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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Perverted Bra & Panty Hose Sniffer Needs Role Play

Wow... it's not even 10am I just finished having a lovely breakfast, all of two grapefruit and had some things on my mind when the phone rang. I listened to who the call was coming from and it was from my Lesbian Line, a line I haven't heard from since the starving Butch Cock lady.
Well, again, I must be feeling extremely lenient because once I answered the call and heard a man's voice, I took the call. LOL.... Yea, I know, right?

"Can you do a role play with me?" He asked.
"What, are you going to pretend like you're a lesbian?" I said.
"No, I just want you to do a role play with me."
"What's the role?"
"You catch me looking in your underwear drawer and then start to masturbate."
"Okay, fine, let's do it."

This good little pervert had it all worked out what he was going to do and say. So did I. LOL.
He was really into being caught at my underwear drawer. From the way it all went, it was almost as if we were right in front of each other... lol.

Pervert: "What are you doing home?"
Me: "What are you doing in my underwear drawer?"
Pervert: "I was looking for my socks."
Me: "You know that you wont find your socks in my underwear drawer, we don't even share the same dresser. What are you doing in my underwear drawer?"
Pervert: "Okay, I was going through your underwear."
Me: "Why?"
Pervert: "Because I was sniffing your underwear and pantyhose."
Me: "That's a little weird... What do you get out of that?"
Pervert: "Please don't tell anyone."
Me: "Oh, I won't tell anyone but only under one condition."
Pervert: "What is that?"
Me: "You pull your little pathetic cock out and start stroking."

That was the hottest part of this conversation. LOL. A little blackmail goes a long way because once I said that, that's exactly what he did. I told him that he was being a pervert and very naughty and that he needed to pay by stroking his little cock.

"I was looking at your bras too." The pervert called out while intensely stroking.
"Oh yea? And what were you doing with those?" I asked in a sinister manner.
"I like the white one, I was sniffing it." He replied.
"Oh yea? Well then show me how much you enjoyed sniffing it and hold it under your cock while stroking, I want you to cum in my bra while I tease you with these tits you fucking pervert." I commanded.

And that's exactly what he did. This went on and on until he shot his pathetic little load most likely in a napkin... lol. Hey... who knows, maybe HE had on a white bra or actually shot his load inside of it... lol.

It would've been better had he called the proper line, but hey... I'm feeling generous this week.

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