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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craving the Craving

The best craving that I crave is with a military guy. When he calls, we talk, we laugh, we joke, and we fuck. Everytime we phone fuck, it's great. We spend time together and when we do, I always find myself exploring something new with him.
I have never in my life watched or seen a guy fuck laundry or pillows and for some reason, that turns me on in a major way. Only because I know that when I talk to him, it drives him so crazy that he wants to get wild with me and do all the things that he wants to do. He craves so bad to have my body, my ass, my sugar walls that because he cannot physically have me, he replicates what it's like to have me, puts on a nice show for me, bends me over and fucks my tight pussy. I love talking to him because I can get so freaky and kinky with him that it makes me crave his calling. I often wish I could get calls like this all the time where I'm on the phone and on cam and bending over and a guy will just want me so bad, quiver at the sound of my voice, taste and smell my sweet pussy and just wild out to the point where this is what I crave.
You make my day, and I want you to call more often.

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