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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Role Playing While On My Way To A Session

So, it was not too long ago when I was at the gas station at like fifty-something and eleventh when i received a call from a guy requesting for a little bit of role play. I was actually on my way to a real-time appointment which was to be hosted at a hotel near the Columbus Circle area and the phone rang.

"Hello, may I request a specific role play?" He asked.
"Sure babe, whatever you desire." I replied.
"Well, it goes like this Ms. DeVou... You and I are hanging out at the hotel bar and we finally start conversing with each other and then we get drinks and start talking about our lives and as I mention my wife, you mention how fun it would be if you and I would go up to your room so you can show me around and then you tell me to invite my to the hotel room and then I call my wife up to the hotel room and then we all start playing and making out."
"Sure, no problem."

This fun little role play went on for a little bit and then once we got to the good parts, he came and then hung I think anymore of that and I may've crashed in to a taxi cab... lol... but it's always good to receive a call while I'm out...

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