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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Ass Worshiper Does It Right

I just received a call from a foreign ass-worshiper that did EVERYTHING correctly. So, the rest of you take notes!

  1. Call.
  2. Buy My Skype ID.
  3. Ask questions later.
THIS actually made me get up out of myself just now and take his call seriously. The only thing he fucked up on was calling the W4W line, but it's okay, cause I still came off on top. He gave me a reason to even want to take his call.

He came, I got paid... I'm satisfied.

And I don't feel like going into our ass worshiping session... I just wanted to make it known what will get my attention and get me out of bed SHOULD you call me in the morning on the correct line and take the proper steps to get me on cam.

I'll be taking calls all day today since I'm off today.

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