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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Favorite Anal Perv aka LATE NIGHT CREEP

Well, this is certainly a great way to bring in the New Year. With a kinky anal perving sub who just wants to be fucked in his ass by his superior as I watch "Walking Dead" Episodes on Netflix at a friend's house... lol. The last time he and I spoke, it actually was a great adventure for me because while speaking with him, it turned my boyfriend on so much that he ended up fucking me while I was on the phone with this starving sub. It was a shock to us all, but he got really turned on by my command to the anal perv that he took me from behind. It was a lovely night that night. So lovely that it kept my anal perv coming back for more. We had missed each other a few times recently but that was because I'm a busy woman these days (as I've stated in earlier posts abroad) but tonight, we were able to reunite so I can teach him a lesson or two about being so impatient that he actually ended up stepping out of line.

As I write this, I'm not even at home right now and I won't be until maybe tomorrow so we had to find the best way to connect via cam so that I can actually see him being a god little cock whore for me... lol. Of course, when I am done, I will delete everything off of my friend's computer... lol. But this is a nice little shining moment for me and my anal perv!

He has 3 toys that he likes to play with. I first had him bounce up and down on the butt plug and then rock back and forth until his ass was nice and open. I skipped the medium sized dildo and jumped right into making him lotion up this huge cock.
I then, made him deeply apologize to me for the demanding emails, as he did and all while he was apologizing and telling me how he loved it, I made him ride that big cock like he was the biggest whore in town.
He is the biggest whore in town because he just bounced on it and was yelling that it was hurting his asshole but I made him tell me how much he LOVED IT! lol. I even made him keep the panties on the whole time because everyone knows that I don't like my sissies in boxers or in the nude. They HAVE to wear panties!

Just look at him. You can tell how much he was loving being my little big cock riding sissywhore anal perv!

This call lasted for a good 25 minutes which was great for me because all While he was rocking and bouncing  up and down on buttplugs and huge cocks, I stepped away to smoke a cigarette and he never even knew a thing... lol. You know why? Because his loyal buttplugging ass was too much into pleasing my wishes by bouncing up and down on that cock!
So... I've been busy, but I'm never too far away and remember... this can ALWAYS BE YOU... if you act right!
This is the joy I get when My Latenight Lines are called.
And of course, when it is all said and done...

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