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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ass and Leg Man

He looks young, but his cam was a bit blurry, so I really couldn't tell too much, but I had fun talking with him and playing with him. The best part is that he has skype so I wasn't playing alone on cam. While watching him, I noticed that he doesn't stroke his cock like the average guy. He likes to lay on his stomach, put his hands around his cock and while watching me play with my vibrator and talking to me, he likes to hump his hand. I guess that makes him feel like he's actually fucking or perhaps it feels better. But I really enjoyed playing on the phone and on skype with him. He's very interesting.

The beauty of it all is that lately I've been getting a lot of callers who also have cams which is much more fun compared to those who do not. It really gives you a lot to work with and enjoy.

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