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Monday, October 24, 2011

Let Me Lick That Ass

Well, it's been a while since I've actually got to do some normal phonesex/webcam play around here, but tonight, I got the chance and boy was I so excited about it. I miss teasing so much. So, I just got off the phone with a calm, serene horny guy from Texas, I recall.
We went back and forth for a while about the ID on skype and then finally I just gave it to him because we were already talking for so long about how he likes to play and where we were from and what we like to do. Yes, he charmed So then we just got straight into it once I turned my cam on. He was so intrigued by my nipples, my body and my ass. He kept saying how much he wanted to lick my ass from the back and when I showed him my pussy, he just went crazy. You could tell he was stroking the whole time because when I asked him, he let me know and in his voice, you could hear that passion of him enjoying every moment of our conversation and my webcam.
We spent quite some time of the phone, but I'm pretty sure he will be calling back again, I had a lot of fun on the phone with him.

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