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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Early Morning Strap-On Play

Well, I had just pulled up in my car not too long ago from taking a ride and as I pull in the drive way what do I get? Of course, a phone call at 4am, well I wonder who could it be?

Only a married man who expresses his hunger for strap-on play. I told him to elaborate all the details of his situation and he started by letting me know that his wife does "cyber" with her boyfriend and it turns him on. He let me know that during the cybering, one time he went down on her and it made him hot. He told me that also when they went to a club (swinger's club, I'm assuming), they took pics and recorded her having sex. Automatically I painted him submissive and he concurred. They are married of 20 years so it explains why all the need for different play and different avenues to keep the marriage and relationship alive however, when asked how they got their interest in the lifestyle, he let me know that he was always submissive to her as well as them mutually growing into the actual kink of things. When I asked him what was it so much about his wife pegging him that got him going, he said what any other male sub would say in this situation, "I love the power exchange, I love the look on her face when she's doing it. I really like the sensation of her fucking me." Eh, nothing new to me, I've heard it all before, but having not heard it in a while, it does flatter me because I do like a variety of kinky play such as his wife apparently. His wife gets off on fucking him with the dildo however, he's been a bit hungry for it because lately, she hasn't been indulging in anything with him for a long time now which gives me a nice little job to do.

It's been a while since of counseled a strap-on sub, but I really enjoyed this one. When we were finished going through the run down of the 2 dildos (7 and 8 1/2 inches) that his wife has for him stored in the bedroom closet, I told him to go get them so that we can begin his training. He put the phone down, walked out of his office, went into the bedroom where she was sleep grabbed the toys and lube and brought them back to the phone to me and that's when I told him to run off everything he had in front of him.

"I have the 2 dildos, eight inch and seven inch and the lube that she has for me, what would you like for me to do with them."

Well, I cut right to the chase.
"Pull your pants down as well as your underwear..."
"Grab the seven inch, and get it nice and wet with the lube..."
"I want you to bend over on all fours on the floor..."
"...and sloooowly go around the rim with only the tip of the dildo."
"Okay." he began to whimper a little.
"Now... slooooowly insert the tip of the dildo inside and don't go past the head, I want you to keep it right there and don't do anything else unless I tell you to."
"Okay." he whimpered some more doing as I told him.
"Ah, now how do you like that? How does it feel?"
"If feels good." he moaned and whimpered at the same time.
"Good, now... we're going to play a little game called, "In and Out", follow me?"
"Yes" he was still whimpering.
"When I say "in", you slowly insert only the head in when I say "out", you pull it out, follow me?"
"Good. In."
"Now only go one inch past the head... IN!"
"Ohhh... ahhh. .ahhh.. ohh.. ahhh!"

This lasted for about a good thirty more minutes until I made him stroke his clit while I fucked his pussy. I made him beg me to fuck his boy pussy and I told him that for everytime he called me Ma'am instead of addressing me as Ms. DeVou he would've suffered a penalty. Well, of course, he didn't mess up because he wanted that cock and he really wanted to cum so he was extra compliant. I mean, you would be too if you were starving for some cock from your wife and she would just deprive you of it.

I had a really good time considering what I was going through that lead me to not be in the house in the first place, I guess it was good coming back to someone that was obedient, cooperative, kinky and in need of my training.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ass and Leg Man

He looks young, but his cam was a bit blurry, so I really couldn't tell too much, but I had fun talking with him and playing with him. The best part is that he has skype so I wasn't playing alone on cam. While watching him, I noticed that he doesn't stroke his cock like the average guy. He likes to lay on his stomach, put his hands around his cock and while watching me play with my vibrator and talking to me, he likes to hump his hand. I guess that makes him feel like he's actually fucking or perhaps it feels better. But I really enjoyed playing on the phone and on skype with him. He's very interesting.

The beauty of it all is that lately I've been getting a lot of callers who also have cams which is much more fun compared to those who do not. It really gives you a lot to work with and enjoy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cuckold? Or Just Wants to Suck Cock?

Of course, I have been talking about this subject a lot lately and it seems like that's what I have been faced with the most in the last few weeks. So as I am getting ready to do the things that I do on a Friday evening, I receive a call on my Session line (not a Niteflirt Line) from a sub who later on shows interest in "cuckolding"... Long-story-short, he went into how he'd love to be my cuckold, wasn't into pain infliction (i.e., "whips and chains or anything pain") and how he was looking for something more personal (directly after setting up an appointment) and since I seen what direction the conversation was going, I told him that he was to call me on my Phone Domination Line if he wanted to tell me more about himself and how he enjoys being a cuckold because I have other things that I need to do. He then sent me a text stating "I wish I could call now" and I replied, "You may call right now." The phone rang 2 minutes later and it was from my Phone Domination Line and that is when we continued our short journey (and I stress "short").

As he was talking about himself (following my direction to do so gaining me to learn more about his confessions), I was getting ready to head to the store for cigarettes (a habit I am trying to quit so much) and as I walked down the street, he again stressed how he wanted something more than just a "lay out session" and that he was looking for a relationship. A real D/s relationship with me as my sub and cuckold. He stressed the fact that he would enjoy licking and sucking cock for me and doing whatever I wanted him to do. He wanted to know my strategy of cuckold training and I simply let him know that during our time everything would be safe and clean and that he is expected to hold up his end of the bargain with that as well and that I like giving surprises (of course good ones that meet the contractual agree for the safety of both of us and our play) and that he would only have to find that out depending upon the type of mood that I am in. Well, he didn't seem thrilled about that at all. It felt like he was trying to get more out of me than that. He kept mentioning how he "wanted to suck cock" for me which does nothing for me at all... then again... I guess it's not suppose to? LOL. Anyway... I asked him if he was really a cuckold and if he knew the differences between that and just wanting to suck cock and he claimed that he did. I don't believe it. I believe he just wanted to have a useless convo about sucking cock and that he just wanted to get off. Either way, I am not impressed.

This call lasted for a few minutes longer (we were actually on the phone for a good while, long enough for me to get dressed, walk to the store and come back home and talk more) and then once he told me that he would do anything for me and knew that it was more to being a cuckold and that all he wanted to do was worship me and prepare me and watch me "get fucked by a real man", I told him to bark and he questioned it and then 3 minutes later hung up. That let me know officially that he was bullshitting about being a cuckold... lol. Was I angry, absolutely not because I know that these boys out here just want to fulfill their fantasy and I will actually give him the morsel of credit for even transferring our conversation to my Domination Line at $3.99 per/min. ... lol. Am I greatful? No... He could've done better. If he was a real cuckold for me he would've barked for that cock as a way to earn it... lol. I guess not everyone is built to be what they actually say that

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Sexy Chocolate Breast Fetishist

WOW! It's been a long long long long time since I've ran into a fetishist that enjoys doing phone AND CAM meaning both ways. And honestly... I LOVE what I saw. It's about time a REAL MAN that
  • A) Isn't afraid to show himself
  • B) Wants heterosexual phonesex/webcam play
  • C) Is Sexy as hell!
This guy was sexy, i could tell by the way he was dressed that he was successful, sophisticated and just all around a big chocolate hunk and to top it off... he has the cock of a mandingo warrior.

He wanted to know what was under my satin robe, so i showed him. He was highly infatuated with my breasts so I gave him what he wanted. When I revealed the right breasts, he instantaneously was arroused and got straight to business, but the time I revealed the second, he was already reaching for his vascailne and stroking his pretty brown cock. It was amazing...
I told him to tell me what he wanted me to do and I would do it and sure enough he told me.

"I want to see you droll down your big tits, I would love to see that." So I did and his reactions were amazing. Every time I squeezed my breasts together, he would moan just alittle louder while stroking his cock. It was amazing!

I guess I'm so excited because he everything right going and usually I'm use to dealing with pussyboys, sissies, sluts and slaves. But this was on my Ebony Phone W/Cam Line so I am pleased. I look forward to hearing from him again.
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