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Friday, July 29, 2011

Role Play? or more Topping From The Bottom?

I just got a phone call from the same voice as the last phone call... lol. I knew it was a regular, instead, this time, I got a request for webcam on skype and sure enough, it was who I thought it was.
He called my Phone w/Cam/Mistresses Line which automatically put me in a dominant mode only for him to tell me how I am "utter perfection" and how he wanted me to fuck him? LOL. I mean, nice that he wanted to serve me in that manner, but em... did he mean fuck him with my pussy or fuck him with my strap-on? It doesn't matter... either way, I hung up. These boys need to learn that they need to call the proper lines for the proper things and if they can't abide by the rules, they get hung up on and that's what I did.

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