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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

May I See Your Nipples Ms. Devou?

Well, apparently this is a long-time caller that has lost contact and had to feed his urge again. I have that effect. LOL. Anyway, I was in my living room pole dancing when I seen a message pop up on skype about accepting calls right now. I told him that I was and he let me know that I blocked him from calling me. I asked him his name and looked in my records and again (lol) decided to entertain this guy. Well... turns out he was so talented in the comedic I mean, he was making me laugh. At first he told me that he never spoke to me before, when my records clearly show that we did, which was okay (let's me know SOMETHING about why I blocked him in the first place, perhaps he was a liar or because again, I wanted to humor the situation. I unblocked him, he called and then we got right into talking. I asked him what he was into and he told me that he was into "being dominated" and "teased" at the same time. Perfect for me being that I was only wearing a sports bra at the time... lol... So we went on about that. Long story short, I let him know that I wasn't buying the fact that he claimed to wanted to be dominated for the simple fact that he wanted to see my breasts. Like, that's no where near submissive at all... lol. I continued to humor the conversation and then I asked him how small his penis was. He told me, (lol... get this...) "A little under 8"... lol. So I busted out laughing. That was one of the funnest things he said to me in the conversation. I let him know that it was normal decent size and continued to laugh... he told me that he was 6'1"... lol. Which is not bad at all to be honest... lol.
Anyway... so long the lines of the time we were on the phone and he added money for more time, I started teasing him and telling him to beg for my tits. I told him, that since he wanted to be teased, he could just stroke his cock to the sight of my cleavage. Apparently that was enough for him because he was so excited. You could hear him panting in ecstasy while he was stroking his cock. I made him beg and beg and beg for these tits. He begged and begged and begged to see my nipples and I teased and teased and teased and told him to keep on begging. I asked him what was in it for me and didn't really give me too many good answers. One of his answers were, "I'll cum for you." and I told him, "That benefits you, that doesn't benefit me." And before I knew it.. our time was up because he had to go to work and ran out of money... lol.
The funny part about it was... I am not so sure how I was feeling at the moment if I would've showed him or not... lol. Nevertheless, it was fun teasing him and making him beg... lol.

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