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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Young Kinkster

I call this one the young kinkster, well, because I've known him since he was 18. Before he called me tonight (and has attempted to before but has some technical difficulties), we had a upclose and personal relationship for a good 4 years already now.

He stated that he missed me and that he wanted to see me. He told me how much he missed kissing my feet and worshiping the bottoms of my shoes all in a high-pitched wimpering voice. He was really longing for his Mistress. I allowed him to get off because well... I just felt like it so... Once he got off, we hung up. There's really nothing more to the story, but something that reassures me of exactly just how loyal he is. I mean, I've denied this boy so much and he will go through great lengths to communicate with me even if he has to go through NF to do it. He just needs to release his feelings for me some way. He is yet the most loyal servant that I've encountered for his age.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The First Time Bitch

You know, it is a very funny thing when someone contacts you in the BDSM catagory and then wants to demand you around as if you're not a commander, but a slut instead. We all know, I don't mind providing the "slut" fantasy, but I am dominant at all times and most definitely not playing into a fantasy as such when you're contacting my Domme Line.

I just received a call from a new phone bitch that wanted to call the shots because he wanted to cum. Well.. I showed him something different until he switched lines and called me on the proper line to get him

He was a very good bitch though. Not bad for the first time... He was very obedient and followed instructions. He got off more on the fact that I disciplined him and made him hear the word "No" rather than to just bend over my ass and whip out my tits. He was very good and will look forward to hearing from him again very soon because that's just how good of a bitch he is for me!

He's a whore for the tease and denial game and I love every bit of it!
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