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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passing Submission off for Getting Off

There's nothing wrong with getting off. There's nothing wrong with submitting. There's nothing wrong with not knowing what you want. There's nothing wrong with wanting both at the same time. But to patronize my authorities as a Mistress is another thing. I will accommodate any and everything that you desire, my motto is "Whatever You Desire", however, when you are serving me as your mistress, there are no such things as "accommodations". We can build a relationship and figure out how comfortable we are with each other and that's it! I do not take well to demands while you are serving me. However, I only play this way in slut mode.
Different lines are for different fetishes, you cannot call my slut line and expect to be dominated and vice versa.

I will tell you that, I like to mix the two every now and then though. Should you insist on wanted to mix these two, you can always find me on the Fetish Line . I have no problem showing you my tits, fingering my asshole and telling you to sit there like a good little cock boy and jerk your cock, stroke your balls and lust over me while I fuck myself.

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  1. Just another example why Ms Devou is the greatest and most experienced sex-goddess out there!!!


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