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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get The Rhythm of the Hot Dog with @nj_cuck_robby

I was in the middle of chatting and to my surprise what do I get? A nice obedient cuck named, @nj_cuck_robby he's a very good cuckboy! He's been a good boy before this call and this is actually, to my knowledge, his first time calling me. We talked about him having family over so he had to go to the basement to call and spend sometime with me on the phone.

First, I made him sing me a wonderful song, my favorite sissy song, "Let's Get The Rhytm of the Hot Dog". I made him sing that for about a good 2 minutes and then I had him play my favorite game for submissives and that was "Guess A Number Between 1 and a Million"... lol. Of course, he got the number wrong, so I made him bark and count. It was a very fun game for me. He made me laugh at his closet humiliation. It really made my day... lol. He was very good.
He just needs to make his barks stronger and have the funds to keep entertaining me. I'm sure if he was in a more secluded area, we would've done more, but I was mindful and gracious to release him to the rest of his family gathering.

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