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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reconnecting w/ My Bitch and His Confession

Well, well, well... it has most definitely been a while since I've connected with my "New Bitch" however, out of the blue, I got a phone call from him tonight and he had a lot to confess to me about our soon-to-be relationship. Yes, soon to be. He expressed how he wanted to meet up with me instead of just nf'n it with me. Which is understandable, however, a little weird to me when his approach for this whole situation. He let me know that he would rather deal with the fact that he would be giving tribute for my time in person than on the phone. Understandable, however...

It's not like I asked him to call me in the first place. I never ask these guys personally to call me. I never ask these guys personally to do anything. If you feel uncomfortable about calling a Phone Sex Operator then why even bother? I mean, I know tonight was BDSM Confessional Night with Ms. Joclyn Devou... However, why actually do something that is just pointless? Well... if you ask me, it may be another case of topping from the bottom and I will not hesitate to show this bitch of mine how much I will not tolerate it.

Don't get me wrong, one part of me feels like he's genuine and looking for that type of guidance and the other half feels he's trying to push a limit to test and see how dominant I really am...
The good thing is... he abides by the rules and calls the Pillow Talk Line at the proper times that are listed... lol.

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