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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking For My "O".

I've met alot of slaves and pussyboys online and in person and I've come to the conclusion that I need to fine my "O". Those of you who have been following me and awaiting to serve me need to wise up and figure out how to properly serve me. If you are looking to serve me faithfully, then that's what you need to do.
I'm not looking for wishy-washy pervs who just want to get off and hang up. I need a faithful phone slave to serve all of my needs. You will find that you will be happy once you do. To please you is to please me and that's the only way that I will have it. So before you call me or attempt to bother me with your pussyboy needs, be sure that's what you really want... to please me.

Requirements To Serve Me:
  1. You Will Address Me In-Full At All Times As "Ms. DeVou".
  2. You Will Stop At NOTHING To Please Me.
  3. You Will Keep Me Rich In Your Mind, Wallet and Soul
  4. You Will Pay All Debts On Time At ALL Times.
  5. You Will Obey All Commands.
  6. You Will Remember and Recite Your Requirements Upon Arriving My Presence.

Mandatory Materials During Servitude:
  1. Your Credit Card ( To refill your account).
  2. A Webcam (Without This, You will NEVER be able to serve me!!!)
  3. A Pair of Panties.
  4. Lots of Lubrication
  5. Strap-on, Dildo or Something Round, Hard and Stiff.
  6. Clothes Pins
Serve Now!

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