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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Cheap Young Submissive

Welp, just got off the phone with another cheap young boy who does not know his full place of a submissive...
He's submissive, but wants to get his 24 year old cock off in a way that I'm not willing. First he lied about not having a cam and so I basically tricked him to call me after calling me the first time and hanging up. He claimed to have had to go to work, yet he wasted 30 minutes trying to see how he could "pay" He told me that his boy "Kevin" referred him to me and was just beating around the bush with all types of info. I told him to do his research and then he claimed he did but was "not into the whole bdsm thing". Of course, I took offense to that because it's obvious that he wanted me to do what he wanted me to do with no regard to his place and mine.

I turned my cam on and teased him with my tits. When he asked me to put them out... I said, "No, I don't like the way you are talking to me" and hung up in his face...
it was a cute little mini phone session... however... i'm sure he'll be calling back being that he's so addicted in such a short amount of time... lol.

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