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Friday, April 29, 2011

On A Cuckold's Mind

I've been receiving a lot of service from @nj_cuck_robby lately. I am very proud of him. Not only has he been purchasing My Fetish Clips, but he's been checking in with me to let me know that he was thinking about me. I mean, who isn't these days, but I find it very sweet of him to let me know that.
What did we talk about? We talked about him thinking about me, enjoying my pussy worship pics (which you can find a shit load of them on this exact page I know this is where he had to have got them from because they aren't listed anywhere else... GOOD BOY!), how he loves all of My Fetish Clips and how he can not wait to serve me. I believe he used the term "on the edge of my seat waiting for a response from you yesterday" to describe his anticipation of hearing from me so he could worship my feet and do whatever I wanted him to do yesterday... lol. He's such a cute little puppy... I am seriously thinking about making him my new lapdog. Atleast I know that he would obey... lol. All in all, the call was great and I'm not really in the frame of mind to make him bark today, I was actually checking up on some things in the middle of him talking so after a while I kind of tuned out to what he was saying about himself... lol... but em... I'm sure we'll have another chance for me to hear him out later... I mean, after all, he did catch me in the middle of my workout... I mean, I was in mid sit-up when he called in the first place and I was gracious enough to take his calls and answer the phone because normally, if I don't feel like it... I won't... lol...
Anyway... that is all I have on cucky boy right now... so em... back to my workout...

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