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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Closet Butch-Dyke

Well, it's a nice afternoon and I was actually on the other line with a friend and we were talking about life issues and just shooting the breeze when I had to click over and received a called from my Lesbian Line. At first once I allowed the call to come through, I didn't say anything at first, I just let the caller introduce themselves first because if I heard a male voice, I as going to hang up quick but to my satisfying surprise, it was really a woman!

When asked her name, she told me and she let me know her age, 50, and wasted no time with telling me her problems, experiences and what she was looking to get out of the whole thing. I walked her through her comfort zone and I even had some advice to give her. As a woman, I gave her comfort and I made her feel on top of the world. The one thing I know that she has in common with me is the fact that she feels very empowered by wearing her "butch cock". She giggled a little when saying it at first, but rapidly got turned on every time I said the words. She got off from me calling her a "dyke", "bull-dyke" and "fuck me you dyke". These are fetishes that she has. She let me know that she was very into her strap on how it made her feel empowered and how it was a part of her. We had a great phone sex session as well as a therapeutic cleanse for her emotionally and sexually. This conversation lasted for a great 20/30 minutes and I believe we both got off.
I like it when women are not afraid to express themselves in this manner. It is great when women can let their hair down and be who they are and what they are and it feels even better that they can come to me. I had a great time letting her know that I'd love to ride her butch-cock.
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