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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pimp Me Out (A Cuckold Confession)

I am kinda of struggling with my voice as of last night and actually forgot that my lines were even on at this point, but... I took this call anyway. From someone I sent out a coupon to. He was very horny and anxious to make his Cuckold Confession.

"I heard you were in New York, I am too, I want to meet you in person, I want you to pimp me out. I'd love to be on your team." He whispered in a perverted phone stalker voice.
"Oh? So you want to be my bitch, huh?" I asked.
"Yes, I'd love to be on your team and do whatever you'd want me to do."
"You know what I'd do to you? I'd make you my bitch. I'd make you get on your knees and line up a bunch of big cocks and make you suck them all one by one while you're looking up at me."

He began to pant and moan, at this point, you could just tell he was turned on and stroking his cock intensely.

"...yea, I'd just have you sitting there and when I am finished fucking a cock, I'd have you as my cuckold to suck that cock up until there was no more left, so are you sure you still want to be my bitch?"
"Yes. I am." He said, panting even heavier.

This call didn't last too long because he was so excited about me pimping him out and sucking all of those cocks that he ended up cumming on himself like a good little slutty whore that needs to be pimped out by an Ebony Goddess like myself... lol.

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