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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"...and they call it Taboo..."

When I first started experiencing the pleasure of being a phone fetish player/companion , it is when I discovered that there were actually a group of men out there that actually got off to the fact of making me their "nigger whore". At the sound of first hearing it, it make me jump, but then, at the same time, something inside of me had to say, "No, don't hang up, let's see where this goes..." and when I did that, I found that I actually liked where it went. That is when I came to the conclusion that it's almost like me putting these "white pussyboys" in check (not quite, but just a little) and getting the enjoyment out of degrading them because they are pussy white boys.

And so funny, I've had this combined on me once by one person, he is the ONLY person, I think I actually enjoyed this from. He starts off by asking me how my day was and what is going on, and then, he tells me to get comfortable and so I do, I get everything I need to get (even if it means going all he way to the kitchen to fix me a sandwich and a glass of and he'd walk me through my decredation. He'd then make sure I'd get off to the bittersweet sound of this voice making me his "nigger whore" and thoughts of ripping the flesh off of some young mexican girl for my pleasure to please him. The blood-play, how it made me feel when he made me unleash my sick and twisted thoughts. How he actually realized how twisted and demented that I could think when it came to me getting off on an orgasm. Out of all the sex conversations I've ever had, this one was Thee best because it was what I was looking for. No longer about "Show me your tits", "Suck my cock"... it was now about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it and being forshamed for wanted to do it. And at that moment, I was able to experience my Vamp Princess once again. It was so hot! And as I was eating and tearing at her flesh, he was calling out to me, "... sick, twisted demented fuck, pain whore, black nigger cunt..." and the sensation got deeper and deeper. The more he'd call me a nigger, the more and more turned on I got and the closer and closer I got to my love flowing down from my cunt and onto my sheets. It was totally hot!

I am aware that the others just want to get off on actually using this word on an Ebony female especially if she is phone playing, but it's no big deal. It is just words. It's all about context.

Just say for instance, a guy that would call me before the guy previously. Now I knew that he was a Hill Billy boy. He has major taboos with Not only did he want to see my "nigger tits" and fuck my "nigger pussy" and want me to tell him that "the white man is my shepard" and all of that mindless crap that we all know that I TRULY disagree with, but he has a thing for letting me know that he had a thing about this black girl that he had over his house and how he made her suck his cock. Which is funny because I actually get off to things like this. It is the reason I love interracial porn. Not because the contrast and blah blah blah and all this bullshit, but because I often get this image of the white girl being the trash bitch and I am the big tree trunked cock of a black man that is force-feeding my monkey dick down her lily white throat causing her to whore out for my big black cock. And when I watch the opposite, I just like the fact of watching a white man struggling to fuck a black girl all at the same time while enjoying it because he's finally got him a piece of nigger pussy. Take this video here, for instance. Once you watch this video, you will see where I am coming from. He's fucking her in the manor of, "Yea, you little nigger whore, this black pussy is so good." It's his strokes and barely seeing his cock that turn me on. It's the way he's moving in those off-beat white man strokes that do it for me.
And when I watch this video, I think about this particular guy and how it would really be if I actually let his Hill Billy ass fuck my precious nigger flower.
He also likes to tell me about another time when he had a guy over his house and when they were young (I made sure he bumped the age up to atleast 16, of course just so you can see where he would go with this, Lord knows I don't need that kind of drama) and how the other guy was jerking his cock and then his mother walked in the room and made him suck him off the rest of the way and how she stood there and watched and watched and made sure he did it right as part of his punishment for her walking in the room on her son and seeing him getting his cock played with. And that actually turned me on a little. I don't know why, but it did.
I mean, we all know REALISTICALLY, that shit is FAR FROM right, but it's a story and it was a fantasy and since I've been doing this, I've been exposed to a lot of great stories. When I find that some guys call and the story/fantasy is way out of hand, of course I will try to sway them on trying to change the subject or just something a little or I refuse to carry out the conversation by letting them know, or hanging up. I refuse to have a conversation about children and all of that crap, that's just taking it too far.
It was actually a caller about 2-3 weeks ago that I had to BLOCK because I didn't agree or was trying to hear where he was going with his conversation.
But like I said, there's nothing wrong with taboos, having certain fantasies and things but that was something I thought I'd never hear as an erotic opener. But that's part of "The Experience", huh? Running into things you never thought you would, taking chances and learning from things. So having said all of this, I've learned that I've added more dirtier, kinkier talk, experienced a few taboos. I've found mine, what is yours. Care to share?

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