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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Happy 2015!!! I have returned!!!

So, I see that there's a new section on Niteflirt for My Goodies. All of you know that I love to accommodate my loyal fans, subs and servants. So, I am reaching out to you tonight (after an extremely long time of being M.I.A and doing other more important things in life) to find out what is it that you would like to see in My Goodies.

Whether it's something you've already seen in my C4S stores or something new. I am always open to get it to you.

Did I mention My Late Night Lines?

Well... I'm sure I have but I'll mention it AGAIN. 
I've noticed a lot of you would love to speak with me at night but I'm barely available. Well... it goes like this. Speaking with me during the hours of 12AM EST-5AM EST is only a PRIVILEGE and you are not OWED that privilege. The best way to even speak with me during those times is if you book an appointment. That is the ONLY way you are GUARANTEED to speak with me during those hours. Other than that, you pretty much have to check My Facebook or Twitter OR Niteflirt to check and see my updates as to when I am actually available during these times. My regular lines are always going to be on UNLESS for some reason I am unavailable and just cannot pick up. You're just going to have to keep trying. I have become a pretty business Woman these days and although I do miss speaking and playing with you, you will need to manage your time with me wisely in this manner.

I always carefully think through how I want to play with you and now is the time I want to bring something new to the table of kinky play as I return and by doing that, I want your feedback for 2015.

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