thing is he felt ballzy and dominant enough in his character to try and challenge me and only lost that challenge.

All in all, it was a great phone call and it lasted for a good hour and thirty minutes and I'm satisfied...

This recording will be up soon! So please stay tuned!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Return of an Unsure Servant

Yes, apparently, this boy is willing to learn what it takes in order to serve me and please me and make me happy, however, why should I give him a chance with this? I mean, we just hung up about 2 minutes ago and during the whole eight (8) minute conversation, we basically talked about his day at work and how hard and long it was and how he's been following me and my projects this whole time.
I'm flattered, however, I just gave him an assignment and am awaiting him to finish so we will see how all of that goes. I will say that the only thing that he needs to work on is not only his loyalty, but his etiquette in how to approach me and /or any Mistress. I commanded him to get more time when he could and that his training is to begin as soon as he could do that. So we will see what the outcome is on that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breadfucker, The Sanfrancisco Treat!!!

That's right kids! I have taken the time out to have a session with breadfucker, the Sanfransico treat. And a treat he was. I could by just testing our cams out on skype that he has a nice body, his shoulders were very broad in his clothing and caught my eye. So whatelse was I to do? That's right... MAKE HIM STRIP! Please keep in mind boys and girls, he was contacting me for like an hour or two ahead of time while I was in the new Tiny Dungeon (that I've created for Ebony Domme Diva) training a new boy wishing to express himself to a Mistress and I actually was making him read this Yes, that was his servitude, but anyway, while this boytoy was trying his best to serve me that's what I was actually doing, finally, he
was able to reach me, my training was over and now I could focus on training him now to what I wanted him to be for the moment and I must say, it was a lovely site to see in everyway....

First, like I said before, he was fully-clothed so I took it upon myself to tell him to strip. I know most subs just jump on cam naked or with panties on and all this crap, but not this one, he was extremely respectful to the fact that he's never served me before so that
was bascially a way to my cold cruel heart to actually reward him in the end. Like I stated before, I made him strip down. I didn't like the fact too much that he wears boxers so, he actually loses a point for that. Once he was stripped down to all of nothing but those pathetic little socks, he started stroking his cock without me giving him p
ermission, so we had to put that to a rest. Next, we had bit of a conversation of where he was from and what he does and all the blah blah blahs and how he got his start in being kinky and if he had served a Mistress in real time. I was pleased with all of my answers! So then after that, I allowed him to stroke his cock a little, then I commanded him to stop and do a cute little Brittany Spears dance and he did very well.

After I got tired of seeing him do (which actually hard
for me to ever feel this way being that I love humiliations), his next comm
and was to run and get a piece of bread and so he did like a good boy and when he came back, he was ordered to stick that big piece of slutty cockmeat in that bread and fuck it like nobody's business!

He was totally open to my every command after I told him to do this. He loved it! His voice was trembling and he couldn't help himself but to do whatever I told him especially after being faced with the reality of him doing what I wanted him to do and only what I wanted him to do. While he was on that floor kneeling and fucking bread, I looked down upon him and gave him command after command. I told him to stand up so I could get a closer look of the bread around his pathetically huge cock.

He loved every bit of fucking the bread for! Oh come now kids, surely you didn't think that because he has a big cock that I was just going to sit there and allow him to CUM 'N' GO now did you? LOL. He has to show me how talented he is with this big piece of cock meat! LOL.

Well, of course kids, I couldn't let him waste food either so I made him eat it. And trust me when I say, he enjoyed every morsel! That's exactly what he did... after we finished fucking and feeding him... we also rewarded him with with a lovely treat of his own cum!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Office Worship

Just received a call from a worshiper that was calling from his office. Funny, because he interrupted me while I'm was setting up to do pole dancing sessions on Rude. I'm pretty sure he was searching for the usual slander, "pathetic, blah blah blah" but I didn't feel like doing him like that today, instead, I decided that he deserved to be pleasured by pleasuring himself while watching me dance around my pole. He was a great experience for me because everytime I would look down at him, I would see his hard servant cock stroking. It was amazing and actually turned me on. Hmm... I wonder what would've happened had someone walked into the office...LOL.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Call Me Daddy

Just got off the phone with "Daddy". A guy that likes to be called "Daddy". Basically, he's into the Daddy/Daughter roleplay and I find that extremely interesting being that one of my favorite personal relationships was with someone that I enjoyed this type of roleplay with. Of course, to make this play come to light, he viewed me on Skype where I was dressed in fishnets with two-pigtails and just my panties and a tank-top. When pouting and telling him that I wanted to play, I asked him what he would like for me to do next and he says in his strong "Daddy" voice, "I want you to play with your toys, ride your toy cock for a bit for me and imagine that I walk in on you and you stop out of embarrassment and then I tell you to keep going because now Daddy wants you to suck his cock while you continue to ride your toy cock".

I proceeded. It actually felt really good to ride my toy cock while visualizing him with his cock in my mouth, pulling on my two pigtails as he fucked my innocent face. Speaking of innocent, when asked the reason for him choosing me, that was his main asset. Because I look innocent. I embrase that very I love Daddy/Daughter. It's been a while since I've actually done this in person, but just fulfilling this fantasy with someone that is into this they way I am just takes me back and it puts that luciously familiar taste in my mouth. He left a great rating and that's even better and makes me eager to play it out again the next time he calls!

Does anyone else share this fantasy out there? If so... let's play it out now!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Made New MP3 today!

That's right pervs! Since I will be spending less time catering to your phone fantasies, I will be sharing everything from previous phone calls, task recordings and just all around highly charged mp3's for you to listen to at work, at home or even on the subway on your way home from work. All of these recordings are Ipod, Iphone and any media player you have friendly!
I thought I would start by providing you with these two...

Make dat ma'fuckin Mayonnaise Girl! MP3

Niggerthing Recording

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Young Kinkster

I call this one the young kinkster, well, because I've known him since he was 18. Before he called me tonight (and has attempted to before but has some technical difficulties), we had a upclose and personal relationship for a good 4 years already now.

He stated that he missed me and that he wanted to see me. He told me how much he missed kissing my feet and worshiping the bottoms of my shoes all in a high-pitched wimpering voice. He was really longing for his Mistress. I allowed him to get off because well... I just felt like it so... Once he got off, we hung up. There's really nothing more to the story, but something that reassures me of exactly just how loyal he is. I mean, I've denied this boy so much and he will go through great lengths to communicate with me even if he has to go through NF to do it. He just needs to release his feelings for me some way. He is yet the most loyal servant that I've encountered for his age.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The First Time Bitch

You know, it is a very funny thing when someone contacts you in the BDSM catagory and then wants to demand you around as if you're not a commander, but a slut instead. We all know, I don't mind providing the "slut" fantasy, but I am dominant at all times and most definitely not playing into a fantasy as such when you're contacting my Domme Line.

I just received a call from a new phone bitch that wanted to call the shots because he wanted to cum. Well.. I showed him something different until he switched lines and called me on the proper line to get him

He was a very good bitch though. Not bad for the first time... He was very obedient and followed instructions. He got off more on the fact that I disciplined him and made him hear the word "No" rather than to just bend over my ass and whip out my tits. He was very good and will look forward to hearing from him again very soon because that's just how good of a bitch he is for me!

He's a whore for the tease and denial game and I love every bit of it!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gay Pride 2010 NYC - Raffle is on ONCE AGAIN!!!!

As a lot of you may know, I held a raffle to win a date wAdd Imageith me Gay Pride 2008, the winner was announced and had a great time spoiling me and experiencing the gay life during The Pride Celebration. Now, it is 2010 (duh) and I wanna hold another one... I'm looking for a new date for this year's pride, I'm getting an outfit made for this event as I post and I am looking forward to meeting the most stunning and sexy AG/stud that will come my way... so... if you think you've got what it takes to make me satisfied...

Enter the contest today.

Constant Requirements:
  1. Must be a Lesbian (born woman)
  2. Must call this number and this number only
  3. Must live in and/or around and/or planning to travel to New York City
Prize: A date with me to celebrate Gay Pride 2010 NYC for 2 days!

If you think you got what it takes to please me and win that date....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Role Play

I've been getting calls lately from this guy that likes to role play. He likes for me to be his cousin 'DeeDee".
Apparently he looks at pictures of his cousin DeeDee while watching me on cam. I guess we have simularities as far as top-heaviness goes. The scenario goes like this though:

We're doing our homework and then all of the sudden, I am horny and I want to come on to him, so I show him my "snacks" and then pull out my tits. (lol) I look down at his pants and then see that his cock is hard and I ask him "What's that?" and then he tells me, it's hard and then I reach for it.
Once he pulls his cock out, I ask him to touch my tits and then say, "Please don't tell Aunt Toni"...

LOL! Pretty interesting, isn't it? He's been calling me all weekend though and actually getting off to this. He expresses his love for playing this out for me all the time and leaves good ratings. It's actually enjoyable to get him off when this is done right.

Perhaps you have a scene you'd like to play out with me... I'd love to try it out with you...

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Return of "The Cell Phone Servant"

Well, I just got off the phone with The Cell Phone Servant only this time, he's not as entertaining to me as I would like him to be. The only thing that made this call a little more interesting is the fact that he called my NF line (first he called the Lesbian Line, I hung up). Totally speaking low (like he always does to disguise his voice) , he began to tell me all of the things he's willing to do for me such as being my human ashtray and toilet.

He expressed his dying feeling for receiving golden showers from me and how much he loved my pics, especially the one where I'm laying down near the brickwall (gotta admit, I like that one too, it's to die He also let me know that he wss willing if he could serve me in RT and become a live-in. The only thing about this pathetic little fuck that was actually annoying the hell out of me was the fact that he kept asking whether or not I lived alone or not. LOL! So what is he going to b now? The Niteflirt Killer and commit simular crimes like the CRAIGSLIST KILLER? LOL. He better sit his punk ass down He begged for my Humiliation, but when I told him, "Well, you're going to have to beg more because right now I don't feel like it..." He hung up. I'm pretty sure he'll call back, he always does.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Sissy-Slut: Get's The Rhythm of the Hot Dog!

Well, it's 6:55 am and about about 15 minutes ago, I just finished collecting servitude from a sadist sissy slut. At first we talked about his new found love for serving me and what made him want to serve and where he found me. We also talked about how he would like to become a half-ass tranny for humiliation and degradation. I made him bark (like I always make my slaves do) and sing me cute little songs like, "Let's Get The Rhythm of the Hot Dog" and "I'm a sissy-slut for you Ms. DeVou". I must say, for his first time during this initiation, he did pretty awesome. Of course, he needs to work on his hearing problem (kinda had to repeat myself when telling him to shut up when I didn't want to hear his barking anymore), but all in all, he was actually a good sissy-slut.
He was begging and pleading about being a RT slave (face to face), but my whole philosophy on this is that he is a RT slave as long as he's paying servitude to me in any form and that physical domination would have to be pondered upon for quite some time. Of course, he expressed his longing for serving me.
One time during this call, he ended up hanging up without being directed to do so, so I hit his sissy ass with a $100 penalty fee. Oh, and yes, he paid it! He's not incompetent like the rest of you slaves have been in the past. He was very obedient of the Penalty Fee and and no problem paying it. I made him do an inventory check on his sissy faggotty wardrobe and let him know that if he were to ever to test my patience again that he would end up like my niggerthing only not really licking the tables at Mc Donald's clean, but the floors. I believe he got the rhythm of that hot dog! He thrilled me with laughs and barks and I actually look forward to humiliating him more about his love for getting breast

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Humble Hello from "niggerthing"

Some of you already know my personal real live servant, "niggerthing". Welp, when he decided to call my personal line, I decided to make him serve the proper way. I made him call the line.
He served for about 2 hours until I got tired of him and of course he ran out of money. He was begging and pleading about how he needed me and how he wishes to be...(Continue)

The Highly Excited Caller

Well, well. Usually when they call they are all excited, however, not as excited as this one...
I recieved a call about conducting a session on Skype so that is where I went. He sent me a message and what do you know, he even had a cam as well. Now, I'm actually alittle anxious myself because I know that being that I just got my new cam last night that the picture quality was going to be even clearer than before and moving at a better speed. Well, this guy was so excited to see me and so thrown back about how gorgeous I was that before I could even reveal any parts of my body, he started stroking off to the site of my smile. His breathing and panting was actually turning me on a little, you know, made my pussy wet, kinda made me feed off of his high energy. He was so excited that he was even giving himself a little bit of T&D (Tease and Denial for those of you who aren't familiar), stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. I slowly revealed my tits one by one and he just crazy. Loud moans and groans, teling me that he wanted to suckle my nipples and then once I turned around and bent over, he just went cold ballistic on his cock and confessed that he wanted to lick my pussy and ass before he came in it. LOL. Very nice! Sweet, as a matter of fact. When it came time for him to cum, I just put my face up to the cam and told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, drooled a little which got him even closer and closer to his destination and he just stood up and came all over the place. It was very hot and yes, of course, exciting.
He left a rating and a comment:

You should be next...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nail Salon Humiliation

Earlier Friday while I was out getting ready for my footslut, at the nail salon after I did my "Ebony Domme Diva" Live Broadcast, I received a call from a pig who wanted to feel the wrath of my verbal humiliation. I took his call right then and...(continue)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Agressive Masterbator: Chapter 3

Obviously, I haven't heard from him in a while as per my disappearance and club touring, however... I did get a hold of him yesterday and boy was it fun! I did something yesterday that I always wanted to do when he called... record the phone call. Since it had been so long, I almost forgot exactly how he played! He was so excited when I played with my... (Continue)

To hear this hot little session...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fetlife Pay Piggy

Hmm, this site turns out to be effective after all...

Last night, I received a call from a pay piggy in the group, "Real Financial Domination" and he decided to call me on NF. Well... wasn't he in for a little treat, and so was I. (Continue...)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Call Me Bitch!

Mmmm, it has most definitly been a while since I've taken a call from a luster. I thought I almost forgot how to do it! I just recieved a call from a guy that wanted to chat with me and see my pussy on Skype while I ...(Continue)

Monday, February 1, 2010

***___The MJD Experience Blog is Moving...___***

Dear Niteflirters and MJD fans;

The MJD Experience Phone Sex Blog is moving to The MJD Official Site, you will still be able to come here and read about events and goings on about my juicy and delicious convo desires, but phone calls in depth will be blogged about on The MJD Official Site Phone Sex Blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My loyal "o"

That's right...Out of all the bitching and complaining and not seeing each other for a while... he calls! He needs me to know how much he misses and needs me and some strap-on play... live since I am touring in his area in the next 2 weeks. I am proud of his loyalty and dedication. I made him bark for old time sake and boy, was it music to my ears!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mommy's New Pet

Well, as most of you already know, I've been extremely busy providing more fantasy and fetish outside of NF by gracing the New York City clubs with my presence. And cam is no longer available at the moment.
However, I've been able to obtain something so worthless and useless as a new pet coming into the year 2010. he has been searching for quite sometime for guidance now and he has finally met his match. Niggerthing, is what I like to call him. As part of his punishment the other day, he was ordered to call the line and pay homeage to the one and only.
He whimpered, whined and learned that questioning my authority is not in his best interest and this is one of the ways he was ordered for discipline. "Hopeless, helpless and useless" are the words he is committed to for about a good 20 minutes as I ignore him and occassionally make him bark (those of you who have served know I love the sound of it).
This is most definetly the best way to bring in the New Year for me and I am loving every minute of niggerthing's servitude in training. Sooner or later he will be completing the assignments given and the world will know that he is truly pathetic.
Send your complaints and negative comments to