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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Shy Lesbian

Well, here I am watching a little TV when I get a phone call about about 3:20 this morning (ten mintues ago) from a caller with a very soft and sweet voice telling me that she was shy and didn't want to say much. This call was a little different for me being that she didn't want to talk too much. I've had calls from "shy" lesbians before, but never like this.
So I tried to pull her to a level of comfort by asking her where she was from, her name and what she liked to do. I got that information from her, but when I asked if she had toys, she said she didn't have any with her. Of course, I carried on the conversation as she seemed like she wanted to just get right to it. It was very interesting because she played along for a while, but I really would have liked it more if she would've just opened up. Being shy is one thing, but not communicating your sexuality is another. When I asked her if she ever dated women before, she said no, which leads me to believe she wanted to just explore her urge to dip in the lady pond and just didn't know how to go about it, even with me. I really wish she would've given herself more of a chance to see that I could have counselled her in the right direction so she could start/continue her journey as a closet Lesbian and helped her come out more. But I am not threatened, nor offended. I know that things like this could be challenging for the first time. Hopefully, she gains more courage the next time she approaches a woman or even make a return to me so that I can help her fulfill her desires.

If you would like to see what I can do with your closet fantasies and desires as a closet Lesbian, then call me now... I am always available to help you explore your sexuality.

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