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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Pathetic Return of niggerthing

Well, well, well... look what the cat decided to drag in... A pathetic, hopeless, helpless, useless dog named niggerthing. It's been a while since I've heard from nigger thing... a year to be exact and his only excuse for it was that he was fighting his urge to be under my power. This story is all too familiar... sounds like the same bullshit I went through with "o". And niggerthing and "o" also have in common that they are both so loyal that they always come back and beg for forgiveness.
It's okay... I forgive niggerthing, because what I have in store for him next will be beyond his control.
At any rate, I normally don't take slave requests, but niggerthing asked if I could make a recording for him so that he can play it every night while he sleeps and I agreed. For the next few hours I will be concentrating on the recording because I want to make it special.
We always talk about him being trained to be a dog instead of a man and I know that he takes to me very heavily because I know how to train dogs and retrain dogs and train men to be dogs and train dogs to be men. The special thing about niggerthing over a lot of online subs or phone subs is that we've actually had real time experience before he called my lines so he knows what it's like to serve me. I'm sure that he is using this platform as a way to ease back under my bootheel and I accept it. I will not totally down-play it. I actually enjoyed the hour that we spent on the phone together. Making him bark, hearing him whimper like a puppy locked out side, and knowing his whereabouts and what he's been up to. From my understanding, he let me know that he has searched and tried to have a vanilla lifestyle while trying to run away from my power, but failed at it and now he's back. I am not yet impressed, I'll have to see about a few playdates before I can totally accept him back though. Til then... to help him along and make sure that this is what he truly wants to mentally and physically be under my control, I will start on that recording.

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