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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Topping from the Bottom by the Sophisticated Synic

Everyone that plays with me knows that I like to play, however, when you are testing my patience with my position vs your's that's when it because an awkward and uneasy situation for the both of us...
Of course you all know of The Sophisticated Synic... well... I've enjoyed conversing with him on numerous occasions, however, this boy has it set in his mind that because he is calling that he can just bark orders at me as his Mistress and everytime this happens he finds himself disappointed with the outcome. Good or bad? Well... good because not only does he keep coming back for the challenge, but he has this obviously undying love for tease and denial and so that is what I'm giving to him. He wants to be teased and I deny him.

I let him know that since we've last had our kinky conversation that topping from the bottom does not fly with me and will never.

Now, I love the fact that he can tell me that I'm so beautiful and that he's insanely in love with me and attracted to me. I like how he can tell me that he cannot do without me and that he needs his fix. I'm even flattered at the fact that he told me that he was in a meeting today and a girl in the meeting reminded him of me (something that doesn't really happen too often being that I'm one of a kind), however, I am not pleased with the whole topping from the bottom thing. I am not flatter with questioning why I'm doing something.

Yes, I am here to fulfill fantasies, however, I am not a puppet... no amont of money can make me a puppet especially not $2.99 per/min. I have fun with what I am doing and if noone can understand that, well then, they're always going to have a hard time dealing with the fact that its what I say that goes...

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