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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Buy My Panties

I have a few little pussyboys and pantyboys running around and they like to model panties for me on cam AND in person... I figure this would be a great opportunity for me to have this item for you!!!

My favorite pussy boy in panties has been crowned my "O", but he hasn't served me in a while, I'm pretty sure he will again, but he wears this nice pink black panties with pink trim and it's so pathetic.

One of my other favorites BEFORE my "O" use to wear a nice tight black pair of panties and show me on cam. He doesn't call me anymore because he claims to have been laid off, my guess would be "recession", or could it be that he's too pathetic to serve me so he's not even worth the time.

Another one of my favorites chats with me on Eyeball, he wears this extremely pathetically tight pair of green panties and he loves being my sissyboy every chance he gets, he is also enjoyable when I'm humiliating his small white cock.

You can be a slave, pussyboy, or just a regular guy with a Ms. Joclyn DeVou panty fetish and just...Buy My Panties

I'll even let you pic which ones you'd like me to wear on cam while I humiliate you or just tease you with my nice perfect ass in them.

1 comment:

  1. i am grateful to of have served ms devou on cam and over the phone. Ms Devou has managed to get into my mind and extract the few things that make me tick and exploit them. I am eternally grateful to her.


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