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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fake Sub Looking To Get His Rocks Off

Welp, just received a phone call from another loser hoping to get his rocks off through D/s and it didn't work.
This guy claims to be from New Jersey, has no etiquette (which is so expected) AND does not know how to approach a Mistress at all! I guess he thought that I was going to explain to him my body type and how big my tits were and how big my ass was and fulfill his stupid little cumwad fantasies, but I didn't... lol...
When he asked me, "Can you discribe yourself?" I simply said... "Well, I'mma bitch!" ... LOL...
And he froze up like a little scared bitch-boy... lol I had him studdering... i guess he didin't see that coming, huh? lol!

When I told him to bark, he hung up on me... lol... he was a fake submissive and he only wanted to cum while talking about "rough sex"...

When will these fucks realize that I will not talk about rough sex as a Mistress? My version of rough sex is your dick in a bowl of sharp nails and glass moving it all around....

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