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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breadfucker, The Sanfrancisco Treat!!!

That's right kids! I have taken the time out to have a session with breadfucker, the Sanfransico treat. And a treat he was. I could by just testing our cams out on skype that he has a nice body, his shoulders were very broad in his clothing and caught my eye. So whatelse was I to do? That's right... MAKE HIM STRIP! Please keep in mind boys and girls, he was contacting me for like an hour or two ahead of time while I was in the new Tiny Dungeon (that I've created for Ebony Domme Diva) training a new boy wishing to express himself to a Mistress and I actually was making him read this Yes, that was his servitude, but anyway, while this boytoy was trying his best to serve me that's what I was actually doing, finally, he
was able to reach me, my training was over and now I could focus on training him now to what I wanted him to be for the moment and I must say, it was a lovely site to see in everyway....

First, like I said before, he was fully-clothed so I took it upon myself to tell him to strip. I know most subs just jump on cam naked or with panties on and all this crap, but not this one, he was extremely respectful to the fact that he's never served me before so that
was bascially a way to my cold cruel heart to actually reward him in the end. Like I stated before, I made him strip down. I didn't like the fact too much that he wears boxers so, he actually loses a point for that. Once he was stripped down to all of nothing but those pathetic little socks, he started stroking his cock without me giving him p
ermission, so we had to put that to a rest. Next, we had bit of a conversation of where he was from and what he does and all the blah blah blahs and how he got his start in being kinky and if he had served a Mistress in real time. I was pleased with all of my answers! So then after that, I allowed him to stroke his cock a little, then I commanded him to stop and do a cute little Brittany Spears dance and he did very well.

After I got tired of seeing him do (which actually hard
for me to ever feel this way being that I love humiliations), his next comm
and was to run and get a piece of bread and so he did like a good boy and when he came back, he was ordered to stick that big piece of slutty cockmeat in that bread and fuck it like nobody's business!

He was totally open to my every command after I told him to do this. He loved it! His voice was trembling and he couldn't help himself but to do whatever I told him especially after being faced with the reality of him doing what I wanted him to do and only what I wanted him to do. While he was on that floor kneeling and fucking bread, I looked down upon him and gave him command after command. I told him to stand up so I could get a closer look of the bread around his pathetically huge cock.

He loved every bit of fucking the bread for! Oh come now kids, surely you didn't think that because he has a big cock that I was just going to sit there and allow him to CUM 'N' GO now did you? LOL. He has to show me how talented he is with this big piece of cock meat! LOL.

Well, of course kids, I couldn't let him waste food either so I made him eat it. And trust me when I say, he enjoyed every morsel! That's exactly what he did... after we finished fucking and feeding him... we also rewarded him with with a lovely treat of his own cum!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Office Worship

Just received a call from a worshiper that was calling from his office. Funny, because he interrupted me while I'm was setting up to do pole dancing sessions on Rude. I'm pretty sure he was searching for the usual slander, "pathetic, blah blah blah" but I didn't feel like doing him like that today, instead, I decided that he deserved to be pleasured by pleasuring himself while watching me dance around my pole. He was a great experience for me because everytime I would look down at him, I would see his hard servant cock stroking. It was amazing and actually turned me on. Hmm... I wonder what would've happened had someone walked into the office...LOL.
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