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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Boy

Well, as I am sitting here editing footage from last night's session with slave brit bitch and taking calls for real time sessions tonight, I receive a phone call from a nice young male from Delaware who was interested in letting me know how much he thought I was beautiful and up for a little bit of sensual fun.
We talked a little bit about what he liked and how big his cock was and what it was that he was interested in with me. It boiled down to him inviting me over to his place in Delaware tonight...LOL. Of course, I wouldn't fully entertain it, however... It goes to show exactly how interested he is into me. It's flattering, but it's most definitely a no-can-do... lol.
I do enjoy the appreciation though. In the mean time, he asked to see my pretty breasts and I showed him and so he began to stroke.
We didn't have much time to play because his door bell rand (as he let me know before that he had some friends coming over and that he would cancel his plans with them to fly me in... lol. Saved by the bell I was, eh? LOL.)
He let me know that he'll be calling me back later on and that he really enjoyed our time together...

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