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Monday, November 15, 2010

Return of an Unsure Servant

Yes, apparently, this boy is willing to learn what it takes in order to serve me and please me and make me happy, however, why should I give him a chance with this? I mean, we just hung up about 2 minutes ago and during the whole eight (8) minute conversation, we basically talked about his day at work and how hard and long it was and how he's been following me and my projects this whole time.
I'm flattered, however, I just gave him an assignment and am awaiting him to finish so we will see how all of that goes. I will say that the only thing that he needs to work on is not only his loyalty, but his etiquette in how to approach me and /or any Mistress. I commanded him to get more time when he could and that his training is to begin as soon as he could do that. So we will see what the outcome is on that.

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