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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Kinky Militant Returns... For Old Time Sake!

Well, I'm in phonesex heaven once again because I just got off the phone with a long time play partner of mine for some years now via Niteflirt... lol. Wow... the things we use to do. And oy! The things we JUST FINISHED DOING! Wow! lol. I mean... the shit was amazing. And for those of you who don't know who I am speaking of just read his story when you check out The Kinky Militant

Okay, so he asked me if I remembered what he liked and I told him which is all of me putting a bunch of lotion on my tits and letting it sit there like drops of cum while he tells me how bad he wants to fuck me... usually, he would fuck an object while doing this like a pile of clothes, a sock or a pillow (I loved watching him fuck that pillow) but this time it was none of that... just good old fashioned him jerking his cock and then telling me how he met a guy and how he wanted him to fuck him in the ass.

"I had a guy who wanted me to do that and so I made him get down and while he was telling me to stop, I just shoved my big cock right in his ass."
Now, I must admit... that shit does turn me on, but then again, he turns me on... alot! So we're having this conversation about it. I'm on cam, he's on cam and we're both watching each other play and we're having this nasty talk about him and the guy and then he asked me:

"So what if there were two of me?"
"Well, I'd have you fucking my ass and him fucking my pussy at the same time"  I replied.
"Oh my god! Both of are cocks and balls rubbing together?! That's so hot!" He got extra excited.
"Indeed. Nothing like two big white cocks fucking me at the same time while your balls are rubbing and smacking together while inside of me. Mmmm, delicious." While my vibrator buzzed me until I came.

So we played and played and played and I made him cum five times back to back and I came four times right with him. The last time he wanted me to rub my face in my tits so he could enjoy it all and I enjoyed it...

Then after all of that he says:
"So what's in it for me? Do I get anything up my ass?"

So I reached in my sex toy drawer and grabbed my strap-on and stepped right in it. I was actually shocked a little though because the last time we played, he never expressed to me that he liked to be penetrated before. But now that I just found out... Oh, it made me even more So I stroked my cock just the way he liked it and made him cum for the last time. Before we knew it, we were on the phone for a whole hour playing and stroking each other's cocks along with the middle man that he fucked so deeply and made moan like a bitch with his big white cock while I fucked him in the ass and made him cum all over my tits.

 He is definitely a Quality Phone Sex Fetishist. Niteflirt definitely doesn't make him like him anymore...

But if you think you can make me a happy woman without serving me as a slave and an actual phone sex partner, then by all means... Phone Sex -- let's do it!

Now excuse me while I get in the shower and wash off this lotion on my tits.
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