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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late Night Shoe Perv

Lol... Yea, this kinky shoe freak called me while I was out and about last night while doing my live sessions and let me know that he was being a naughty bitch boy. What does that mean??? LOL. Who knows, but according to him, he was trying on some shoes.
"What kind of shoes are they?" I asked.
"I think they are called slides." he replied.
"Well what color are they?"
"Are they heels?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"How many inches?"
"About 5 or 6. They are very hard to walk in though."
"I can imagine. So why are you wearing these shoes and trying them on?"
"Just something for me to do, I want to be naughty. They are actually kind of hard to walk in."

This convo didn't really last that long because we ran out of time, but it was good that he confessed. Because of this call last night, I think i might open up lines for confession all the time!

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