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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With Brandon Again

Well, as I'm sitting here editing a kick-ass smoke fetish video, my phone rings and to my surprise, who could it be? Yes, it's the return of Brandon. Bless him, all he wants to do is get off with him. I enjoy it so much. I like his fantasy play because he craves what I haven't had a chance to provide in a long while and that's good ol' fashion freaky phone sex. No "Yes, Ms. DeVou", no "I'll worship you" just plain ol' "bend me over big daddy and fuck this wet pussy" phone sex. I like telling him how much I want to milk his cock into my mouth. The way he moans. LOL. He's the type that is ashamed of his sexuality as in, phone sexing, he doesn't really go all out for his reach, he just takes what I give him and then gets off to it. I really enjoyed making him cum. Must be because I'm in a good mood... lol. But yea, I look forward to him calling once more.

If you want to experience the same, do what Brandon did and call my Fantasy/Anything Goes Line and get what he gets, if not, better.

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