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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sophisticated Synic or a Dom trying to top a Domme?

Well, obviously the Sophisticated Synic called back tonight and well, our phone calls were a bit shorter than usual. Yes, shocking (not really) but true...
I realized that this caller was not just a synic, but this guy was a Dom trying to break down a Domme.
He was still trying to get me up out of that robe. And while doing it, he was talking to me as if I was to be brainwashed by his voice and manipulative tone. It was quite amusing, yet annoying... He used trying to "getting me to come up out of my shell" as a phrase to break down my dominance. It was the lamest form I had ever seen in my life... seriously. I guess he thought that me being a "Mistress" was just an act and then when confronted, he came up with something even more lame,

"I didn't know that you were really into it".
I felt really insult because he treated me as if I'm only putting on an act. He also said to me that he "wasn't into the whole domination, submission thing" and when asked to further explain, he said that he had seen a beautiful lady that he thought that he could talk to and could get to come up out of her shell and talk to and have fun with and see her body a little

Was that lame or what? Anyway, you see where I'm going with this so, of course, I was too strong in my character and stood up to what I believe in and he hung up and I cannot do anything about that because although, yes I'm a phonesex opperator, but each scenerio must be respected and played out the way they are intended. I am true to every role that I claim and it is more than just a "role" for me so when someone calls me and tells me to go outside of the origin of my lifestyles... they often get disappointed... smh! Shame on this one

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